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What Is Liposuction?

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Liposuction helps to break, vacuum and remove fat masses that have gained ground in the body. A layer of stubborn fat, which can never be gotten rid of, has spread to people’s bodies who lose weight or are overweight. Breaking this fat mass is extremely difficult regardless of a person’s efforts. The person who wants to achieve the thin appearance of his/her dreams through diet and exercise thinks that his/her diet has resulted in failure because of this stubborn fat mass and leaves diet and exercise incomplete.


These fat masses which are very strong structures in the body contain both necessary and unnecessary fat inside them. By the liposuction fat removal procedure, it is possible to break and remove unnecessary fat cells that gained ground in the body. Especially in recent years, this term is very popular and has become one of the first recommended procedures for people, who wants his/her fats to be removed. In fact, liposuction is a procedure that is extremely preferred not only by women but also by men. It is the second most preferred aesthetic procedure by men, following rhinoplasty in the first place. Much misinformation is infused to the public about this popular procedure. Overweight people who do not have sufficient investigation about the liposuction procedure think that they can get rid of their excess weight by the liposuction procedure. Nevertheless, this is a total illusion. The liposuction procedure is not performed to help lose weight. The main aim in this procedure is to save the patient from fat masses that have gained ground. Liposuction is not an obesity treatment. After the procedure, the patient does not lose 15 kilos or more immediately. The main reason behind liposuction is to break fat, which have invaded patients’ bodies and people can in no way get rid of by continuously dieting or trying to lose weight through exercises, and it is developed with the intent to provide the appearance they want and deserve.

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Another misinformation is the idea of procedure being applicable to anybody. The liposuction procedure, which is not performed with an aim to help lose weight, requires the patient to have some characteristics to be applied on. The characteristics required clearly define the aim of this procedure. In order for the procedure to be applied, the patient has to be close to his/her ideal weight. Prior to the surgery, a fluid is injected into the fat masses of the patient who is close to his/her ideal weight and has stubborn fat mass in his/her body.

The surgery starts after a period of waiting for the injected fluid to help the fluidization of fat and the fat is absorbed by the help of a vacuum that is a negative pressurized system, and the fat is ejaculated by the support of cannulae. By this way, the patients are saved from the fat that has occurred either because of the metabolism structure or excess weight that has gained ground in the body. Liposuction, in some cases, is performed with an aim to help overweight people.

What Methods Are Included
In The Liposuction Procedure?

The most appropriate preferred methods to perform this procedure are super-wet and tumescent techniques. In addition to these techniques, the liposuction procedure may be performed in 4 different techniques as dry and wet. In frequently used super-wet and tumescent techniques, potential pain and bleeding that may happen during the procedure are eliminated by the transition of various medications and fluids into the body. With the help of an injected fluid, the fluidized fat is ejaculated more conveniently. Patients feel less impact in these methods on the contrary to dry techniques.

Can it be possible to lose weight with liposuction?

Does Liposuction
Procedure Have Only One Type?

In the advanced medicine, treatment methods are shaped in multiple forms and the patient has the opportunity to choose the most appropriate treatment for himself/herself. This principle is valid for fat removal surgery that is liposuction. Liposuction which is the surgery of fat removal has more than one application methods. These methods developed has many details according to characteristics such as more painless, less risky, having less potential postoperative complications or having an opportunity to have a firmer appearance. All these different methods have only one common point. All methods are performed with the use of thin tubes called cannulae. The most preferred by patients and the most lasting result achieved regarding the highest success rate in liposuction types is Laser Liposuction. There is Smart Lipo among the most preferred ones following the Laser Liposuction procedure.

liposuction ameliyatı fiyataları

How Is Laser Liposuction
Method Carried Out?

