Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery

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Eyelid aesthetic surgery (blepharoplasty) is the process of the removal of the excess muscle and skin tissue in the upper and lower eyelids and tightening of the supporting parts around the eye. With this surgery, sagged upper and lower eyelids, bags due to excess fat, wrinkles around the eyes are corrected, and the old, tired appearance of the person is transformed into a younger and more dynamic appearance.


Aesthetic eyelid surgeries are applications which are usually required after the age of 35; these are surgeries which surgical risks are less and results are remarkable. It can also be applied at younger ages in people with irritating bags at eyelids due to hereditary reasons.

The position of the eyelid muscles of people who will undergo eyelid aesthetic surgery should be evaluated well. If there is also a droopy eyebrow in addition to eyelid aging, eyebrow lift surgery should also be considered. After eyelid aesthetics surgeries without eyebrow lift, the eyebrows may fall further and prevent positive aesthetic results. The need for blepharoplasty may be eliminated in some people by lifting eyebrows only because the upper eyelid is stretched.

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Eyelid surgery is performed under sedation and local anaesthesia which anaesthetize the area around the eyes. During the surgery, the patient is awake but does not feel pain. However, you may be uncomfortable and feel restless. General anaesthesia (full sleep during the surgery) may also be preferred.

How Is Eyelid Surgery Performed?

Blepharoplasty lasts 1-2 hours in general. Following anaesthesia, incisions are made along the natural lines on the upper eyelids and just below the eyelashes on the lower eyelids. Through these incisions, the skin is separated from the underlying fat and muscle tissue. The protruding adipose tissue is straightened and excess muscle and skin tissue are removed. Previously, the adipose tissue extraction was performed in almost every surgery. However, as it has been accepted that aging-related contraction of adipose tissue increases the eye hole, giving the person an older appearance, it is aimed to preserve the adipose tissue as much as possible in modern surgery. Then, the incisions are closed with very thin stitches. If there are fat-muscle bags in the lower eyelids without excess skin, an incision is made inside the eyelid without leaving a visible scar. It is usually applied in younger patients with more elastic skin.

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The Recovery Process Of Eyelid Surgery

After aesthetic eyelid surgery, oedema (swelling) and redness may be seen around your eyes. These swellings will be replaced by bruises on the 2nd-3rd days, and during your check after one week, while your stitches and tapes around your eyes are removed, you will have bruises completely recovered and you will have almost a normal appearance.

After the surgery, antibiotics, painkillers, medications like oedema reducers in addition to eye drops will be prescribed by your doctor. In the first week after aesthetic eyelid surgery, you should avoid activities such as reading books, using a computer, watching TV, which may cause eye dryness.

At the end of the first week, you will feel good enough to perform your normal activities, but you should avoid heavy exercises and activities for four weeks.

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After Eyelid Surgery

  • The surgery is completed with dressings applied on the eyelids.
  • In the first two days, both eyelids and the area around them swell. On the first day after the surgery, ice application is performed to eyes to reduce swelling and bruising to be formed.
  • Additionally, antibiotics, swelling reducer, painkillers are given.
  • The patient is also protected against eye dryness with the help of eye drops.
  • Depending on the type of anaesthesia, the patient can go home 1-4 hours later. A 3-5 day of home rest, with the head in the upright position is sufficient. Major pain is not expected.
  • Eye drops and pomades can be used for the first 5 days in order to relieve the sensation of dryness in the eyes.
  • During the next 1 week, the head should be in the upright position while lying down.
  • Stitches are usually removed on the 4th or the 5th day.
  • It is enough to rest for 7-10 days before returning to work.
  • During the next 3 weeks, heavy exercises and excessive fatigue should be avoided.
  • Swelling and bruises in the eyelids vary from person to person. They start to decrease after the 5th day and disappear almost completely in 14-16 days.
  • After the 10th day, makeup can hide the bruises easily.
  • In the first 1-2 weeks, there may be temporary discomfort such as tears, sensitivity to light, blurred vision.
  • The patient is sensitive to sunlight, wind, and other irritants for a few weeks. Therefore, sunglasses should be worn outside.

Risks Of Eyelid Surgery

A certain scar remains after each surgery. The important thing is that this scar is very thin and unapparent. Eyelids are among the body parts, where the scarring is almost the least. The incisions of the intervention are placed in the natural fold lines of the upper and lower eyelids. Incisions may be apparent for a period of few months after the surgery. The red colour decreases and whitens or turns into normal skin colour over time.

Bleeding, infection, wound opening, and excessive scarring, which are the common results of any surgery, are possible but very rare. There may be a temporary problem related to the eyelid closure. Occasionally, the lower eyelid may be excessively pulled downwards. This is usually temporary. However, if it does not recover, a second surgical intervention may be needed. It is usually caused by excessive skin removal.

