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Hand Rejuvenation

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Age spots or coloured spots called sunspots that occur on the hand skin exposed to sunrays and negative effects for many years can be added to the problems such as slimming and loosening in the skin.

In the past, the hands of patients who had facial and body aesthetics reveal their ages. This problem is solved by hand rejuvenation surgery.


These spots and wrinkled and sagging skin are rejuvenated by Laser, and tissue reduction causing to loosening and sagging is re-filled with tissue cells taken from the body and the skin of the hand is tried to achieve a fuller and tight appearance like before.

How İs Hand Rejuvenation Applied
And How Long İs The Recovery Period?

Hand Rejuvenation is applied under local or general anesthesia and does not require hospitalization.

The patient can use his/her hands immediately after the surgery and the full recovery lasts for 7-10 days.

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What Are The
Hand Rejuvenation Methods?

Chemical Peeling

Lotions or creams containing Retin-A or glycolic acid as fruit acids are applied on the hands under control of the doctor in sessions.

In this treatment, acid is applied on the hands and peeling is done. This treatment can be performed both gradually in intermittent sessions as well as in a single session.

Afterwards, the treatment is continued with cream and lotions. However, this acid application provides only a little rejuvenation on the skin; but due to the fact that it does not affect molten tissues, the boned appearance of the hands does not fully recover.
For this, tissue injections can be made to these patients.


The veins, which are prominent on the hands, cause an elderly appearance due to their blue colour.

These veins are made invisible by inserting concealer medicines inside the vein with very fine needles, so the veins and this appearance are corrected.

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Mechanically, current spots and wrinkles are removed by peeling the superficial skin of the hand. It has similar characteristics as laser. It is applied under local anaesthesia.

CO2 or Erbium Laser:

Carbon dioxide or erbium lasers remove the spots on the hand skin. It is applied under local anaesthesia.

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Tissue Supplement

Skin and subcutaneous fat tissue in the hands have been reduced and loosened due to aging and the skin has lost its fullness.

As a result, the veins on the back of the hand became visible and the bones became more prominent. After the old age spots are removed with laser, the fat cells extracted from various parts of the body are injected under the skin of the hands.

60-70% of the fat cells placed here are dissolved with natural elimination. They can be repeated up to 2-4 sessions at intervals of 6-8 months and these are permanently placed in this area.

For a good result, fat cell transfer should be applied to almost all patients.


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