In this method which is the most beneficial method compared to classical liposuction, specially used thin and long tubes are applied to the adipose tissue under the skin. Prior to the surgery, local anaesthesia in which the patient will be awake and feel nothing during the surgery is applied to the patient. With laser treatment, fluidized adipose tissue is disposed of out of the body during the surgery with the help of the lymphatic system. This lymphatic system does the same duty for people that lose weight by natural methods and laser liposuction benefits from this same system. In the classical liposuction procedure, the shrivelled fats left after the removal of fats from certain areas of the body become sagged and disturb the patient. In the laser liposuction procedure, this possibility is lessened and the skin in the adipose tissue stays tighter. The sagging that is difficult to be prevented in other liposuction methods is lessened rapidly during the surgery by means of the convenience created by the laser liposuction procedure. Laser liposuction that has a less pain level compared to other methods provides extra convenience for the recovery process of the patient. Laser liposuction that provides convenience in the liposuction method, which is performed subject to the season due to thick bandages and dressing, shortens this period requirement. This method deserves to be the most preferred method due to the painless and naturally supported procedure and firmer body results it provides. It is often recommended by doctors to patients who want to have a liposuction surgery thanks to its positive aspects.

Prices Of Liposuction

Liposuction prices depend on the environment in which the surgery is performed, the level of surgery, the environment the surgeon finds appropriate and the doctor.

Is Liposuction Surgery Risky?

Even the simplest surgery in the field of medicine contains various risks. Therefore, a patient who wants to have liposuction performed have to leave aside the perception of a surgery without risk. There is no rule that every patient will experience these risks. Some patients do not experience any potential postoperative liposuction complications, whereas some have problems due to these. The patient should discuss potential risks with his/her doctor prior to the surgery; however, liposuction surgeries are still among the surgeries that carry less complicated risks. Potential postoperative risks are examined from two different views. These complications divided as the early stage and late stage do not cause big harms. Early stage complications are a seroma, bruises, and swelling, infection, allergic reaction, bleeding and sensation of pins and needles in the area where the procedure is applied.Bruises and Swelling: Bruises and swelling may be seen due to the sensitiveness of the human body after all surgeries. However, the condition that constitutes risk is an extreme amount of bruises and swelling observed. A special corset used to prevent seroma risk is also known to prevent the formation of bruises and swelling after the surgery.
Seroma: In this case, there is a fluid accumulation in the area the liposuction procedure is applied to the patient. The patient conducts an additional procedure in order to dispose of this accumulated fluid. Special corsets are recommended to patients in the postoperative period in order to prevent this condition. Extreme formation of bruises and swelling may be related to the corset not being used as long as required, the condition of bleeding under the skin or medications that are used for avoiding pain after the surgery. Extreme formation of bruises and swelling in the postoperative period are not permanent. It does not require an extra intervention. They would recover in a short period such as 2 to 3 months or would completely disappear in 6 to 12 months. Bruises and swelling seen in some cases do not stay in the patient’s body that much.

Infection: This risk exists in almost all surgeries. However, this is encountered very rarely in patients depending on the sensitivity of the patient and the sterility of the environment where the surgery is performed. Antibiotic, which is given to the patient after the surgery is aimed at protecting the patient from any infection. The patient has to call his/her doctor in situations that indicate an infection in the area after the surgery. Allergic Reaction: This is a serious complication that needs additional treatment just like a seroma. It is rarely seen that patients give reaction to materials, such as materials used for stitching, during the surgery. The reaction given to medications used during the surgery is accepted to be more serious than the reaction given to materials used. In such cases, it is mandatory for the patient to consult the doctor.
The sensation of pins and needles in the area: There may a loss of sensation in the area due to the hanging tissue structure after liposuction surgery. This loss of sensation is rarely seen. In such cases, the patient has to consult his/her doctor. Permanency of this loss of sensation is a rare condition.
Bleeding: This condition is reduced significantly by the advancement of liposuction methods.
Problems encountered in later stages: Anaesthesia, unsatisfactory result, fat embolism, and irregularities.

