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Droopy Eyelid (Ptosis)

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Droopy eyelid (ptosis) occurs as a result of excessive rubbing of the eyes, aging, after accidents and traumas, due to the use of some medications. Eye contour is one of the most sensitive areas in the face. Observation of this kind of problems disrupts the aesthetic appearance of the person’s face and even causes the person to experience pain. All these have a negative impact on a person’s social life and health status. The droopy eyelid of the person also causes visual problems and various pains in the eye.


This condition is also defined as ptosis. Obtaining an aesthetic appearance of the eye area of the person, treating a painful situation becomes possible with surgery and treatment.

People, who have problems such as droopy eyelids, are definitely required to be treated and operated. Without surgery, various problems will be likely to occur. Since such problems will negatively affect the health status of the person, undergoing eyelid low surgery is definitely required.
If surgery is not performed, ptosis will cause more discomfort and the health status of the person will continue to be adversely affected. Problems such as the lack of an aesthetic appearance of the eye area, negative effects on visual health, difficulty in opening and closing eyes, also affect the social lives of people negatively. The negative impact on social life will also lead to a lack of self-confidence. Therefore, it is a must for the person to be treated and operated.

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What Are The Reasons
Behind Droopy Eyelid (Ptosis)?

  • The congenital droopy eyelid is considered to be one of the riskiest causes.
  • Lid trauma as a result of accidents,
  • Excessive eyelid rubbing occurring as a result of trauma,
  • The use of medication causing the ptosis problem,
  • The weakening and loosening of the eyelid due to aging,
  • Nerve disorder of the eyelid muscle are among the reasons behind the droopy eyelid.
  • Congenitally small eyes and droopy eyelids of the person are defined as pseudo ptosis.
  • Congenital eyelid loosening is one of the factors, that cause people to experience this discomfort more in the future.

If a person experiences an eyelid trauma as a result of an accident, the droopy eyelid condition may occur again. In order to prevent this, surgery is required to be performed. In case of surgery, it will be possible to get rid of such problems. The new aesthetic appearance of those, who got rid of such problems, will experience a positive impact on their social lives as well. Ptosis is a problem, that affects the health status of people and causes the disruption of the aesthetic appearance in the face. In order to prevent this problem, a person should definitely get rid of this situation with surgery and treatment.

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Excessive loosening of the eyelid can be seen at later ages extensively. Additionally, for a person with the congenitally droopy eyelid, it should be considered normal that the person is likely to have problems such as further loosening in the future.

Types Of Droopy Eyelid

  • If there is no movement in the eyelid, this condition is considered to be neurological, regardless of whether it is congenital or it has occurred later.
  • A portion of the eyelid may be moveable and the other parts of the eyelid may be observed to be immovable.
  • The condition, in which the eyelid can perform its full movement, but this is experienced as uncomfortable, and the eyelid still appears to be low, is among the types of the droopy eyelid.
  • The droopy eyelid may occur congenitally, due to old age or trauma. Each lowness may be due to different reasons. Traumas are also examined in the same category with excessive rubbing and the movements, that will cause loosening, and their treatments are performed under the same category.

In order to put an end to the problems experienced by the person, doctors first perform an analysis. As a result of the analysis, it is decided which treatment method to apply. If the person is in a condition to be able to be operated, the most appropriate surgery method will be preferred, depending on the problem experienced by the person. Thus, it will be possible for the person to get rid of the ptosis problem.

The droopy eyelid is examined under three different headings. There are three different types: an immoveable eyelid, a moveable but still droopy eyelid, a partially moveable eyelid. These types have different treatments and surgeries. After performing the necessary analysis and examination, the doctor selects the most appropriate treatment and surgery method to enable the person to get rid of this problem.

Droopy Eyelid Surgery Alternatives

  • If the person is unable to move the eyelid at all, it is considered to be neurological, and a surgery is performed accordingly, regardless of whether this condition is congenital or not. Droopy eyelid due to a neurological cause occurs due to the inactivity of the muscle that opens the eyelid. With the help of fibres taken from the patient’s body and silicone threads, the muscle is allowed to move and the patient gets rid of the problem.
  • If a part of the eyelid is moving and the other part is not, the length of the muscle is shortened. Shortening the length of the muscle will be sufficient to overcome the movement problem.
  • Anatomical intervention is applied to people, who have a ptosis problem due to trauma, excessive rubbing, and scratching. It will be possible to prevent this by replacing the displaced eyelid.

