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What is Botox?

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Botox is the abbreviated form of botulinum toxin. Botox is a type of protein that is produced by bacteria. With its many varieties, Botox is the strongest neurotoxin known. This substance, which was used as a poison in the past, today provides treatment for many diseases and helpful usage in terms of aesthetics.

Its use in the field of aesthetics has gradually increased in recent years. The question of what is Botox in people’s minds is answered accordingly.
Although the uses of such substances, which are poisonous as raw substances, are suspected to be beneficial in medicine, benefits of Botox are great.


Its use in the field of aesthetics has gradually increased in recent years. The question of what is Botox in people’s minds is answered accordingly.
Although the uses of such substances, which are poisonous as raw substances, are suspected to be beneficial in medicine, benefits of Botox are great. The brain stimulates the muscles in the body through nerves and enables them to contract. In the area of ​​contraction of the contracted facial muscles, a lined appearance, colloquially known as wrinkles, may occur after years.

Botox commits that the appearance of wrinkles on the face is eliminated by blocking the function of the substance called acetylcholine, which provides this communication between the brain and the muscle. It eliminates the appearance of wrinkled and aged skin and provides a more aesthetic appearance to the person it is applied in a short time. The muscle structure of the body is renewed and strengthened, and the need for Botox re-emerges. In this way, questions such as what is botox are answered. Botox shows effective results in the treatment of various diseases such as migraine, eye diseases, and promises recovery in a short time for patients, who have been suffering from severe diseases for years. At the same time, Botox enables to make an expression design.

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Thanks to Botox, people, who have aggressive and stressful expressions due to their facial lines, get the chance to easily get rid of this situation.This effect created by Botox is temporary. The muscle structure of the body is renewed and strengthened, and the need for Botox re-emerges.

 In this way, questions such as what is botox are answered. Botox shows effective results in the treatment of various diseases such as migraine, eye diseases, and promises recovery in a short time for patients, who have been suffering from severe diseases for years.

In What Areas
Is Botox Applied?

Botox, which has a wide range of usage, is suitable to be used in many areas for many purposes. Botox is mostly used in the forehead, around the eyes, and in the area, which is between the two eyebrows and covers the upper part of the face. The Botox treatment used in this area provides effective results. Due to the eye muscles, which are the muscles working the most, wrinkle formation around the eyes may start at a young age. For this reason, it is very common to use Botox especially for the fine wrinkles located around the eyes.

For this reason, it is very common to use Botox especially for the fine wrinkles located around the eyes.It is possible to use Botox to remove the aggressive and scowling appearance, caused by the muscles between the two eyebrows, and it provides good results. The removal of wrinkles in the décolleté area by Botox is among the most preferred options by women. Botox is applied for the wrinkles in the neck area and sagging cheeks. The Botox treatment may also be applied for irregularities of the facial appearance.

Apart from these, the Botox treatment is possible for the following;

  • Nasolabial folds: It is possible to get rid of the wrinkles that go down from the nose to the edges of the mouth.
  • It is possible to lift the lip edges.
  • It is possible to get rid of the unaesthetic appearance of the gum, which is very visible while smiling.
  • It provides the most efficacious result for smiling defects.
  • It is applied under the armpits for people with sweating problems.

How Is Botox Applied
And Who Applies It?

The Botox application is an injection procedure. The area, where it will be applied is anesthetized with local anaesthetic creams in any case and a certain period of time is waited. When the area to be applied is sterilized, injection is performed in small doses with fine-tipped needles. A short period of 10-20 minutes is sufficient for the application.

Injected prevents the functioning of the muscles in the area and eliminates the wrinkled appearance. The effect of the application starts to be seen within 2 or 3 days. The rate of action may vary depending on the type of applied, but usually, the effect becomes visible within a maximum of ten days. The application should be performed by people with good muscular system knowledge. It is carried out by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical aesthetic specialists.

Is Botox Fatal?

The Botox substance has been used as a poison in the past and can be regarded as fatal by some people. However, the substance must be taken an overdose in order to be used as a poison. The substance, which is used for medical purposes, is not possible to be poisonous. Many poisons, especially poisons from poisonous animals such as snakes, are used for beneficial purposes in the field of medicine. They can be utilized in the treatment of various diseases. This situation should not scare the patient. The dose in the application is so low that it does not have any permanent effect and the treatment is repeated 2 times in a year, and it should be applied continuously with this frequency for a continuous effect.