Anaesthesia: All surgeries that require local or general anaesthesia have this risk; because local or general anaesthesia types have their own risks. Risk conditions are especially encountered in the lungs. Small closings occurring in the lungs may transform into an infection. In this case, the use of antibiotic is mandatory. In addition to the antibiotic, the patient may receive respiration physiotherapy. However, this condition is not often encountered.Unsatisfactory result: This situation starts when the patient looks at himself/herself after the surgery and see that he/she could not have the desired appearance and results and wants to have another extra liposuction surgery.

Fat embolism: This is the most dangerous potential complication that may be encountered. This complication, if encountered may lead to death, needs to be treated by the hospitalization of the patient. In this complication, as a result of the pain and swelling encountered in the leg, clots start to circulate in the bloodstream. When clots reach to lungs, they may cause death. It is not often possible to encounter this condition that may result in death.

Irregularity: This situation is completely related to the unaesthetic appearance seen in the body after the surgery. This is based on the bumpy appearance that arises after the surgery due to uneven fat removal during liposuction surgery. It is usually seen immediately after the surgery, however in case it is mixed with the bruises and swelling encountered in the early stages, it is needed to wait 6 months in order to see a clear sign on the patient. The correction of the bumpy appearance, which is not reduced after the bruises and swelling are recovered, is performed after 6 months. In some cases, sagging is seen after the surgery, depending on the fat mass removed from the patient and this causes an irregular and unaesthetic appearance. Reduction and prevention of this are ensured in laser liposuction, whereas in other liposuction methods, it is solved by an additional stretching surgery. Other complications seen are the perforation of the abdominal wall, loss of skin, and wavy appearance on the skin. The wavy appearance is the most encountered condition among these complications. This may be eliminated by some massaging techniques. The perforation of the abdominal wall is encountered especially on patients who have given multiple births and who suffer from a hernia.

This condition may be prevented by the doctor via information sharing prior to the liposuction surgery. Loss of skin is one of the rarely encountered liposuction complications. It is encountered especially in the liposuction procedure performed on patients who are heavy smokers. It is eliminated by a reduction in smoking.

Liposuction ile yağ aldırma

What Is The Most Appropriate
Time For Liposuction Surgery?

Mostly, the right time for the liposuction procedure is winter months. Because a special corset should be used in order to prevent certain complications after the surgery. Using this corset in the summer may cause the patient to have a hard time or become hot or depressed. The depressed patient can remove the corset without the consent of the doctor and has problems dealing with bruising and swelling, seroma and non-recoverable skin problem encountered after liposuction surgery due to the less corset usage. Since it is mandatory to use the corset to prevent these and it is hard to use the corset during the summer, winter months are pretty appropriate for the liposuction procedure.

If the patient is a smoker, smoking should be reduced prior to liposuction surgery. Because facing big troubles such as skin loss is possible for a smoking patient in the liposuction procedure. Blockage of blood vessels of a smoking patient may cause negative conditions for the patient and the wounds formed after liposuction surgery to recover late. For this reason, in order to have a good health condition, it is more appropriate for smoking patients to have this method applied when they reduce smoking.

Is Pain Felt During Or After Liposuction Surgery?

The pain felt is pretty low since the entry point of cannulae during the surgery is small. However, for a patient who has a high pain complaint, painkillers may be recommended by the doctor. In general, it is impossible for the patient to feel pain during the surgery due to local anaesthesia.

To Whom Can And Cannot
Liposuction Surgery Be Performed?

