What İs
Genital Area Aesthetic?

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The genital area aesthetics can become an area deformed congenitally or due to some conditions in the youth and cause the person to feel discomfort.

Due to the fact that congenital genital deformations in some women occur because of undesirable sexual intercourse of some people in their youth years and of some people in years later; each of these problems is solved by performing different aesthetic applications and the complaints of the patient are removed by genital area aesthetics surgery.


Thanks to technological advances made in this field, women are given the opportunity to get rid of their problems very quickly. Within the framework of this opportunity, the problems shadowing many people’s lives and their sexual lives are eliminated and the person can continue her sexual life as desired.

The genital area aesthetics has a structure composed of sensitive tissues. Problems in this area can easily occur. There are many problems in the genital areas of women from the most common problems to rare problems. Problems such as vaginal darkening, enlargement, urinary incontinence are common problems faced by women.

It is determined that the people who apply to the doctor for genital area aesthetics has a structure composed of sensitive tissues. Problems in this area can easily occur. firstly feel discomfort whether in the inner genital area and outer genital area, and the appropriate treatment is applied to it.

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Such simple or challenging problems are solved in a short time with the advantages that are offered in the following years. These problems associated with genital area aesthetics are examined in two parts as an inner genital area and outer genital area, and then an appropriate treatment is determined.

Discomforts of women caused by genital area deformations that occur more frequently after incorrect sexual intercourse, pregnancy, menopause, and congenital deformations are able to affect their lives in many ways.

What Are The Effects Of Genital Area Deformations On Women?

The problems occurring in the genital area have the capacity to become a nightmare for women. This area can be deformed quickly due to its sensitive structure. Women who have problems in the genital area may have a tendency to feel depressed due to the loss of self-confidence.

Because of the genital problems in genital area aesthetics such as vaginal labia sagging, darkening, they may keep away from sexual intercourse and terminate their relationships. Due to the problems in the genital area, women may develop a cold attitude towards their spouses. These problems in the genital area aesthetics can cause women to approach themselves constantly with a dissatisfied point of view.

Due to persistent self-judgment perspectives, they may stop to enjoy their lives and face a depression problem.

They are unable to enjoy their sexual intercourse and experience painful sexual experiences.

As they cannot enjoy themselves, many women are unable to provide their spouses with sexual pleasure because of the inadequacies of sexual deformations and this can lead to conflicts between spouses.

vajina estetiği ameliyatı

Genital area aesthetics defects that cause large burdens on women’s shoulders cannot be improved with medication and similar things without aesthetics.

Women who apply to medication without consulting their physicians can be defrauded or cause more harm to the genital areas due to the medicines they use.

Because of the deformation in the genital area aesthetics structure, women can no longer think of anything else. Women who face big problems such as urinary incontinence can end their social lives as well as their sexuality.

What İs The İmportance Of
Genital Area Aesthetics?

Health is an important factor for humanity in every aspect. Like mental health and physical health, sexual health has importance for people to live a quality life. Women may have difficulty in sexual health due to the sensitivity of the genital area.

Because of the problems experienced in the genital area aesthetics, they may feel uncomfortable. While their problems are worsening slowly in their eyes, they may face serious psychological disorders such as depression. In fear that the genital area can be deformed during sexual intercourse, they may escape from the relationship due to their concerns.

In this respect, the aesthetic of the genital area aesthetics aims to enable women to live a healthier and more self-confident life. While the problems in the genital area are permanently eliminated in a short time by the operations performed, it contributes to the improvement of the patient’s sexual life.

The aesthetic of the genital area is a well-known result that women adopt a happier and more confident lifestyle. Questionnaires have approved that the women who got rid of the defects in the genital area have felt more beautiful than they were.

Innovations made in this area enable women to have a healthier, young and beautiful genital area aesthetics, as well as also supporting the elimination of their psychological problems due to the genital area. The pain experienced in these aesthetics in which benefits are predominant is limited to the minimum.

What Are The Problems Occurring
İn The İnner Genital Area?

