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Nowadays, lip filler stands out to be popular among young women. It is very important in lip aesthetics that lip contours are reconstructed and a lip structure suitable for the face is created.

The preferences are very important for sure but our patients may not know, what the lip should be like. Their desires may not be acceptable. The doctor’s guidance is required here. Of course, what is natural is always the most beautiful. Artificial appearances may go out of fashion over time.


Hyaluronic acid-based filling materials are the most effective materials to achieve an aesthetic appearance for lips. Fillers have made it possible to create youthful and plump lips that people desire. Lips may become thinner for certain reasons over time.

Although effective methods can be used to overcome such problems in a long term, it is obvious that their impacts are not as fast as that of fillers. This enables many people to generate their own facial aesthetics by having their lips filled and achieve a proportional facial appearance. The fact that many people are able to become satisfied after having this procedure and get the efficiency they desire reveals the reliability of the procedure.

Thinning of lips is a condition that may be seen in almost everyone. It may be annoying and upsetting for people, as the face becomes disproportionate and an aesthetic appearance cannot be achieved. Performed with a hyaluronic acid-base and people achieve the desired plump appearance.

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It is desired by everyone that lips reach the desired plump appearance. In order to achieve this, the lips are required to be filled through an operation. In addition, hyaluronic acid is among the most effective fillers. This enables lips to have a symmetrical appearance with respect to the face and the person to become self-confident. Therefore, many people desire to benefit from this operation.

Thanks to the filler applied to the middle of lips, they are possible to gain a more apparent appearance. Since the desired aesthetic appearance becomes visible in a short period of time, many people enjoy. An aesthetic appearance of lips is made possible in a short time, thanks to this operation and technique.

Therefore, the most commonly used method by doctors is the hyaluronic acid base. Although people may think that lip filling is difficult, it is apparent that it is not really the case.

Although people may think that lip filling is difficult, it is apparent that it is not really the case. Within a period of 10 – 15 minutes, the person gets an aesthetic appearance, that he/she cannot imagine and enjoys and benefits from it without estranging himself/herself from social life.Every person may have a problem of thinning lips due to certain reasons. Especially, in the middle age or at later ages, this condition may occur frequently. Getting rid of this problem is possible with lip fillers.

Persons can get their desired appearance and in addition to all these, while benefiting from the operation, their social lives are not affected. The short duration of the operation helps the person to return to his/her social life rapidly. The injected filler in the middle of the lip reveals itself in a short time and the person can get his/her desired appearance accordingly. First, the desired appearance is described to the doctor. After analyzing the required procedures, the doctor decided on how the operation will be performed. Thus, the person enjoys obtaining the desired appearance.

What Is a Lip Filler?

It is possible to divide lip aesthetics into two as temporary and permanent.

  • TemporaryLip Aesthetics

Temporary lip aesthetics is the simplest lip aesthetics. It is basically enlarging the lip with fillers. The use of reliable fillers is very important. Fillers, which are not allergenic and the body does not react, should be preferred.

There are companies in the world, which spend a lot on research and development studies that big producers have produced, and we observe that the products they produce are really safe. In this type of filler applied to the body, we are interested in safety rather than the price.

The products with a high level of safety and R & D activities are the most expensive products. But as long as we use safe products, we do not encounter any allergic reactions in our patients, and in the long term, our patients are very much satisfied with their use of these products.

Although it changes from doctor to doctor, in a patient with thin lips, I do not prefer to apply the maximum level of fillers at once. We augment the lip gradually, enabling that the patient is getting used to it.

We apply an injection into the lip. First, we create contours. Then comes the lips augmentation process. We try to make sure that the lower lip and the upper lip are balanced. After an injection into the lip, we keep a portion of the filler. Our patient leaves and comes back after a period of ten days.

dudak dolgusu fiyatları

After this period, during which oedema disappears and also the patient gets used to effect of the first injection, we apply a second injection and this way gradually augment the lips to the targeted state. By doing so, our patients adapt more easily, and we are able to achieve perfection in lip aesthetics.

  • Permanent Lip Aesthetics

Permanent lip aesthetics can be done through the fat injection. Or the tissues, that we get from the body, or biological materials, that are produced abroad and are compatible with our body.

They can be rolled and placed into the lip. For sure, the most reliable of the permanent aesthetic method is the fat injection. We extract such fat from the abdomen and the waist area of the body, filter it into small particles, and inject it into the lip.

The 40 or 60 percent of the injected fat remains in the lip. For sure, this should not be exaggerated. In order to prevent the formation of fat cysts in the lip, fat is placed with care with the help of an injector. In 3 to 6 months, the fat injected lip takes its final shape after the mentioned portion of the fat melts away.

If one session is insufficient, we make an addition in the second session. This goes on until we get the most beautiful lip structure we desire. Once we obtain the lip structure with this method, it is permanent. Lips can only become larger or smaller with weight gain-loss and this needs to be well balanced. The doctor’s experience is of great importance.

Apart from these, gums become apparent during a smile is also under the context of lip aesthetics. In patients with visible gums, we extend the cover inside the lip a little through the plastic surgical procedure and ensure that the lip is extended slightly to make gums invisible during a smile.

