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With dermabrasion, it has been made possible to completely eliminate skin wrinkles, stitch marks and negative effects disrupting the aesthetic appearance. It is possible to perform a peeling method with the sanding tips of a specially designed motor and obtain a better skin structure.


Thanks to dermabrasion, many people could rejuvenate their skin structure and get rid of dead cells by an aesthetic operation. Therefore, many people positively evaluate having this operation and benefit from it.

As the outmost layer of the skin is peeled off completely, and the lower layer partially, it is possible to obtain maximum efficiency. With this method, people can gain a more aesthetic appearance of their skin in an organic way.

Partially peeling off the lower layer of the skins leads to skin rejuvenation. Skin rejuvenation changes the skin structure of the person organically. Hence, a more aesthetic skin structure is formed organically and the person becomes satisfied with this.

Dermabrasion aesthetic procedure is an aesthetic operation, that many people may prefer to have and benefit from. The 100% successful result of the operation and the satisfaction of the person are among the reasons behind its preferability. People benefit from the advantages of the operation and obtain positive effects on their social lives.

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Being able to change the structure of the skin in an organic way becomes possible by an aesthetic operation. Therefore, this method of treatment has been preferred by many people.

What İs A
Dermabrasion Peeling Procedure?

It is an aesthetic operation performed mechanically. The outmost layer of the skin is removed completely, and the lower layer partially, with a sanding tip linked to a motor. If this procedure is performed on large areas, it is performed under general anaesthesia. If it is not performed on large areas, it is realized under local anaesthesia. Dermabrasion aesthetic operation enables the skin structure to be positively affected and get rid of the dead skin cells. This is a procedure, that can perform the deepest peeling. Any other procedure cannot enable a deep peeling and the most preferred mechanical aesthetic operation known is this procedure.

Since in laser, the procedure is not usually deep, but only dead cells are removed and it is applied to a certain part under local anaesthesia, they are not as effective as dermabrasion. Wrinkles, stitch marks, and other factors that disrupt the aesthetic appearance are removed by this treatment.

Through the treatment, people have an aesthetic appearance and this process can be performed to any part of the body. The result of the procedure obtained in a short period of time and a thorough cleaning are among the factors, that make it preferable.

Dermabrazyon soyma işlemi

It is possible to eliminate scars completely with this aesthetic operation. This procedure enables especially the adolescence acne scars, which cannot be removed by any other procedure, to have the characteristic of being able to be removed.

Dermabrazyon fiyatları

What Should Be Taken İnto
Consideration Before The Dermabrasion Procedure?

  • If any, active acne should be expected to disappear.
  • Aspirin and similar medications, that increase bleeding, should not be used.
  • Medications used by the person should not adversely affect the operation and chronic diseases, if any, should be reported to the doctor.
  • Smoking should be discontinued for a period of two weeks before and after the operation. Otherwise, the treatment will be adversely affected, and the desired efficiency will not be achieved before and after the procedure.
  • In order to perform dermabrasion, the person’s skin structure is required to be considered as suitable for the procedure by the doctor and this operation should not have a negative effect on the person. For this purpose, tests should give positive results.

As the aesthetic operation will remove the outmost skin layer completely and will remove part of the lower skin, the person should be careful about these issues. Otherwise, dermabrasion is likely to have negative consequences.

If it is observed in the examinations performed by the doctors that the patient is not suitable for the procedure, unfortunately, it cannot be performed. The patient has no luxury to object to it in any way because the tests indicate what kind of results the operation will yield.

If no obstacles to the operation exist according to the tests, such problems are not likely. Before each aesthetic procedure, certain tests and analyzes are performed on the patient and this is quite normal. Because these analyzes and tests are performed in order to attain a 100% positive result from the operation.

How İs The
Dermabrasion Peeling Procedure Performed?

In order to be able to perform the aesthetic operation, firstly, the area required to be worked on is selected. In case the dermabrasion area is too large, it will be carried out under general anaesthesia, if it is not large, it will be performed under local anaesthesia. The anaesthesia alternative will be selected based on the preference of the person and the doctor will proceed accordingly.

The area that has a negative effect on the skin in terms of the aesthetic appearance will be peeled off not partially, but completely. Because this is needed for the skin to rejuvenate itself. Cheeks can be an example of this.

For example, if there is an aesthetic problem on the cheek, if it is on the left side, the whole left cheek will be peeled off. The most important reason behind this is to ensure a more aesthetic appearance of the person and to prevent the uneven skin colour.

The aesthetic operation is likely to last an average of 1 – 1.5 hours. The duration may vary based on the size of the area and skin structure. Since dermabrasion is a mechanical operation, skin peeling is performed with the help of motor and sanding tips.

