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Prominent Ear Surgery

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The development of cartilages of ears outwards during growth is called prominent ear surgery and it emerges when the ear takes a protruding condition.

When this happens, there would be a need for prominent ear surgery.


What Is Prominent Ear Surgery?

Although prominent ear surgery can usually be performed in younger children, it can be performed in adult patients who have missed the right time. Prominent ears may become a big social problem, especially for ladies.

The reason is; when they tie back their hair or wear their hair in a bun, ears become seriously apparent and it becomes a social problem after a certain age- for girls this happens after 12 years of age- and they call on their mothers and fathers to have it solved.

Prominent ear surgery is performed because today prominent ears are observed once every 20 children. Although it is not a serious disorder, it causes an aesthetically poor appearance. And this causes people to encounter various social and also psychological problems in their daily lives.

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In fact, the solution for prominent ears is actually extremely simple. If performed in the appropriate periods, it will be effective for elimination of many problems encountered by people, especially children. What is prominent ear surgery and how is it performed then? The name of prominent ear surgery in medical terms is otoplasty. Many techniques are of concern for this surgical procedure. Today, it is possible to observe that these techniques are used by combining them.

Having a physical examination of persons is mandatory prior to the surgery. This step is highly important in order to define the problem completely and to choose the appropriate technique for the present problem. In the second step, an incision is made from behind the ear. With this procedure, the correction will be done according to patients’ needs. This procedure is possible to be performed without stitches.

However, there are 3 steps present in general:

The first step is a correction by the help of stitches, the second step is the removal of the cartilage and third and the last step is to thin down the structure of the cartilage. There is a 100% success rate seen on the obtained results. People have an aesthetic ear structure for a lifetime.

What Is a
Prominent Ear Disorder?

Today, one of the most encountered health problems is the prominent ear disorder. The angle between the head and ear being wider than it should be is known as one of the most apparent characteristics of this disorder.

Actually, it is known as ear largeness colloquially. However, it is not related to ear largeness. It is only possible to say that there is an angular problem. What is the prominent ear disorder then?

Prominent ears usually occur congenitally. Although it is not regarded as a very important matter in the beginning, it may cause children to face various social problems due to their physical appearance in the forthcoming years.

Especially in periods when children begin to discover their own physical characteristics, the occurrence of various psychological problems will be possible. In fact, the process of development is very important for every child. Like everyone else, they want their aesthetic appearance to be very good.

In cases in which the appearance is not good, it will be inevitable to experience social anxiety. Therefore, the problem of the prominent ear should be treated as soon as possible.

The only known treatment of the problem is surgical methods. In order not to have any problems in the following periods, it will be more appropriate for children to have the surgery performed during the pre-school period.

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Can a Solution Be Provided For The
Prominent Ear Problem Without a Surgery?

Regarding an aesthetic appearance, the prominent ear disorder creates big problems for people. In fact, it is observed that some techniques are developed to eliminate this disorder. Can a solution be provided for prominent ear problem without a surgery?

Ear aesthetics with thread is not a surgical method. It is also possible to eliminate the prominent ear problem by means of this method.

In this surgery, a medical thread by the help of a needle is placed in the upper cartilage of the ear. By the help of this thread, the ear is stretched until the wide angle between the head and the earlobe is eliminated.

Not having any problems in daily life is ensured by closing the areas where the needle has entered with the help of little tapes.

What Is Prominent
Ear Surgery With Thread?

In parallel to the rapid development and advancement of technology, performing and developing new applications in the field of medicine is at stake each passing day. In fact, prominent ear surgery with thread is known as an extremely new technique.

From the logical point of view, it is based on thread facelift procedures. Its application is less carried out compared to other surgical methods. It is not a much-preferred method both by patients and doctors.

For the application of prominent ear surgery with the thread method, a relevant patient will need to be selected. As a matter of fact, the procedure is easily implemented than thought.

Usually, the process is carried out under local anaesthesia. It is impossible to feel any pain during the surgery. Prominent ear surgery with thread takes 15 to 20 minutes on average. No risky conditions are in question after the surgery.

What Is The Ideal Season For Prominent Ear Surgery?

There is no requirement for any season to perform prominent ear surgery. It is possible to be performed in any season. However, it is mandatory to pay attention to some concerns if prominent ear surgery is performed in the summer.

In fact, during the summer, using bandages and tapes should be avoided. Because; in hot weather conditions people may feel physically uncomfortable.

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For this reason, for a more comfortable surgery process, generally, it is more beneficial to be performed during spring, fall, and winter. By this way, it is possible to avoid problems caused by heat.

For Whom Is Prominent
Ear Surgery The Right Surgery?

Actually, any person who has a prominent ear disorder is a suitable candidate for prominent ear surgery. In fact, if the angle between the head and the earlobe is much wider than normal, the folds of the earlobe are unapparent, ear pits are much larger and wider than normal and there is no other health problem, it is possible to perform otoplasty.

Is Prominent Ear
Surgery a Painful Surgery?

All surgeries require a painful process. In fact, it is inevitable to feel a certain amount of pain also in prominent ear surgery. When and in which way does this pain show itself?

In prominent ear surgeries, generally, the person stays under the influence of anaesthetized medications for two or three hours. As soon as the influence of the medication starts to go down, it is probable that people feel pain depending on the severity of the mild surgical procedures performed.

However, generally, the pain occurring after prominent ear surgery is not so severe to affect people’s daily lives. In such cases, it is possible to create a solution by painkillers. Additionally, there may be a condition of feeling itchiness.

In such cases, care should be taken not to touch the ear to avoid complications.

What Are The Risks
Of Prominent Ear Surgery?

Certain risks are of concern in prominent ear surgery, as in all surgeries. One of these risks is bleeding during the surgery.