Liposuction surgery is not performed in overweight people who want to lose weight. This procedure is not a weight loss method but is performed in order to remove stubborn fat cells that people who want to lose weight cannot burn or people who cannot get rid of fat mass grounded in their body due to their metabolism. For this reason, the liposuction procedure is not performed in people dealing with obesity. The person to whom the surgery will be performed should not aim to lose weight but to shape the body. He/she should have the required health state for the surgery. One of the most required criteria for liposuction surgery is the structure of the skin that the patient has; the skin should not have lost its elasticity. Since skin elasticity is often lost in later ages, it is not appropriate to perform this surgery in old people. The skin needs to have the strength to go back to normal after the surgery. People who are above 45 years old are not appropriate for liposuction surgery due to their loss of skin elasticity and having difficulty in getting accustomed to the new body shape and their skin having difficulty in going back to normal. Criteria required to obtain perfect results from this surgery are as follows; the patient must have given birth at least once, should not be overweight and should be middle-aged. It is possible to be performed in patients that have a fat mass not resembling the cellulite appearance.Although it is seen as a cellulite reliever, liposuction surgery does not eliminate cellulite. The patient not having any serious health problems is a necessity. The body mass index of the patient who wants to have this surgery performed should be within 30% and the patient should be close to his/her ideal weight. The person who is in the pregnancy or breastfeeding period should avoid having liposuction in these periods. Since a smoking patient has the possibility of having problems like seroma after the surgery, he/she should reduce or stop smoking.

If the patient has a serious heart, blood vessel or circulatory system disorder, he/she should have approval for the liposuction procedure that he/she needs. The patient has to share information with his/her doctor about his/her allergy and medications used. By this way, it is possible for the doctor to give a healthier decision for the patient. The patient has to inform the doctor about his/her disorders such as diabetes or a weak immune system. Liposuction surgery, which is a very sensitive procedure, gives healthy and quality results when abiding by these procedures is present.

From Which Areas Can Fat Be
Removed In Liposuction Surgery?

Areas for women are;

  • Buttocks
  • Hip
  • Internal and external parts of thighs
  • Abdomen and waist
  • Adipose tissue existing in internal and external parts on knees
  • Double-chin
  • Lower and front parts of ears
  • Inner sides of knees
  • Back and front of arms
  • Internal and external parts of ankles

These are among the areas often preferred, since they accumulate fat more than the other areas. The fatty poor appearance present in areas is eliminated by this procedure.

Areas for men are mostly the abdomen, waist and belly areas. Liposuction surgery is performed in men for the most problematic areas in the upper part of the body such as the waist, abdomen, belly, and breasts due to fat accumulation in these areas. In a surgery, doctors can remove maximum 3 or 4 litres of fat.

Is It Possible To Gain
Weight Again After Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction method is not a method to lose weight. The surgery performed should not be confused with sleeve gastrectomy surgery. The patient only loses the excess fat mass. Gaining weight is related to the patient’s diet and loyalty to exercises. When the patient does not pay attention to what he/she eats and does not exercise after the performed liposuction surgery, it is possible to gain weight again. The only benefit liposuction surgery provides is the reduction of the formation of fat mass by 70% and slowing the weight gain even it is not a considerable extent.

liposakşın estetik cerrahisi

How Is The Speed Of Recovery
After The Surgery And Are There Any Scars Left?

Liposuction recovery takes a period of approximately one month. In rare cases, if certain complications are encountered, the recovery period is lengthened to 2 to 6 months. In order to have a rapid recovery, the patient has to obey the doctor’s recommendations and avoid applying unfavourable actions that he/she should not do. In liposuction surgery which is performed through cannulae, incisions done for the cannulae placement are invisible. The incisions are pretty small that they recover and disappear in a short time.

Is The Effect Of
Liposuction Surgery Permanent?

Weight gain after the surgery can never be prevented. The effect of the surgery changes according to the patient’s daily life since liposuction surgery is not performed to help weight loss or prevention of weight gain. If the patient stays loyal to his/her exercises and diet, the surgery will have a lasting effect.

What Are The Misconceptions
About Liposuction Surgery?

  • Liposuction surgery, which is performed to get rid of redundancies in the fat mass, is not performed to get rid of all fat in the body. Because according to studies done in recent years, it is shown that the body needs fat mass and fat has contributions to the body.
  • Liposuction surgery does not produce an appearance that shows up immediately. In order to achieve before and after images seen on the internet, the recovery period should be completed. The expectation of an immediate result is not right.
  • Liposuction surgery does not help to lose weight. This surgery only saves the body from the grounded resistant fat masses and helps to shape the body.


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