  • Vaginoplasty
  • Hymenoplasty
  • Urine Incontinence

What Are The Problems Occurring
İn The Outer Genital Area?

  • Labiaplasty (Vaginal Labia Sagging)
  • Fat and tissue injection to labium majus (Vagina Labia Minora Augmentation)
  • Vagina whitening
  • Pubis aesthetics

İn Which Cases Does
Vaginal Sagging Occur?

  • Excessive weight gain
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Difficult childbirths requiring surgical intervention
  • Genetic, structural causes
  • Menopause
  • Advanced age
  • Delivering an overweight baby
  • The opening of sutures made in childbirth
vajina daraltma estetiği

What İs Vaginoplasty?

Vajinoplasti halk arasında vajina sarkması yaşayan kişilere uygulanan vajina daraltma operasyonu olmaktadır. Kadınlar bu rahatsızlıktan doğum sonrası şikayet etmeye başlamaktadır.

Zira doğum sırasında vajinal çıkış kullanan bebek vajina duvarlarının genişlemesine sebebiyet vermektedir.

Vaginoplasty is a vaginal tightening procedure applied to people having vaginal sagging. Women begin to complain about this condition after childbirth. The baby using the vagina during the birth is causing the expansion of the vagina walls.

The vagina recovers itself after childbirth, but this recovery may be insufficient depending on the severity of the birth and the number of births. Loosening of the vaginal walls inside the vagina can occur both during childbirth and after frequent sexual intercourse or signs of old age. This situation leads to bigger problems such as uterus sagging.

How To Understand Vaginal Loosening?

The loosening of the vaginal walls can be understood by taking less pleasure during sexual intercourse.

If the person does not feel anything even when she tightens herself during the intercourse or if the person cannot squeeze her finger inserted in his vagina, then vaginal loosening occurs.

How And How Long İs The Vaginoplasty Surgery Performed?

Vaginoplasty surgeries are performed in the interior part of the vagina. It is applied to strengthen the vaginal walls of people whose vaginal walls are weakened due to tissue damage and loss due to certain reasons.

It is not a very painful operation and can be done under general anaesthesia or epidural anaesthesia. During the operation, a part of the vaginal back wall is cut and removed off. After this procedure, the loosened vaginal walls are tightened and the last removed part is sutured again with dissoluble stitches.

This is the most preferred method among the existing methods. The operation lasts for approximately 40 to 45 minutes. During the surgery, other operations can be performed to eliminate different problems upon request of the patient.

İs Vaginoplasty Surgery

It should be performed by surgeons because of an operation performing inside the vagina.

As seen in operations in other areas; bleeding, infection, and scarring are likely to occur.

However, these problems also disappear after the recovery period. It is possible to minimize the risk with the medicines given by the doctor after the surgery.

Sexual intercourse should be avoided within the specified period. Otherwise, the process can go down the drain and the internal walls of the vagina can expand again.

How Long Should Sexual Intercourse be Avoided After the Surgery?

Each physician makes a different schedule for his/her patient depending on the operation and the healing of the wound. Generally, the specified time is not more than 6 weeks. Sexual intercourse occurring prior to the time recommended by the doctor may damage the healing process of the wound and cause the operation to be repeated.

Therefore, breaking of the ban damages the course of the operation. Spouses should pay attention to this case. Even if the operation is repeated, the previous damage may cause different problems.

What İs Hymenoplasty?

The procedure to remove the tear caused by the rupture of the hymen is called hymenoplasty. The hymen is named after Hymen being marriage and wedding God in the ancient Greek. Although it is a simple structure that does not have any value for function in the body, it carries great importance because it means a sign of virginity for the community.

The hymen, virginal membrane is different in every woman in terms of shape; for example, some women are born without a hymen or in some women, it can be flexible enough to be torn because of great pressure such as childbirth, not during sexual intercourse. This is described according to the structure of the hole in the middle of the membrane.

In some cases, even if the person has a hymen, no bleeding occurs during tearing. It is an inherited structure that can have different personal and individual results such as bleeding. This structure which is impossible to repair after being torn can be reconstructed by gynaecologists. The suturing of the hymen which is of great importance in our social structure is not performed by every doctor.