The entire outmost layer of the skin is removed completely and the lower layer is removed partially. Thus, it becomes possible for the person to obtain an aesthetic appearance more easily. The main purpose of the operation is to rejuvenate the skin organically.

More than one session may be required and the duration may be longer depending on the person’s skin structure. The reason for prolongation is the possibility of the requirement for a more meticulous procedure. Taking this possibility into account will lead to the realization of a more successful operation.

Conditions That Can Be
Seen After Dermabrasion

  • After application of dermabrasion, swelling can be observed on the skin of the person.
  • In case of chewing of hard foods, the formation of pain should be considered as a normal condition.
  • Various crustal formations can be observed in the application area.
  • After the application, shaving is not recommended for either men or women before recovery. Shaving is only allowed with an electric razor and a few days after the recovery process. Otherwise, the skin of the person will be adversely affected.

As it is possible to observe all of these situations, people, who undergo an operation, do not have to worry, if they encounter such situations.

As it is no more necessary to be doubtful about any issues, doctors evaluate these conditions as normal.

Since the aesthetic operation takes place as a skin peeling process and the skin is removed from both the top layer and the lower layer, the person should be careful about many issues.

Since it is normal for such situations to occur, it is not correct to fall into any doubts about this issue and to have any question marks in mind.

Although the outcome of the dermabrasion procedure is obtained in a short time, people should pay attention to their skin structure. Otherwise, encountering negative consequences will be likely.

It is possible for people, who will be satisfied with the process, to get a better level of social life.

The operation helps the person to be self-confident and to live comfortably.All factors, that disrupt the aesthetic appearance, are completely eliminated by the operation.

What Should Be Taken İnto
Consideration After Dermabrasion?

  • The person should not return to work for 2 weeks. For 2 weeks, it will be likely to experience problems and feel bad due to the changes in the face, because a recovery process is required.
  • The use of sunscreens has been made compulsory by doctors. Using additional products to protect the skin is allowed, and the person can use them without any concerns.
Dermabrazyon sonrası nasıldır

For 6 to 12 months, the person should wait until his/her skin colour is formed and take his/her skin under protection. Staying protected from sun rays and always carrying sunscreens during this period have become inevitable.

Antibiotic-impregnated gauze bandages are placed on the wounds after the operation. Gauze bandages will fall automatically within 2 – 3 weeks. Due to skin changes in the skin within 2 weeks, one has to pay attention to many issues.

He/she should stay away from products and locations, that have a potential to damage his/her skin structure. The person should protect his/her skin from dirty environments. It is very important for the person to be in hygienic environments, thus to protect himself/herself from such problems. Dermabrasion is a procedure, that enables the person to get an aesthetic appearance easily. Since the procedure of skin peeling requires attention in many areas, it will be a more accurate decision, if the individual undergoes the operation with this awareness.

Dermabrazyon işlemi

What Are The Advantages
Of Dermabrasion Operation?

  • The dermabrasion procedure enables the removal of dead skin and allows the skin to rejuvenate itself organically.
  • Thanks to the procedure, it is possible to get rid of the dead skin, wrinkles, and negative factors disrupting the aesthetic appearance.
  • The procedure is performed mechanically, it provides positive effects in all areas and therefore, it can be applied in all areas.
  • The removal of the lower layer and the top layer of the skin leads to the formation of an aesthetic appearance organically in a short time.
  • It enables the spontaneous formation of a natural appearance and elimination of problems that disrupt the aesthetic appearance of the skin.
  • Its short duration makes the operation preferable and allows many people to benefit from this operation.

The advantages of the procedure help many people get an aesthetic appearance.

Therefore, people enjoy having an aesthetic appearance within 2 weeks.

Thanks to dermabrasion, wrinkles, scars, and various stitch marks can be removed, and people can get the appearance they desire in a short time.

The removal of all these marks in a short time has been made possible by the mechanical nature of the surgery.

Peeling of the skin by the sanding tips with the help of the mechanical motor enables a trouble-free process.

Thus, people enjoy the benefits the operation and are pleased for having this operation, as they obtain 100% positive results. Other advantages include positive effects on social life.

Who Can Have The Dermabrasion Procedure And Who Cannot?

There is no gender and age limitation for having the procedure. People at any age can benefit from the advantages of this operation. The recovery process of the dermabrasion is longer for older people, and this is quite natural.

Since the wrinkles in the skins of older people constitute more problems when compared to other wrinkles and problems. A longer recovery process for a more problematic skin should be considered as normal.

Dermabrazyon kimlere yapılır

It is possible for people with a dark skin colour to achieve permanent colour changes. Therefore, the doctor should be consulted for detailed information about this issue. People, who have a sensitive skin and do not endure surgery, should not be operated.


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