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Breast Lift

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Breast lift is used in correcting the sagging of the breasts which may be seen due to a variety of factors. This may develop due to hereditary conditions, excessive weight gain, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, or even with just aging. If you are uncomfortable with this sagging appearance of your breasts, breast lift is exactly what you need.


What Is Breast Lift?

Procedure, also known mastopexy, is a surgical method which helps breasts look younger by removing the excess skin and the other tissues which cause the sagging of the breasts and lifting the breasts. This method aims at repositioning the nipples and giving breasts a tighter and younger look by lifting the nipple further up.

Postpartum Breast Lift

Breast Lift Methods

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Breast Lift Methods

Breast lift methods include the procedures involving nipple reconstruction, lollipop breast lift performed in the inframammary crease and breast reconstruction using `T` shaped incisions.

Among these three methods, the method with the least scar is the procedure involving the incision made around the nipple and repositioning it upwards a few centimetres and removing the excess tissue to eliminate the sagging.

We see that the breast tissue has become small and the upper part of the breast has become empty in patients for whom we prefer this technique.

In these patients, we contribute to the lifting of the breasts by placing a silicone to each breast as a combination. Around the areola, there may be a combination scar but this scar will get invisible over time.

Although we prefer this method in patients with a limitedly descendent nipple, with patients having much lower positioning of a nipple, where the jugulum distance (distance between the point between collar bones and nipple) exceed 19-21 cm, the method involving the vertical incision in the form of a lollipop which goes under the breast and towards the tip of the nipple can be used to lift the nipple and reduce the skin fold of the breast to achieve a more fresh and uplifted appearance.

With patients having much more sagging, we can create ‘T’ shaped scars and in this way, the reverse ‘T’ shaped breast lift operation can be performed but we can perform breast lift operation in 95% of our patients with a round shaped lift done in the nipple and a lollipop shaped single incision to the inframammary crease which I prefer.

meme dikleştirme ameliyatı fiyatları

Breast Lift
Surgery Prices

One of the factors that determines the price of breast lift surgery is the hospital where the operation is performed, and of course, it is needed that individuals who will undergo breast augmentation and lift surgery apply to us healthily and they are expected to leave the hospital in a healthy way.

We prefer to perform surgeries in good hospitals and there is an average price scale in these hospitals.

Apart from this, the other factor that determines the price of breast lift surgery is the silicone implants that we use in breast augmentation and lift surgery. It is of great importance that in order silicone prostheses to be permanent for life, it is needed to use the most quality silicones in the market.

Breast Lift Surgery Prices

In this way, it is possible to use these silicones for life. After, our patients can comfortably easily use their uplifted breasts for life.

How Is It Understood That
You Are A Good Candidate For Breast Lift?

You can be a good candidate for breast lift procedure if you say yes to the following :

  1. If you want young and fresh breasts not deflated.
  2. If you think that your nipples are way below and not at an appropriate position
  3. If you do not like the feeling of rubbing of the sagging breast in the chest wall and you are only comfortable with supportive bras.
  4. If you are pleased with the size of your breasts but sagging, low nipples that do not look across, the presence of the breasts not conical forward are present and you have wide and flat have breasts
  5. If you do not have severe additional illnesses and are healthy enough to have a surgery.
  6. If you do not plan to become pregnant soon.
  7. If you have realistic expectations about the results.

What Are The Benefits of
Breast Lift Surgery?

Can make your overall appearance more beautiful and provide several benefits as follows:

  • Sagging breasts are improved
  • Your breasts appear younger
  • Allows your waist to become obvious
  • Helps you improve your physical health by making it easier to exercise and prevent redness and skin rashes
  • Increases self-confidence and self-respect

Is Breast Lift
Possible Without Surgery?

Breasts are an important organ with a special structure in women. Especially, the deflation, sagging and getting an appearance far from the body harmony of the breast area which is the symbol of femininity in women cause a serious psychological, mental and physical disorder.

In these patients, all these complaints are eliminated by surgery. However, it is absolutely not possible for the breasts, whose pectoral muscles have been developed with some sports, to be moved upwards.

Since the basic structure that forms our breasts is the breast tissue and fat. It is not possible for them to be moved upward with exercises, there is no muscle inside the breasts, and developing the pectoral muscle does not lift the breasts.

For this reason, in order to lift the breasts, is only possible with the placement of an implant and also the removal of the excess skin.

meme dikleştirme neden yapılmalıdır

Is Breast Lifting Possible Without Surgery?

How Is The Process Of Breast Lift Surgery?