Beyond the aesthetic contribution to our appearance, our eyelids have the duty to protect our eyes from external factors and support them with their many functions; therefore, any irregularity or abnormality in eyelids structure directly affects our eyes, which are our most important sensory organs. Our eyelids are different than all other organs and structures in our body in many aspects.

Our eyelids are very special structures, as they have a moving ability, contain the muscles that need to function in the opposite direction for opening and closing, have a structure with eyelashes and a system integrity to keep the eyelashes away from the eye, their skin structure is very thin, they have a circular muscle enabling the closure of the lid instead of an adipose tissue just below the skin as in the whole body.

For this reason, it is important that the person, who will perform eyelid surgery, has the full knowledge of the anatomy of this special structure and that he/she has incorporated enough knowledge of the eye anatomy, physiology, and related eye diseases, so as to ensure that his/her intervention will not damage the eye-eyelid integrity.

Who Can Benefit
From Eyelid Surgery?

The excessive skin is removed through aesthetic eyelid surgery and the membrane in front of the herniated adipose tissue is strengthened and /or fat mass, which is evaluated to be excessive, is removed. In this way, a beautiful appearance is obtained while the person is enabled to see comfortably. A scar remains in the upper eyelid along the lid. However, since this scar will be adapted to the lid fold, it is only visible, when viewed very closely. In the lower lid, a scar remains just below eyelashes, and its extension on the side is seen as a normal skin line.0

Eyelids are the least scarred area of ​​the human body. People over 30 years of age, who have begun to have sagging and bags in the upper and lower eyelids may undergo surgery. In our centre, this procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and sedation can also be applied depending on the patient’s preference. Depending on the existing complaints of the patient, only the upper, or lower, or both the lower and upper lids can be operated simultaneously.

The surgery lasts 1-1.5 hours on average. It is possible to go home on the same day. The early period after the surgery is usually experienced comfortably. There may be swelling and bruising around the eye. Dryness in the eyes, burning sensation, blurred vision may occur. Tears may increase, the eyes may have discomfort against light for a while.

These are expected events for the first week and they recover automatically. Stitches are removed 3-5 days later. The surgery provides good results. The person can return to work 3 days later. If any, he/she can start to wear contact lenses 1 week later. Since the new shape of the eyelids will be affected by gravity, it sometimes lasts for several years and sometimes for a lifetime.

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Surgery Procedures

The aim here is not to cause an excessive hollow in the eyelid while removing the excess skin. The old conception was slightly different and a lot of tissues were removed from the eyelids, which caused an excessive hollow in the eyelid. Now, if the upper eyelid becomes hollow, we do the opposite and inject the muscle tissue extracted from another part of the body, so that the area becomes fuller and younger. If you pay attention to small children, you will notice that the eyelids are too full and fleshy; this is actually the young appearance. In brief, we can say that we prefer tissue adding and fullness providing surgeries instead of the tissue removing surgeries like in the old days.

Here, we use the adipose tissue the most; we place the adipose tissue into the necessary areas in the body, after processing it with some procedures. In these surgeries, we correct any lowness or asymmetry of eyelids. If a droopy eyebrow condition exists, we usually enter through the scalp and perform the eyebrow lift procedure. In lower eyelid surgeries, we either enter through the lid or reach the lower lid and cheek through an incision made below the eyelash. Here, we first remove under-eye fat bags, that we call fat herniation. We do not dispose of them, but we use them to fill the hollow under the eye.

After purifying the extracted fat, we fill the fat heart in the midface with this, and then raise the cheek with various techniques. Thus, we do not only replace the soft tissue loss that has emerged over time but also correct the downward sliding occurred due to the effect of gravity. It is important not to overdo it so as to transform the patient into a different individual than he/she is, because complications and unintended consequences may arise in such enforcements.

Therefore, we can say that eyelid aesthetics contains important surgeries, which should be done by extremely qualified doctors and plastic surgeons. There are people from a number of different branches, who try to perform these surgeries. However, the surgery is a very critical one and it is extremely important for eyelid surgery to be definitely performed by qualified doctors with aesthetic consciousness, conception, and concerns. And note that only group of doctors trained in this manner are the plastic surgeons.

Upper Eyelid Aesthetics

The excess skin in the upper eyelid, forming a fold and falling down to touch eyelashes leads to a tired expression in our patients. With eye contour aesthetics by the removal of the skin through sensitive microsurgery techniques, we can ensure that eyes are looking younger and more open.

