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Jaw Aesthetics

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Today, jaw aesthetics is one of the factors affecting the aesthetic appearance of the face. In some patients, jaw aesthetics is required to be added to evaluate the ratios of the lower face, the middle face, and the upper face, i.e. the golden ratio, to determine the points that we call the pivot points, and to make them perfect. Jaw aesthetics combined with rhinoplasty, that we call profiloplasty, can reveal an incredible change in the patient’s face, particularly in the profile view. We may perform jaw aesthetics for this reason.


Jaw aesthetics combined with rhinoplasty, that we call profiloplasty, can reveal an incredible change in the patient’s face, particularly in the profile view. We may perform jaw aesthetics for this reason. Analysis, examination, and evaluation of the structures of the soft tissues and bones, i.e. the structure of the jaw, and making a plan accordingly are among of the most important aspects of jaw aesthetics. The evaluation of the jaw-nose-lip angle in the profile view, how much improvement can we manage on the way to an ideal-fit, how much backward movement is needed in a protruding jaw, or how much forward movement is needed in a receding jaw can be determined with very precise measurements and drawings.

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Jaw Aesthetics Can Be Performed In 2 Ways In Particular.

Moving the Jaw Backwards in Patients with a Protruding Jaw:

One of them is moving the jaw backward in patients with a protruding jaw. We make additions to patients, who have receding jaws. In the patients with protruding jaws, the first factor we evaluate is the closure of the teeth.

If the teeth are also protruding in a patient with a protruding jaw, i.e. the lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth, then a longer and different treatment is needed in these patients. What are we doing to these patients? We start with an orthodontic treatment. After adjusting the position of the teeth, we cut the jaw into two through the middle while enabling the toggle action on both sides, and carry out the backward movement procedure.

With this procedure, the jaw also moves backwards. We perform this procedure based on the position of the upper teeth and the normal upper-lower teeth closure. This is a more complex procedure. It is carried out following a long orthodontic treatment. However, in our patients with a normal closure of the teeth and a protruding jaw, by entering through the inside of the mouth, we separate the protruding bone segment from the remaining part of the jaw and we can pull it back.

With this simple operation, that we do this way, we fix that bone with screws to keep the jaw in that position. With this procedure to move the jaw backwards, that we call a setback, we attain a serious change in the jaw and a significant improvement in the profile image of the face.

Moving the Jaw Forward in Patients with a Receding Jaw:
This move can be performed in different ways. Carrying out a customized treatment is essential. Especially in jaw aesthetics, we do not prefer bone related procedures in adjusting receding jaws, in other words, we make additions to the required place without touching the bone.
These additional materials can be materials made of silicone, as well as materials that are called medpor and that integrate with the body, gain a bony structure over time when it is placed on the bone. We can place these structures through incisions made below the jaw or inside the mouth.

Additionally, again for our patients, who do not need big improvements, fat injection is the saviour for us. We can achieve enlargement in the jaw by a special preparation of fat extracted from the body and its injection into the jaw.

Of course, it needs to be done within certain limits. In these patients, 40 to 60 percent of the fat we inject proves permanent. This way, we are able to achieve an augmented jaw.

Jaw aesthetics can also be provided with fillers. We can make a protruding jaw look behind with the fillers we apply to the sides. This way, we are able to achieve an optical illusion.

For a receding jaw, we can perform jaw aesthetics by applying longer-lasting fillers, which last 15-18 months, without taking anything from the body. For sure, the jaw is an important part of the face and having this procedure done properly by an experienced doctor is of utmost importance.


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