What Should Be Taken Into
Consideration After The Botox Application?

It is possible to come across the conditions that are needed to be considered during or after every medical procedure. Although the Botox procedure seems to be a quick and simple procedure, there are some points that the patients should take into consideration for a healthy effect and avoiding unhealthy results. These points are as follows;

Patients, who consume alcohol, should stop consuming alcohol for 3-4 days after the Botox application.
Immediately after the application or within 24 hours, the application area cannot be anesthetized and given a massage, as they may delay the effect to occur or cause different results.
As the droopy eyelid (ptosis) may be observed in the people travelling by air after applications on the forehead and around the eyes, air travel should be avoided after such Botox applications.
People, who use various types of painkillers and vitamins, have bruising in the areas where Botox has been applied. For this reason, after the treatment, medication and vitamin use should be avoided for 5 to 7 days

After the application of , applying makeup or taking a shower does not cause any damages to the area 1 to 2 hours. When attention is paid to the doctor’s recommendations, it is possible for patients to return to their daily routine. There is no requirement for hospitalization. By trying to work the muscles in the application area after the procedure, you can enable the Botox substance to effuse more and in an effective manner.

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Does The Botox Application Cause Any Damages
And How Has Botox Started To Be Used In Treatment?

When the substance is said to be the abbreviated form for the toxic substance called Botulinum Toxin, the injection of this toxin into the body is considered to be unreasonable and its damages are considered. This poison is formed in contaminated products and body muscles in individuals, who use these products, lose their functionality from overdose poison ingestion, and vital results occur.

While this is the case, the use of the poison for health is not considered to be reasonable. However, the body works based on the muscular system. There are 639 muscles in the human body. The operation of these muscles is achieved with the nerves in the brain by a secretion called acetylcholine. When this secretion is secreted in the normal course, the muscles work normally and wrinkles form.

In some cases, however, uncontrolled functional disorders such as blepharospasm occur when this secretion is secreted excessively. 25 years ago, studies were carried out for the use of this poison, which prevents the secretion of acetylcholine, the fluid enabling the operation of the muscles in the treatment of these disorders.

In conclusion, the studies have been successful. This poison, which was used in the studies and contained a germ in its structure, has been formed in the laboratory environment. In the studies performed for the treatment of conditions such as strabismus and blepharospasm, it was observed that the material eliminated wrinkles and accordingly, its use in the aesthetics field was enabled. When this application is utilized correctly and performed by the right people, it provides successful results without bearing any negative situation.

People, who have this substance applied by people not being experts in their field since it is cheaper, and consequently come across disasters, are not victims of the poison, but the victims of the people performing the application. Yet the results that specialists who apply the same substance receive are successful. While this toxin, which is produced in a laboratory environment, is a very expensive substance, being deceived by people, who offer lower prices, means encountering harms caused by this substance.

Market prices of Botox are the same or similar to each other. One should not be deceived by people, who offer cheap applications. As the medication is effective only on the muscles, it is not likely to cause any harm to the brain. There are no muscles in the brain. If the patient pays attention to the warnings of the doctor after the application, he/she is not likely to face any negative result, as it is the case with individuals, who have undergone a typical surgery.

Is Botox Temporary?

Botox is not a permanent treatment method. Since it is a toxic substance and the overdose has adverse effects, the application is performed in a way that may be effective for a certain period of time without any harm. This period usually lasts about 6 months. To attain a permanent outcome, the Botox application is required to be done continuously, as the effect of the dose disappears.

When this treatment is applied continuously, the same effect is achieved in a harmless manner by re-injection, as the effect of the injected disappears. The Botox application can be performed twice a year on average. Considering the price of, it may not be unreasonable for some people to prefer this application that does not have a permanent effect.

However, is a quality treatment that has long-lasting effects though not permanent, without any harm to the muscular system. Botox prices will seem quite reasonable, considering that the continuous repetition is twice a year.

Is The Botox Application Safe?

Since is a toxic substance, the issue, whether it is a safe substance or not, is often discussed. However, it is a safe application, which provides successful results when meticulously applied by the right person with experience and knowledge. When the dose of this application is adjusted according to the muscle structure of the area to be applied and it is applied by an expert, no negative result occurs.

Safe application depends on the qualifications of the person, who performs the application, the type and amount of the substance. As Botox is an expensive substance and the application prices vary around certain limits. Persons, who prefer to be served at places that provide service outside these limits, endanger their health.