Although it is an operation performed entirely on the personal preferences of the doctor, the confidentiality of the operations remains at the forefront. It can only be understood by the doctors whether this structure, which can be repaired in two different ways as temporarily and permanently, has been repaired or not. It is preferred situatşon because it has a social value, or it does not matter whether the hymen is torn in terms of health and sexual health.

What Are The Differences Between Temporary Hymenoplasty And Permanent Hymenoplasty?

A temporary repair is mostly referred to as a saving repair and is a short operation performed a few days before the marriage. It is done for the purpose of bleeding at nuptial night.

Temporary hymen repair is easily understood by a gynaecologist.

Vajinoplasti yani vajina estetiği ameliyatı cerrahisi

Permanent hymen replacement will be reconstructed as if sexual intercourse has not been experienced for a long time and as if rupturing during the sexual intercourse for the first time.

In the case of permanent hymenoplasty, blood flows at nuptial night. It is a repair process which is difficult to understand by gynaecologists compared to the temporary hymen repair.

vajina estetiği fiyatları

How İs Hymenoplasty Surgery Performed And What Should Be Done After The Surgery?

The remaining parts of the torn hymen are pulled from a wall to the other wall and repaired by suturing. If there is no part of the person’s membrane, the temporary repair cannot be performed with sutures. Although this process is a painless procedure, it is performed under general anaesthesia in case the patient is likely to feel psychological destruction.

It is a process that takes approximately 25-30 minutes. The person should use a panty liner against the discharges that may occur after the surgery. As soon as the operation is over, the person can continue her normal life. The patient can take a shower, but the operation area should not be touched too much because it may adversely affect the healing.

Why Does Urine İncontinence Occur?

It is a problem caused by the expansion of the vaginal walls after birth or postpartum and loosening of muscles inside the vagina. This problem, which may occur after birth or postpartum, cannot be eliminated in a short time with the help of surgery.
It is a problem that can be solved by reconstructing the muscles in the inner walls of the vagina. It also occurs due to vaginal loosening and is likely to show recovery after vaginoplasty. This disorder does not only affect the sexual life of the person can affect her whole life.

The person may experience urinary incontinence while laughing or coughing. This situation does not have only a negative effect on the daily life of the person but also deteriorate the psychology of the person. Non-surgical methods can also remove this problem with a simple operation. The person will not feel pain during the procedure.

What İs Labiaplasty?

The labium minus, which is called inner lip in women’s genitals, is not a structure that is normally noticeable over clothes. However, due to the deformation in this area after years, it is a problem that women are likely to face in the future. Hypertrophy and sagging of this area cause this part to be seen over swimsuits, tights and similar clothing.

This appearance disturbing young girls is an uncomfortable situation. The surgical operation for the removal of this appearance is called labiaplasty. Labiaplasty aims to eliminate these problems of women.

Even though it is not included in the compulsory aesthetic surgeries, it is an operation which may be necessary for some aspects. Labia minora that are vulnerable against the outside such as impact and rubbing due to sagging can pose problems causing trauma. Labia minora sagging down outside may become vulnerable also against infection.

Which Cases Require Labiaplasty?

  • Hypertrophy of labia minora
  • Sagging of labia minora
  • Size Difference of labia minora

How İs Labiaplasty Surgery Performed And How Long Does İt Last?

Labiaplasty surgery is not considered as a challenging operation. However, it is an operation that requires high sensitivity and attention because of being performed around the clitoris.

Otherwise, the clitoris may be damaged.

The operation lasts for 30-35 minutes. Local anaesthesia is applied to the patient during the operation; upon the preference, general anaesthesia can also be applied.

Since it is not a painful procedure, the person who undergoes this process at noon can return to work after resting until the evening and does not experience any loss in her daily life.

There is no need to consult a doctor again for the sutures applied during the surgery because these sutures are absorbed by the body.

During the operation, the person should not be in the menstrual period. Hygiene measures taken during the surgery are prevented due to menstruation.