Bleeding formed is not something to be afraid of. It is possible to be stopped by specialists. What is more dangerous than this risk is the formation of a complication after the surgery.

The postoperative follow-up should be performed regularly to avoid complications. Another risk that may occur during or after the surgery is an asymmetric distress. In other words, it is the case that both ears are not proportionate.

In such cases, there may be a need for a repeated surgical procedure. Therefore, it is beneficial to pay attention to the proportion between the two ears.

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What Are The Potential
Side Effects Of Prominent Ear Surgery?

Prominent ear surgeries are performed in two ways; under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia. Generally, the choice of anaesthesia is decided according to the condition of the patient. What are the potential side effects of prominent ear surgeries, then?

The risk factor of prominent ear surgery is actually very low. Complications such as oedema or bruising at the earliest stages of the surgery are possible. If the patient does not take care of himself/herself after the surgery and frequent controls are disregarded, the risk of infection is also very high.

Generally bleeding and the opening of stitches are among these risks. However, it is possible to say that it is a very rare side effect if the person takes care after the surgery.

In the later stages of the surgery, permanent stitches placed to shape the ear can be opened and the prominent ear condition may emerge again. This is very rare, just like the other cases. In such cases, the surgery will have to be performed again.

Is Anaesthesia
Needed In Prominent Ear Surgery?

Anaesthesia is generally applied in prominent ear surgeries. However, the anaesthesia technique is generally applied for very young children. Ear aesthetics performed for older children and adults are generally performed together with tranquilizers or the local anaesthesia method. Additionally, if appropriate, general anaesthesia may be applied.

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Are There Any Scars In The Ears
Left After Prominent Ear Surgery?

Prominent ear surgery is an extremely healthy method to eliminate the problem. Especially the permanence of the obtained results helps patients to have a more aesthetic appearance.

However, today one of the issues patients have been most curious about is the issue of whether scars being left or not after prominent ear surgery.

According to the opinions obtained from surgical specialists, it is not possible for otoplasty incisions to be visible since they are located completely behind the ear. Aesthetic stitches are used in this surgery. Scars on the stitch line disappear over time and the ear returns completely to its normal state.

After Prominent Ear Surgery

Later, we apply a bandage looks like a forehead band or sweatband that athletes use. We make you wear this band day and night for one week and only at nights after one week in order for the ear not to get caught by the pillow. Our patients do not usually feel pain after this procedure.If the surgery is performed on Saturday, you may return to work on Monday. It is just a light surgery. No need to rest much after the surgery.

The only thing we tell our patients is not to pick and pull the ear for a 3-week period. After three weeks, the ear becomes rather firm and returns to its normal state as it should be. In general, the procedure runs the same way for men and women. There is no differentiation between genders.

A more rapid recovery is observed in children. Therefore, it is more beneficial to perform at younger ages. Prominent ear surgery is regarded as one of the shortest (short as one to one and a half hour) and highly satisfying (regarding its result) surgeries, in the field of plastic surgery.

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What Are The Results
Of Prominent Ear Surgery?

Prominent ear surgeries are usually procedures that produce definite results. However, some special conditions or the formation of potential side effects may affect the results negatively. Other than these effects, it is possible to obtain lasting and good results. It is observed that performing this surgery creates very positive effects on human psychology. With a more aesthetic ear, being a more confident person is possible. Therefore, everyone that encounter the prominent ear disorder should have the process of surgery at the earliest stage and as soon as possible.

What Should Be Taken Into
Consideration After Prominent Ear Aesthetics?

When prominent ear surgery is of concern, surgical procedures should be performed at early ages, as much as possible. However, there is no age limit for this aesthetics.

Following the procedure, stitched areas, in other words, open wounds, would require medical dressing approximately for 10 days. Paying attention to keeping the area that the procedure has been performed hygienically is compulsory. Therefore, having a bandage for the first 10 days will be healthier.

At the end of the 10th day, since the gradual recovery will be of concern, it is required to remove the bandage and let the wound get air.

Some risks are of concern also after the surgery, as well as during the surgery. However, these risks that are of concern are not dangerous. In fact, there is the formation of a certain amount of oedema risk after the surgery.

 Oedema, which may occur, will recover at a certain level in the second or third weeks after the surgery and will not cause any problem for the patient. Apart from these, it is obligatory for the patients to come to follow-up regularly after prominent ear surgery.

In this way, potential dangers will be observed in advance and will be eliminated in an easier way.
After the surgery, patients have to avoid any bumps on their ear. Such cases may lead to bleeding and opening of stitches.

The prominent ear is a deformity that we frequently encounter in the society and inheritance plays a part in its aetiology. It is defined as the angle of the ear plaque with the skull being more than 45 degrees. It does not cause any health problems, other than the psychological effect due to negative approach from the social environment in particular.

With the completion of cartilage development, prominent ear surgery can be performed at the age of 5-6 at the earliest whereas there is no upper limit for age. The surgery may be preferred at all periods of life. Since it causes negative psychological effects especially on children, such as being antisocial, having a drop in school success, it is recommended to have prominent ear surgery in the pre-school period.

Prominent ear surgery is performed under local anaesthesia in adults and older children whereas under general anaesthesia on younger children. It is a simple procedure that takes approximately 1 hour. Ear cartilage is reached via entering from behind the ear and the ear is ensured to get closer to the body with special stitches.

The patient may return home and his/her daily life the same day after the procedure. A forehand band is used in order both to ensure the stitches placed on the ear are not opened and the cartilage sets into its place and ensure the protection of the ear from traumas that may happen during dressing and undressing or sleeping.

It is sufficient to use it day and night for 7 days and only daytime for 7 days. In this way, a desired, natural and permanent result will be provided by the procedure.


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