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Cheek Aesthetics

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Bichectomy operations many people make efforts to make their cheek look thinner and achieve the triangular facial shape.

Thanks to bichectomy operations, a large number of people have been able to achieve desired facial appearance and even Hollywood celebrities can get benefit from this operation.


The fact the operation creates an inverted triangular face shape is among the elements that provide the aesthetic appearance.

In this way, people can get efficient results and increase their self-confidence by having an inverted triangular facial shape. Disproportion on the face is an uncomfortable situation for many people. Since it is a disturbing issue, people apply for this aesthetic operation.

The benefits resulting from aesthetic operation provide an aesthetic face appearance and help them to get maximum efficiency.It is possible to create an inverted triangular image by removing fats from cheeks. Fats are removed from certain parts of the cheek to create an inverted triangle image.

This fat removal does not cause any risk or problem. The operation is also known as bichectomy operations. Thanks to the advantages of this operation, many people can achieve the most aesthetic appearance of their faces.

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It should also be mentioned that this is an excellent operation for people who complain about disturbing appearance on their cheeks.

Hollywood celebrities could only have inverted triangular face shape with this operation. Providing a proportional shape to the face is enabled by removing fats from cheeks. In this way, it is possible to have a proportional and aesthetic appearance.

Why Should The
Cheek Thinning Be Done?

Fat accumulation can occur after excessive weight loss or even in very weak individuals.

Fats in cheeks cause facial disproportion and contribute negative effects on aesthetic appearance.

People, who want to get rid of this undesired appearance, apply for bichectomy operation. Providing effective results in a short time with this bichectomy operations is among its advantages.

Fats which do not dissolve even by weight loss are removed with the aesthetic operation and it makes an excellent facial appearance possible.

Undesired disproportions on the face cause a disturbing appearance. This unfavorable appearance can be corrected with cheek operations.

Some people may have an excessive amount of fats in their cheeks. In order to correct this situation, people apply for Hollywood cheek operation.

Excess fats are removed by the bichectomy operations to achieve such a pleasant cheek.

It is possible to have a more aesthetic face as a result of fat removal by the aesthetic operation.

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Thanks to the advantages offered, people have self-confidence and make their own facial appearance more aesthetic. Fat removal from cheeks and creating an aesthetic appearance are among the factors to prefer this aesthetic operation.

By benefiting from these factors, people enjoy achieving the desired facial appearance. Besides all these factors, the only solution to this problem which is frequently seen at the ages of 20-25 is the bichectomy operations.

How İs A Bichectomy
Operation Performed?

People who are going to be operated should stay away from blood-thinning foods and medicines. Aspirin is the most preliminary medicine among these medicines.

People using aspiring should not take this medicine for 7-10 days before the operation. Otherwise, the operation cannot be performed. Blood tests are performed in the first stage to perform the bichectomy operations.

If positive results are obtained, the person is considered to be eligible for operation and the operation is started. An incision of 1 cm width is made in the mouth by local anesthesia.

After the incision, cheeks are reached thorough the mouth and fats are removed. The incision in the mouth is then closed and sutures are done. After suturing, people will be able to get rid of this incision within a week.

All the procedures performed during the operation are completed painlessly. It can be performed under local anesthesia, sedation, and general anesthesia.

In order to choose the correct method, the patient’s cheek form and fat tissue are analyzed. It provides the person to get maximum effect from the bichectomy operations if it is performed in this way. Thus, it will be possible for the person to achieve the desired appearance in a short time.

Besides all these factors, patients must be careful about some issues after the surgery. These issues will minimize the healing process, patients will obtain the desired appearance in a short time and enjoy expressing their satisfaction.

All procedures to be performed during operation are performed in order to achieve aesthetic appearance.

Things To Be Considered After Cheek Thinning Surgery

Even if the person is able to return to daily life on the same day, they should pay attention to doctor recommendations.

Oral care with antibiotic treatment and gargle continues after the operation.

Oral care is very important because the person should not be infected in any way. Precautions should be taken against infection.

Since it is possible for the fats taken from mouth become prominent in a short time, the person still needs to take precautions against infection.

Recommendations given by the physician should be put into practice in daily life. Otherwise, a large number of problems might come up.

After the operation, people can return to their daily lives on the same day. The most important thing to be noted is that incision in the mouth is still sutured.

After Hollywood cheek operation, the person should take precautions against infection and stay away from some food. Recommendations to be provided by the doctor should certainly be implemented in daily life.

Sutures will spontaneously be dissolved, and the healing process is completed within 1 week. Sometimes, this period can last up to 10 days.

Therefore, the person should decide by himself/herself and not interfere with the sutures in his/her mouth and should not take any action which may harm this suture.

Otherwise, different problems may come to the stage, which will affect the patient’s life negatively.

How İs Non-Surgical Cheek Aesthetics Performed?

Thanks to the cheek filling, it is possible to perform non-surgical aesthetics. Some facial contours are made more prominent by filling materials. If a non-surgical choice is required for cheek thinning or filling procedures, it is among the most reasonable alternatives to choose the filling method.

It is possible to make one’s facial structure more prominent, to create a triangle shape and ensure proportional facial image.

If thinning is seen on the cheeks more than fats, one should benefit from filling operation. Therefore, the person can make his /her own face more aesthetic by benefiting from filling operation. This allows the person to have a proportional face appearance.

Filling materials which are injected to the cheek provide efficient results in a short time. Where necessary, filling materials are injected in the necessary amount. It is because of the strong structure of filling materials that they show their effects in a very short time.