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Lower Eyelid Aesthetics

Bags in the lower eyelid can also be removed by lower eyelid aesthetics. This is performed by entering through just below the eyelash, spreading the fat in the bags of the lower eye to fill hollows formed below and smoothing the cheek-eyelid transition.

With the removal of the hollow image here, a younger, more active, and vivid image can be produced. Fat extraction from the eye is now an outdated technique.

Because the removal of the intraocular fat, that is called orbit and provides the intraocular pressure, causes the eye to fall inwards, into the hollow.We do not remove the fat, but we relocate them, ensuring that the intraocular pressure does not change. That is how we keep the eye from falling into the hollow. Besides eyelid issues, I would also like to mention some about the nose, facelift, mid-face lift, double-chin aesthetics.

How Long Does
Eyelid Surgery Take?

Eyelid aesthetic surgery under general anaesthesia lasts 1 hour on average. The excess skin sagging from the upper eyelid is removed by laser cutting. In the lower eyelid, by entering through lower lashes, fat pads, which cause bags under the eye, are destroyed by evaporation. Intervention for possible problems in and around the eye should be done in a way that not only for one point, for all wearing and problems. Only in this way, the desired vivid and fresh look can be obtained. The correction of a droopy eyelid causing lazy eye, i.e. ptosis is very important in children.

The treatment of diseases such as inward or outward turning of eyelids, lash disorders, eyelid tumours, which occur congenitally or due to aging, are performed through oculoplastic surgery. Problems such as under eye bags and sagging in the upper eyelid or even eyebrows can be solved easily through eyelid and eyebrow aesthetics. The intervention to be made in the upper eyelid ensures that patients with this type of problem get a better vision. People get rid of the sensation of heaviness on their eyelids. Visual field and vision can be improved. The important point here is being able to ensure that the patient gets both functional benefits and an aesthetic appearance.

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Why Should Eyelid
Surgery Be Performed?

The eyelid is an area that affects people’s visual angles. Eyelid aesthetics should be performed in order to improve the visual angle and correct the aesthetic defect on the eye. The surgery enables the eye contour of the person to become proportionate and the person can get the desired appearance. Based on the analyzes made by doctors, it is decided what portion of the excessiveness in the area will be removed. Thus, the person does not have any problems while getting the look he/she desires. Thanks to having no problem in obtaining the desired appearance, people have extreme trust in the surgery.

The surgery can lead to positive results in a short time and can enable the person to open his/her eyes more comfortably. The sagging of the eyelid and the formation of excessiveness prevent the person from opening and closing his/her eyes comfortably. People benefit from this aesthetic surgery to prevent this completely. With this surgery, it is possible to remove the excessiveness around the eye and create a proportional appearance.

Removal of the excessiveness in the eyelid is a situation that is desired by everyone. In advanced ages, it is possible to see problems such as sagging of the eyelid and the formation of excessiveness and wrinkles. People, who experience this kind of problems, should undergo eyelid surgery. The facts that no problems are experienced during the surgery and that the person can get 100% positive results are among the advantages of the surgery and ensure people to have trust in the surgery.
The wrinkling of the eyelid and increasing excessiveness in the eyelid cause negative effects on the person’s facial aesthetics. People, who experience this kind of problems, should benefit from this aesthetic surgery. As a result of the analyzes and procedures carried out by doctors, it will be possible for the person to have an aesthetic eyelid.

What Are The Advantages
Of Eyelid Surgery?

  • It becomes possible to get rid of excessiveness and wrinkles around eyes.
  • The person gets the appearance he/she desires due to the removal of wrinkles around eyes.
  • Comfortable opening and closing of eyes are enabled by eyelid aesthetics.
  • Formation of a proportional appearance in the face is ensured by the surgery.
  • A younger skin is obtained as a result of the removal of excessiveness and wrinkles in and around the eyelid.
  • Disproportions in the person’s face, wrinkles are completely removed, and the person achieves maximum efficiency from his/her own eye contour.
  • It becomes possible to reduce the pain around eyes.
  • Thanks to the surgery, it becomes possible to get rid of various diseases related to the eye and take precautions against them.

It is possible for people, who want to make the eyelid look more aesthetic, to achieve their targeted appearances with surgery and aesthetic procedure. Since it is possible to achieve the targeted appearance, many people want to do their best in this respect. Eyelid surgery enables the person to achieve the desired appearance in a short time. It is possible for the person to have self-confidence thanks to the appearance he/she will obtain and have a young skin by getting rid of all the problems.

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As obtained results provide a permanent aesthetic appearance, people prefer this surgery. It is not possible for people to have any problems, because it is possible to obtain the desired appearance as a result of procedures and analyzes. The obtained appearance provides a significant level of positive impact on people’s social lives.


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