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Shoulder Aesthetics

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Shoulders are among the most important parts of the body’s aesthetic appearance both for males and females. It has also an aesthetic importance since shoulder and back décolleté are one of the most important elements of women’s clothes.

Besides, men should have a strong and self-conscious appearance. So the shoulders are the most important complementary element to the aesthetic appearance of the body.


The body of a woman in a nice low-cut shoulder and back structure looks well-shaped. For men, a large well-knit and perfect shoulder structure enable them to achieve a strong and effective physical structure.

Of course, not only the shoulder structure, the person’s neck, back and waist structure should also complete this appearance. The ideal structure in women is transverse wide but elegant, in other words, thinner with a smaller tip. In addition, the spots and marks on the shoulders and back caused by the sun affect the appearance considerably. It is possible to remove these spots with laser treatments.

If asked what is the ideal measure, we can describe it as “the width between the shoulder aesthetics should be one-quarter of the person’s height”. Of course, in spite of varying from person to person, these dimensions are tried to be reached by an aesthetic treatment. The shoulders of people with a congenital short stature can be narrowed and so people can have a longer neck.

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How İs Shoulder Aesthetics Performed?

With the liposuction (fat removal) treatment, the excess fat is removed and these areas are narrowed. The narrow parts to be broadened are filled with tissue injection. It can be performed under local or general anaesthesia. It does not require hospitalization.

İs Shoulder Aesthetic Surgery Risky?

The risk of shoulder aesthetic surgery is as much as in every operation. Since tissue injections are applied, they may require 1-2 sessions.

Nape Aesthetics

In nape aesthetics, another common problem is a deposit of fat on the nape, which is called buffalo hump, in other words, buffalo neck. This situation usually occurs in overweight people and gives a hunchback look. It significantly affects the appearance in back and shoulder aesthetics. Spots can be treated with laser. There is no need for hospitalization after the surgery. The patient can be discharged on the same day.

Recovery is achieved within 5-7 days.

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