1. The consultation process with your doctor

Your journey to the younger and more lifted breasts begins with an examination. During the examination, your surgeon will evaluate your needs and goals. In this assessment, the physical examination of the breast, nipple, and skin is done and the most suitable positioning and shape are designed for your breasts and for a more voluminous shape, breast silicone prosthesis or fat injection will be selected accordingly.

During the interview, your doctor will carry out a surgical simulation on your 3D photo by the special imaging device and provide you with your possible appearance device, so you can have an idea about the surgical techniques.

After the goals are determined, possible technical options will be discussed. After these processes, Assoc. Prof. Erdem Güven, MD will recommend the ideal option for meeting your personal needs.

2.Preparations For Breast Lift Surgery

To achieve the best possible results, there may be certain steps to be taken beforehand once the operation plan is established. You may have to apply a diet or changes related to your health that your doctor recommends. If you smoke, you may be advised to avoid nicotine-containing products before and after the surgery. You may need to undergo a physical check-up before the surgery. If you have familial predisposition risks and you are over 40 years of age, it may be advised to have ultrasonography and mammography screening.

3.The preoperative recovery process

The most important part in recovery is to follow the post-operative care instructions prepared by your plastic surgeon. A drain may be used after surgery. Drains work well to evacuate excess fluid and prevent your body from swelling and eliminate other potential complications.

Contact your government-approved plastic surgeon to plan your for having more appealing and younger breasts.

Surgical Techniques
In Breast Lift:

Techniques used in breast lift vary depending on your specific needs. Assoc. Prof. Erdem Güven, MD will recommend the most suitable technique according to the degree of sagging in your breasts and their shape. There are three types of breast lift techniques:

  • Benelli technique; Around the areola or – periareolar breast lift
  • Lollipop or short scar lift technique
  • Reverse T-shaped lift technique
meme dikleştirme alternatifleri nelerdir

Benelli Or Periareolar Technique

The technique which involves the removal of elliptical skin around the areola and making the incision around the nipple.

Lollipop Or Short Scar Lift Technique

The technique which involves a short vertical incision made around the areola or under the areola

Reverse T-Shaped Technique

Ters T tekniği ile meme (göğüs) dikleştirme

T-shaped incision technique which is made by starting from the areola and going vertically to under the inframammary crease and horizontally along the inframammary crease.

Which Techniques Do You
Recommend For Breast Lift?

The procedure I usually recommend is a lollipop shaped technique with a short scar. In this procedure, an incision is made around the areola and a vertical incision downwards to narrow the area around the nipple and the width of a breast. The final incision and the resulting surgical scar resemble the shape of a lollipop. There is no additional scar in the inframammary crease.

The length of the incision partly depends on how much your breasts are sagged and how much they need to be lifted. The critical decision is whether you want or need an extra volume. Generally, if you are happy with your breast size in your bra then there is no need for a prosthesis. However, if you want to get bigger breasts, you may need a silicone prosthesis and/or fat transplantation and injection. The combination of breast augmentation operation with is called “augmentation-lift” operation. You can learn more about these options in your first examination.

Surgery is applied to those with structurally sagged, large and breasts, those with deflated and sagged breasts after giving births and breastfeeding, those with sagging breasts after excess weight loss and those with sagging breasts due to aging. In addition, this procedure can be performed for patients with “tubular breast deformity”.

Breast lift operations are usually performed in middle-aged patients who have given birth. However, it can be performed in very young patients with structurally sagged breasts. Especially patients with tubular breast deformity can be operated at very early ages. As with all aesthetic procedures, breast lift surgeries are not applied to patients under 18 years of age unless there is a special condition.

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and in an operating room.

There is not much pain when only lifting is done or when breast reduction is performed in combination with lifting. For the first few days, there is mild pain which can be alleviated with painkillers. When breast implants are put under the muscle in patients undergoing breast lift, a painful period is experienced similar to that of breast augmentation. Within the first 3 days after the surgery, effective painkillers can be used to alleviate pain. In lift procedures, silicone prostheses are often placed on the muscles and small prostheses are usually used. Therefore, it can be said that there will not be much pain in prosthesis applications.

What is said for breast reduction surgery also applies to lift operations. The risk of not being able to breastfeed is lower in those who have undergone breast lift surgery compared to those who have undergone reduction surgery. Their rates of Breastfeeding are not different from normal women. There may be temporary losses of sensation after breast lift surgery. Permanent loss of sensation is not expected. A few months after the surgery, the nipples regain their normal senses.


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