Instant effect of filling material thanks to hyaluronic acid is quite visible. If the one wants to have thinner cheeks, s/he should apply for bichectomy operations.

Thinning and filling procedures allows the person to be discharged on the same day. In this way, the person does not lose any time while taking advantage of the aesthetic operation.

bişektomi doktoru

It is among the advantages of this operation that patients do not lose extra time. The person should only wait patiently and monitor his/her cheek structure having better form in a short time.

One should certainly follow the recommendations given by the doctor.

What Are The Advantages
Of Bichectomy Operation?

  • One can return to his/her daily life on the same day.
  • Incision caused by bichectomy operations disappears in a short time and patient does not feel uncomfortable.
  • One can achieve a proportional face appearance.
  • Having an aesthetic and prominent face image ensures self-confidence and facial lines become more prominent.
  • The person gets an inverted triangular facial image, which is called as Hollywood cheek.
  • The person becomes pleased with his/her facial appearance in a short time.
  • Operations are completed without pain and provide positive results in a very short time.

The face is one of the most important parts of human aesthetics. Aesthetic face structure certainly makes a remarkable appearance possible. The bichectomy operations is among the operations providing this aesthetic appearance. By removing excess fats from one’s cheeks, s/he can get an inverted triangular face appearance.

Having an inverted triangular face appearance also provides the person to be considered aesthetically attractive.

Besides all these factors, procedures which are performed provide the person to achieve positive results in a short time. Therefore, it is possible for the person to obtain maximum efficiency from the aesthetic operation. All the studies give 100% positive result and the person is not exposed to any unfavorable situation.

bişektomi - Hollywood Yanağı

Who Can Benefit FromBichectomy Operation?

Although every individual at any age rage can benefit from the operation, blood tests are performed.

People whose blood tests are positive but suffer from diseases which cause an obstacle for operation cannot benefit from bichectomy operations.

Besides all these factors, people who use blood diluent agents at least 7 days before cannot undergo this operation.

The bichectomy operations is an operation that can be performed after blood tests and gives positive results after controls are carried out.

Blood values of a person are very important in many aesthetic operations. Since blood values are extremely important, it is necessary to pay attention to such issues and consider all these factors.

Otherwise, one can face with lots of problems and people whose blood tests are not appropriate cannot undergo this operation.

When Can Patients Eat After Bichectomy Operation?

A few hours should be waited to eat something. It is extremely important that incision in the mouth be recovered significantly.

People who benefit from Hollywood cheek operation can eat something a few hours later by being careful about the intra-mouth incision. Consumed food and beverages should not harm sutures.

If there is a situation that could damage sutures, the person should not consume these foods or beverages.

It is extremely important to pay attention that anything which is consumed should not cause an infection in the mouth for the first week.

In case of infection in the mouth, different problems may come up. Therefore, the person should be quite careful and attentive life standard during the healing process.

It is necessary to wait a few hours to consume any food after the operation. The appetisers should be consumed and the operation area should not be damaged.

Otherwise, infection risk can be seen, and the person can be affected negatively by this situation. Since the efficiency obtained by bichectomy operation will be at maximum level, many issues should be taken into consideration.

In addition to this, infection risk should be taken into consideration when choosing food. It should be considered how damage can be caused by which food and whether it causes any risk on the incision. If it is not considered, the person will become defenseless and it will affect the person in a very negative way.

Diet After
Bichectomy Operation

Individuals should consume milk, fruit juice and similar alternatives for the first two or three days after the operation.

Consuming such food provide blood values to turn normal and accelerate the healing process. Every product to be used after bichectomy operation is checked by the doctor.

Therefore, the person should not use the nutrients that will have a negative effect in any way for a certain period of time. For example, acidic beverages should be avoided.

If acidic beverages are used, the incision at the inner part of the cheeks may be damaged. Consuming liquid food which will minimize the infection risk does not cause any risk or problem, on the contrary, it prevents such problems.

On the post-operative fourth and sixth days, only soft food should be consumed. Soup, overcooked pasta, egg or pudding are among these foods. There is no obstacle to consume such foods. People can consume these foods since there are no obstacles. It is very important for people to pay attention to all these factors after bichectomy operation.

Otherwise, infection risk will increase and the incision in one’s mouth will cause different problems. In order not to adversely affect the healing process, these should be taken into consideration. If not considered, it will be quite visible that people may face with infection risk. Besides all these factors, all the procedures require too much attention.

Effective Results Obtained By Bichectomy Operation

The efficiency of the operation is quite high. The person has an aesthetic and proportional face appearance. Removed fats provide aesthetically positive effects on the facial structure. People with Hollywood cheeks will be more attractive in their daily lives and also be satisfied with their increased self-confidence.

Some things can be noticed on the same day after the operation. The person will reach the desired face on the same day. It is among the advantages of operation that people can return to their business life in the same way. In this way, people get the desired appearance without losing time and immediately enjoy the results of the operation.

The efficiency obtained at maximum level is among the advantages of operation. Reasonable price of the operation enables every person to get benefit from these operations.

One can get a triangular face shape with bichectomy operation and this image will make the person pleased. Hollywood celebrities apply for this operation to have an inverted triangle face shape; in this way, people get impressed with the result and want to reach the same appearance.

By benefiting from this operation, people have positive effects on their aesthetic appearance. Because it will be possible to present positive effects on the aesthetic appearance, it is not possible to encounter any negative aspects.

Since 100% positive results can be obtained from surgery, there is no risk of a problem. On the contrary, people express their satisfaction according to the positive results.


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