The presence of a certain surgical alternative for each problem is considered as comforting. Persons consult doctors to overcome such problems. There are surgical alternatives such as shortening the eyelid, correcting the eyelid muscle and replacing the eyelid to its former position, allowing movement of muscles with the help of fibre and silicone threads.
Thanks to these surgery alternatives, people have positive effects on their social lives. Positive effects can only be provided by the surgery. This problem cannot be overcome by non-permanent methods. Unless certain treatments and surgery are applied, it is difficult for the patient to get rid of this problem.

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What Should Be Taken Into Consideration After The Droopy Eyelid Surgery?

  • The eyelid will remain slightly open, due to an extreme intervention on the muscle. In this case, the person has to be away from areas posing an infection risk and need to maintain his/her social life by paying attention to that area.
  • Since the eye is left open for a very short time after the surgery, it is necessary to use eye drops to prevent dryness of the eye. Otherwise, the eye will remain dry and the person will experience various problems. Eye drops to prevent dryness of the eye should be used regularly.
  • The person should avoid manual intervention on the operated area after the surgery and if the area is covered with a cloth, it should be removed after a certain time.
  • Even if the person is discharged on the same day, he/she should avoid the problems that pose the risk of infection and prefer hygienic environments for his/her eye health.
  • It is necessary to avoid movements and medications, that will cause recurrence of the droopy eyelid.

In addition to all these, if the recommendations given by the doctor are also followed, the person will be able to get over this surgery without any problems and the healing process will also be affected positively. After the ptosis surgery, the person should definitely be careful of the situations mentioned by the doctor in order to avoid various problems. Otherwise, various problems will occur, and the healing process will be adversely affected. The recovery process of the droopy eyelid surgery is not very long. This way, the person will have an aesthetic appearance in a short time.

Problems Likely To Occur In Case The Droopy Eyelid Surgery Is Not Performed

  • Prevention of vision,
  • Negatively affected facial aesthetics,
  • More sagging over time,
  • Failure to move the eyelid, when it becomes too serious,
  • Restriction of unilateral or bilateral muscular movements,
  • Various problems due to the droopy eyelid over time,
  • Negative effects of the person’s vision,
  • Difficulty while moving the eyelid,
  • Closure of the upper part of the pupil due to excessive sagging of the lid,
  • Problems such as the eye becoming extremely sensitive against risks such as an infection are among the situations that people, who do not undergo a surgery, may encounter.

If the person does not have a surgery or treatment following the droopy eyelid, it is possible that he/she will encounter various problems. A droopy eyelid is not a problem to be underestimated.

The underestimation of this situation will cause the person to face various problems later. In order to avoid such problems, ptosis surgery should be performed.

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If the person does not have a surgery, he/she will face various problems. On the other hand, people, who have a surgery, will have an aesthetic facial appearance. Having an aesthetic facial appearance will also affect the social life positively, so the person will become self-confident and will be satisfied by the surgery. As the person can be discharged on the same day, there are no problems like estrange himself/herself from social life.

What Are The Advantages Of Ptosis Surgery?

  • Prevention of the vision problem,
  • Having an aesthetic appearance,
  • Prevention of situations such as eyelid closing the pupil,
  • Better functioning of eye muscles,
  • Not having a difficulty in moving eye muscles,
  • Getting rid of infection risks,
  • Having a proportional and aesthetic face,
  • Unilateral or bilateral, partial prevention of muscular immobility,
  • Providing positive effects on social life,
  • To be able to move more freely thanks to self-confidence and an aesthetic appearance,
  • Enabling a better vision of the eye,
  • Getting rid of eye pain,
  • Prevention of further sagging are among the advantages of ptosis surgery.

It is possible that the person has such advantages after the surgery. As droopy eyelid surgery provides 100% positive results, people, who experience the problem, get rid of the problem and have positive effects on their social lives. The person is completely prevented from experiencing muscular immobility and he/she has a brand new eye contour.

It may become annoying for people with ptosis having difficulty in their daily lives and facing various problems while sleeping at night. In order to overcome this situation, many people undergo this surgery and have an aesthetic appearance, while also getting rid of health problems. Since it is possible to get rid of health problems with the surgery, people have confidence in the surgery, and everyone can benefit from this surgery.

Does The Droopy
Eyelid Prevent Vision?

If the eyelid is too low, it causes the pupil to be closed. There is a risk of visual loss at a rate of 50% or higher because of this situation. When the pupil is closed, the patient must have ptosis surgery. Thanks to ptosis surgery, people get an aesthetic appearance and also get rid of vision problems. Further progress of this disease would lead to a higher rate of loss of vision.

Blefaroplasti göz kapağı estetiği

It is absolutely necessary to perform surgery which will shorten the eyelid or enable muscle movements. Otherwise, the person’s life will be adversely affected, and the person will encounter various problems.


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