On the contrary, in patients with a long upper lip, we have the opportunity to shorten the upper lip and obtain a beautiful lip with skin removals from the nasal root. It is possible to combine them all together, but of course, it is very important to customize the treatment according to each person.

Hyaluronic acid, which already exists in the human body, is known for its water suctioning capacity and is used as a filler in many aesthetic operations. This acid application to the lips by injection to make lips full in a short time is called lip filler. This enables lips to have an aesthetic appearance, and the person can get the desired efficiency from the operation.

Hyaluronic acid, which is used by also taking into account the thickness differences between the upper lip and the lower lip, prevents the person from ending up with an asymmetrical appearance. Thus, the person obtains an aesthetic appearance without encountering any irregularities after the operation. As time progresses, the decrease in the fullness of the lip is common in middle ages and at later ages. This acid can also be used to maintain fullness.

The completion of the aesthetic operation with no negative effects on the volume of the lips is ensured by hyaluronic acid. The fact that the desired efficiency is achieved in a short period of time in lip filling, it provides positive effects on the aesthetic appearance of people. As a result, people feel good in many aspects due to the appearance obtained.
Since hyaluronic acid is already present in the human body, an adverse reaction is not likely. If the person’s body is susceptive and reacts to this acid, then it is possible for him/her to get a successful result. The most important factor, that makes the operation safe, is that the acid is already present in the human body and the body reacts to it positively.

What Are The Advantages
Of The Lip Filler?

  • Providing thin lips with the desired plump appearance,
  • Shaping lips in a short time,
  • Complete elimination of the asymmetric appearance in lips,
  • Clarification of the lip contour,
  • Obtaining an aesthetic appearance of the fine lines above the lip,
  • Recovery of sagging at lip edges.
  • Are among the advantages of the lip filler.
  • Within 10 to 15 minutes, the operation is completed, and the person can get a positive result quickly.
  • It is not possible for the person to experience any problems after the operation.
  • Hyaluronic acid is already present in the human body and this acid is of great importance for the person to have an aesthetic appearance.
  • It is possible for the person to return to social life in a short time.

All these advantages offered to the person, who undergoes the operation, has caused many people to desire to benefit from this operation. Obtaining an aesthetic lip appearance has been enabled with lip fillers. People are usually surprised at how quickly the body reacts to the acid and the lip becomes apparent.
The fact that a noticeable appearance is generated in a short time indicates how successful the operation is. This way, people can get the look they desire and while this look is obtained, the person does not estrange himself/herself from social life. Thanks to the positive results of the operation without breaking off social life, people are satisfied with the operation. Therefore, many people strongly recommend this operation and think that it is an operation, that needs to be performed.

dudak dolgusu ameliyatı

Why Is
Lip Augmentation Performed?

  • Giving lips a plump appearance,
  • Reshaping lips,
  • Clarification of the lip contour,
  • Complete recovery of sagging at lip edges,
  • Obtaining a more aesthetic appearance of fine lines above the lip are among the objectives of the operation.

Thanks to the operation, many people can obtain the lip structure they desire.

Doctors perform the necessary analyzes in order to fulfil wishes such as shaping, filling, contour clarification, the aesthetic appearance of asymmetries.

After analyzes are done, which path to follow is decided, and the lip parts to be injected is considered. Following all these, lip augmentation is performed. Thus, the person can obtain the desired look.Although people may think that having the desired appearance is difficult, it should be mentioned that it is not the case in fact. Because, in every operation, people lose time due to their certain prejudices.

Lip augmentation does not require a recovery process and provides a quick result.

This process, completed in 10 – 15 minutes, allows people to get the look they desire. This way, people have many advantages by getting the look they desire. The hyaluronic acid base gives a more reliable and faster result than other filling alternatives. Its quick result is proof of its reliability.

dudak dolgusu estetiği

How Is Lip Filler Applied?

Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Therefore, lip augmentation is known as a painful procedure. Application of an anaesthetic cream to the lips ensures a better operation experience. The person must wait for 20 minutes after the cream is applied to the lips. The cream enables a more comfortable injection experience on the way to more voluminous lips.
After applying the cream, the person will have a little better sensation in his/her lips. The lips slowly become numb and the person will not feel his/her lips for a while. After anaesthesia, the person is now ready for the operation and the doctor prepares the injection. After the injection preparation is completed, the operation is started.

It is possible for the hyaluronic-based acid injected to the lips to react in a short period of time and make lips plumper. Thus, the process is completed and the person will see the effect of the reaction in his/her lips. A quick observation of the reaction proves how practical the operation is. This way, people enjoy being able to get the maximum efficiency from lip augmentation.
Quick results of fillers show how safe the operation is. Therefore, people should not have any doubts about augmentation. The operation is short and extremely practical. Within 15 – 20 minutes, the person gets the look he/she desires and enjoys getting an aesthetic appearance, which will have a positive impact on his/her self-confidence.

dudak dolgusu nasıl yapılır

When Does The Effect Of
Lip Augmentation Become Visible?