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Does Botox Pose Any Risks?

This application definitely poses risk, when it is not performed by experts. Such risks are listed as;

  • Breathing, speech, swallowing, urination problems depending on the area it is applied
  • Double or blurred vision and droopy eyelid
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • The weakness of all body muscles

Serious problems such as facial paralysis can be experienced, due to the misuse of this application or its use by persons, who are not experts. However, when the application is performed by experts in their field, it is not possible to encounter any of these serious risks.

Botox price is the most important reason for those, who prefer persons that are not experts in their field. However, since is a rare and expensive substance, the price of used in the medical sector varies around a certain value. If you prefer being served at a lower price, this means that you accept risks.

Who Should Not Undergo Botox?

In medicine, every application does not provide the right result in every patient and does not have the qualification of the right treatment. One of these applications. This substance is not applied to people, who develop allergic reactions.

Its application is not considered right for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Botox is not applied to people with heart disease. Apart from these, the application is not performed for Application to pregnant or nursing people is not considered correct. No is applied to people with heart disease.

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Botox application;

  • those having coagulopathy,
  • those with a history of axillary treatment in the treatment for sweating, and
  • those with an infection in the area of ​​the application.
  • As an application in any of these cases will have negative results, special attention should be paid in such conditions.

As an application in any of these cases will have negative results, special attention should be paid in such conditions.

BOTOX botoks nereye yapılır?

Is It Right Yo Use Botox-Effect Creams?

When we look at the prices of the creams, that can create this effect, the Botox application is more economical. The use of creams instead of the application, which offers more advantages in many aspects, may not be right.

Although  has a temporary effect, it is a more advantageous substance in a lot of ways related to the speed and strength of the effect when compared to creams. The use of creams with the fear of unhealthy results of  is not right, as it is not a substance giving unhealthy results.

Does Botox Have Any Pig-Related Ingredients?

The use of pork products by Muslim people is not right. The absence of a pig-related additive material in Botox facilitates the use of this product by Muslim people.

Does Everybody Notice The Botox Application?

Since the application of Botox makes the person look more aesthetic and wrinkle-free, it is inevitable to realize the application. However, the application is not directly noticed.

Is Botox Used In The Migraine Treatment?

The beginning of its use in this field is considered to be a new idea. Since patients, who have had a migraine and had this application, have said that the pain was reduced and its severity was lower, Botox has started to be used in this field. A positive result has been achieved in many migraine patients. It has been an effective treatment alternative for a migraine, for which there has been no absolute cure.

Does Botox Cause
A Different Wrinkle Formation?

The Botox application prevents the formation of acetylcholine secretion, which is secreted by nerves to stimulate the muscles in the body and removes the appearance of wrinkles. This is not a substance that increases this secretion or may trigger an extra wrinkle formation.

Why Do Persons,
Who Had The Botox Applications, Resemble Each Other?

Whether or not people having are similar to each other depends on the expertise of the individual performing the procedure. As in all areas, the qualification of the doctor is important in the field of Botox. Depending on the varying impact of the substance, the individual, who applies , needs to properly arrange the intervention according to the face shape. Additionally, he/she has to have enough expertise to form a natural appearance exclusive to the person, to whom Botox is applied. Applications, that are far from being natural and planned, may cause similar and artificial appearances for patients.

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Should One Have a Low-Price Botox Application?

The Botox substance required for the Botox application is a very expensive substance, which can only be found in the market at certain price standards.
Botox price varies depending on the dose applied in small amounts. If the price is quite low compared to other Botox prices, either the dose of is low or the quality is different. When the dose is low, it may have no effect and the money may be wasted. What is worse is that the poor quality and applying to a person lacking the required expertise may lead to various dangerous results. The individual, who will have applied, should do enough research on the Botox prices in the market and consult a centre, where he/she will a receive high-quality service and is successful in applying the required dose for an effective result.

How Can We Choose a Doctor For The Botox Application?

One of the most important in every disease and every treatment is the choice of a doctor. In an application such as , which can be risky when the right doctor is not consulted, this importance is at the highest level. The person who will undergo should discuss with the doctor he/she chose for the application about his/her fears for a few sessions. The patient should make a selection based on whether the doctor is successful in convincing him/her. In other words, the patient should choose a doctor, who is interested in his/her fears and provides effective methods to cope with them, demonstrates his/her success in this field, introduces himself/herself well, and whom he/she knows.


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