The operation can be preferred by virgins and adolescents. It does not cause any damage to the hymen, only externally treating labia minora.

What Should Be Taken İnto Consideration After The Surgery?

  • Sexual intercourse should be avoided for 3-4 weeks.
  • It is recommended not to take a shower for about 2 days. Within the first 10 days after a 2-day period, the shower should be taken on foot.
  • The described hygiene procedure should be followed.
  • The area must be protected from touching hard objects.
  • Touching continuously on the treated area should be avoided.
  • Staying into water such as baths for a long time is prohibited for 15 days.

Which Cases Can Be Experienced After Vaginoplasty?

There is no risk of bleeding in this operation. However, bleeding after the surgery is considered normal.

It is not possible to encounter a problem such as a loss of sensation after the surgery. No loss of sensation appears unless touching the clitoris.

vajina estetiği ile iç dudak estetiği

Why Are Fat And Tissue İnjected To Labium Minus?

Some people can have a sagging and wrinkled appearance in their labia. It is a condition that can occur especially after the age of 30 as aging, as well as being congenital.

This situation is also observed in extremely thin people. It is a method applied for people who complain about this appearance and who escape from sexual intercourse due to their appearance.

İs There Any Side Effect Of The Fillers İnjected To Labium Minus?

There is no side effect available. The first preferred procedure for the filling process is to use the person’s own fat.

If a person wants a different treatment, fillers with thick particulate hyaluronic acid suitable for those treatments may be used.

How Long Does The Procedure Last?

The fat filling is performed under local or general anaesthesia in the operating room. The fat from the abdomen circumference is injected into the labia majora.

The patient can go home after a few hours of rest after the surgery. It is not a process that requires taking of sutures and dressing. The person may experience temporary swelling after the procedure.

The large underwear should be preferred during this period so that it reduces the sensitivity. There is a possibility of infection after the surgery. This is treated with antibiotics. After the operation, the person should regularly use the medication and antibiotics given by her doctor.

vajina estetiği ile vajina beyazlatma

What İs Vaginal Whitening?

While the genital area has undergone deformation in many respects over the years, one of these is that the light pinkish colour being her own skin colour is getting blackened in time.

People who suffer from this situation do not have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. For this reason, the operation to be performed for reconstruction of this area is called vaginal whitening operation among people.

In recent years, this has become one of the requirements of beauty trends and a frequently preferred process.

Although it does not cause any sexual problems, the vaginal darkening is described as a bad appearance which prevents women from having a comfortable sexual relationship.

It is observed that women having this problem experience a lack of self-confidence. During sexual intercourse, they may feel withdrawn and embarrassed towards their partners. This condition, which is not considered as unhealthy, is treated with a simple laser treatment.

How İs Vaginal Whitening Performed?

Before the surgery, shaving is required for the area. The lotion recommended by the doctor should be used. Since it is a laser operation, pain and ache sensation is minimal; but local anaesthesia is applied to patients as precautionary.

The process applied to the area to eliminate dark and blackened layer is carried out by the most modern laser. This process may be repeated several times. The patient is discharged immediately after the surgery, but for 3-4 days after the surgery, sexual intercourse should be avoided.

What İs Pubis Aesthetics?

This type of aesthetics is an operation that has recently gained popularity. In cases where the pubis area is high, bulky and thicker than normal, women feel discomfort due to psychological concerns.

It is the type of surgery preferred by women who have difficulty in wearing comfortably because of the visible pubis area.Mons pubis is the name of the triangular and hairy area extending from the subinguinal area to the clitoris.

Because of the excess of fat tissue in this area, the area gains more volume than it should be. This situation is completely genetic. Women have difficulty in wearing comfortably and an unpleasant appearance.

In order to solve the problem, the area is opened and the excess fat layer is extracted. The aesthetic application applied to this area does not cause any damage to the hymen and does not cause a loss of sensation unless touching on the clitoris and its surroundings. Pubis aesthetics do not pose a great risk in the area but carries risks such as infection or bleeding as seen in every surgery.


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