The reaction time of each aesthetic operation is different. In the case of lip augmentation, it becomes effective immediately, and the person’s aesthetic appearance is possible to be obtained within a few minutes. The Hyaluronic acid base is among the strongest and safest acids. Because of the presence of this acid in the human body, it is possible to have a faster reaction.As the acid immediately makes lips apparent, the person does not have to wait for a long time. The procedure is extremely practical, and the person is pleased to get a result quickly. The operation is both safe and practical. In this way, many people want to benefit from this operation.

What Should Be Taken Into Consideration After Lip Augmentation?

  • The person should not eat or drink anything for 2 hours following the operation.
  • The person should not wear lip gloss or lipstick after augmentation. Otherwise, the infection may occur and damage lips.
  • The person should avoid unhygienic environments.
  • Lips should not be touched for a certain period of time and actions such as kissing should be avoided. The advice given by the doctor should be taken into consideration, and the person should always pay attention to his/her own lip hygiene in order to get the desired efficiency.
  • Since the lip is sensitive for a certain period of time, it is necessary to be careful in social life as well.

Possible Conditions To
Occur Following Lip Augmentation

Some swelling in lips may be observed for a certain period of time. There is no need to worry about this situation. It is possible to recover from this situation in a short time and to obtain the aesthetic lip appearance thanks to lip fillers. The bruising of the points where the needle is injected is also common.
The reason behind all these is that the lip is too sensitive. Lip is one of the most sensitive areas in the body, as is the case in every human being. The problems such as bruising and swelling should, therefore, be considered as normal. Lips can recover in 2 to 3 days. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the situation normal and not to worry and have bad thoughts about it.

Is Lip Augmentation Operation
A Permanent Solution?

Plumping lips is provided by hyaluronic acid. The person’s aesthetic appearance becomes visible quickly. The hyaluronic acid material used for lips’ aesthetic appearance is not a permanent solution. Hyaluronic acid is known as the most reliable for lip fillers. The substance is likely to disappear within 4 to 6 months.
If the effect is about to disappear, the same procedure should be performed again. The person should have this procedure applied once every 4 to 6 months on average to have the aesthetic lip filler appearance he/she desires. Since the use of other substances does not fully provide the aesthetic appearance of the person, hyaluronic acid is the most reliable. As the usage of other materials does not properly provide the aesthetic appearance of the person, hyaluronic acid is evaluated as the most reliable one.

Who Should
Benefit From Lip Augmentation?

  • Those with thin lips,
  • Those, who have lost lip volume with aging,
  • Those with a thin lip appearance due to genetic reasons,
  • Those with a lip sagging problem,
  • Those, who want to have their lips contours clarified,
  • Those, who desire to get a plump appearance,
  • Those, who want to have their lips reshaped and to get the proportion in the face by having an aesthetic appearance should benefit from lip augmentation.
dudak estetiği fiyatları

Due to the fact that lip filler give the person an aesthetic appearance in a short period of time, everyone has absolute confidence in the operation. Experiencing a confidence problem is not likely. The person is able to obtain the appearance that he/she desires, and it is not possible to experience any problems while obtaining this appearance. Achievement of an aesthetic appearance in a short time is among the advantages of the augmentation operation.

People, whose lip filler are thin because of genetic reasons, can describe this situation as annoying. In order to prevent such problems and to make the lips look aesthetic, it is necessary to benefit from lip augmentation operation. Many people want to benefit from this operation, as it is possible to get the appearance they desire for 6 months.
The fact that the operation provides positive effects in many aspects and helps the person to be self-confident caused everyone’s desire to benefit from this operation. Therefore, people can get maximum efficiency from the augmentation operation and it is not possible to encounter any problems and an undesired appearance after the operation.

dudak botoksu ve dudak dolgusu arasındaki farklar

Reliability Of Lip Augmentation

Obtaining a fuller appearance in lips is among the conditions everyone may desire. The person can reach the desired appearance and has self-confidence thanks to lip fillers.

As the main substance of the lip filler, i.e. the hyaluronic acid base, exists in the human body, the person is not likely to experience any allergy problems or to encounter any other negative situations. Many people have benefited from this operation and have got maximum efficiency.

People, who have benefited from this operation, are able to renew their fillers after a period of 6 months and get the desired appearance again. Thanks to the fact that all of these are possible, people benefit from the operation. The person does not need to worry because it is common to experience minor redness, bruises, and pain after the operation.

When Should Lip Filler Be Renewed?

The duration of lip filler injected into the lip is approximately 4 – 6 months. If the person feels that this filler is lost within these periods, he/she should consult with the doctor immediately. The hyaluronic acid base disappears within 4 to 6 months along with the absorption of the body. After this occurs, the person needs to benefit from lip augmentation again.

The fact that the operation resulted in maximum efficiency has provided people with having trust in the operation. It is possible to have the same appearance again with renewed fillers. Renewal of fillers does not cause the person to encounter any problem. The person can renew this lip filler as much as he/she desires and get the efficiency he/she wants. People have extreme trust in the operation and recommend the operation, as the desired efficiency is achieved in each operation.


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