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Body Aesthetics

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Body contouring surgery performed after excessive weight loss is called body aesthetics. Nowadays, we see that body aesthetics is one of the most frequently performed surgeries. When we classify body aesthetics as sub-headings, abdominoplasty surgery can be considered at the forefront. In addition to arm lift for sagging under the arm and leg lift for the sagging in the inner leg, other lift surgeries may include buttocks lift or body lift by 360 degrees called as the 360-degree body lift especially applied after sleeve gastrectomy surgeries that are performed for excessive weight loss.


Also, I will mention liposuction processes under the heading of the shaping of fat, fat sculpture, body contouring and processing of fat in the body, which we can say as combinations of liposuction systems in order to contour the body and achieve a more curved body structure.

By body aesthetic surgery, it is possible to correct the shape of subcutaneous tissues supporting skin and fat. Sagging fat and excess skin are removed. After weight loss surgeries or excessive weight loss, the skin and tissues cannot adapt to the new body aesthetics shape and are loose-fitting to the body. As a result, the loosening skin cannot be supported and results in sagging. The upper arms may sag, the breasts may flatten, the abdomen may expand to the sides and back; as a consequence of these, sagging appear on the whole body. After performing this surgery, the body can gain a more natural and tighter appearance.

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Abdominoplasty Surgery

Abdominoplasty surgeries vary from person to person, performed in women who give birth, those who lose weight, and especially those who lose excessive weight after undergoing bariatric surgery, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgeries which have been preferred most recently.

In my observation, deformations begin to appear in the body aesthetic of people particularly after losing 40 kg. In other words, when a patient loses weight from 130 kg to 90 kg; if she/he has a tendency to deformation in various parts of his/her body, deformations such as loosening, sagging and excess skin will occur in the abdomen and breast of men, and in the abdomen, breast, arms and legs of women. These deformations lead our patients to apply us for body aesthetics.

Abdominoplasty surgery is the procedure removing the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue with an elliptical incision under the belly button in order to remove stretch marks that occur under the belly button especially after caesarean delivery.
Although women hesitate and overestimate this surgery, in fact, it is not like that. In this surgery, we do not make an incision in the abdomen where the intestines are located. In this surgery, we perform the surgery under and on the skin.

We remove a part of the skin in the abdomen area and extract deposits of fat underlying this skin. We protect the abdominal muscles under the skin, abdominal membrane, membranes called as fascia in this area. After the surgeries we have performed in this way, we never make an incision in the area where intestines and stomach are located.

Additionally, the patients say that severe pain occurs after abdominoplasty surgery. However, after performing abdominoplasty surgery with correct techniques, my patients have said: “A tension or stretching occurred and lasted for only 2-3 days. Then it relieved gradually”. I mean no fearful pain is experienced.

In abdominoplasty surgery, after we remove the skin and subcutaneous tissue, we reach two abdominal muscles available under the skin, called as the rectus abdominis. These abdominal muscles begin from the ribcage, extending from the upper area to the bones at the lower area like a column.

During pregnancy, these two muscles are widened and separated in order to create a space where the baby can develop. If the women do not start to do abdominal exercises immediately after pregnancy, these two muscles remain separate and a gap occurs in the middle part.

This gap is called the separation of the rectus muscles (diastasis recti). In cases of diastasis recti, a widened gap between right and left abdominal muscles that some people call the middle abdominal hernia, our patients apply to us with the complaints such as a protruding abdomen posture as a male abdomen. We perform abdominoplasty surgery to these patients. We suture these separated muscles back together, completely eliminating this protruding appearance.

Diastasis recti differ from woman to woman. While some of them experience more widened space, some of them experience less. We suture the separated abdominal muscles after overlapping them in abdominoplasty surgery. What does it provide? Providing a reduction in the middle area of the abdomen and suction of the adipose tissue in this area, a slim waist appearance is achieved.

What Happens To The Belly
Button In Abdominoplasty Surgeries?

The surgical technique to be applied is very important in this issue. If the surgery is performed with a correct and good technique, the position of the belly button is not changed. Your belly button’s position left intact. After the upper skin is pulled down and sutured, a new hole is prepared in the natural position where the belly button is positioned.

In the event that this procedure is performed, if the sutures are embedded inwards, no scars of surgery appear. This exactly depends on the surgical technique and the skill of the doctor. In addition, the atria can be completely corrected by a more rigorous operation during the surgery. With a rigorous abdominoplasty surgery, there is no love handles in the patient.

How Can We
Remove Love Handles?

By liposuction that we apply to this area, we can suction fat deposits under the skin and remove love handles. After a successful abdominal surgery performed together with these procedures, our patients are incredibly happy. Their pain goes away in a short time.

We are so pleased with the compliments of patients. After the surgery, our patients need to rest for 3-4 days. Certainly, we request our patients to walk rather than bed rest, and our patients can start to do exercises very easily after 2-3 weeks following the surgery.

As I said, walking can be performed from the next day after the surgery. In this way, abdominoplasty surgery can be completed. It can also be combined with other processes.

Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift is a procedure that lift arms which are sagging down. If there is no excessive sagging and our patient has good skin elasticity, we will apply vaser liposuction to remove excess fat in this area so that the skin can lift automatically. If the skin quality is good, we can achieve a result without any incision like arm lift.

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Leg Lift Surgery

As I mentioned in arm lift surgery, if the inner sides of the kneecap and the inner leg have a good skin quality, we extract the fat excesses by vaser liposuction and the skin adheres to subcutaneous tissues, in this way our patients are very satisfied. If there is excessive loosening in the skin and it has lost its elasticity, a part of the skin will be removed and the arm will be lifted by applying liposuction.

Leg lift can also be combined with an inguinal lift procedure, leaving the scars in the inguinal area after lifting the leg. In addition, especially in patients with excessive sagging in the body aesthetic due to sleeve gastrectomy surgery, 360 body lift which is for buttocks lift can be applied, in case abdominoplasty surgery is performed from the abdomen to the back.

Body Aesthetics And 360 Body Lift

In this surgery, firstly our patient undergoes abdominoplasty surgery. After turning the patient facedown, a skin part is removed and the area is tightened upwards. It also provides the buttocks to be lifted up. Also, called as vaser liposuction, body contouring is applied especially in the waist and back area of our patients, extracting the excess fat completely under the skin after melting fat with the vaser device.

It is possible to remove the folds formed in our back. In addition, with the operations in the anterior abdominal area, abdominal walls are sculpted and the abdominal cavity is formed, resulting in a fit appearance.

Also, these procedures can be supported by liposuction in the arms and legs. As a combination with liposuction, lipomatic systems can be combined in order to obtain the best results. Besides, we have created new body shapes by injecting the extracted fat into the body aesthetics after filtering and processing.

Nowadays, we can obtain more rounded buttocks by injecting into the body after processing and filtering the fats that we have extracted from the body in order to form Brazilian buttocks or lifted buttocks. With a combination of these surgeries performed for the body aesthetics, we are able to obtain softer and curvier body lines.

Who Is Suitable For
Body Contouring?

Adults of all ages who have stabilized weight can be candidates for this surgery. This surgery is also performed to those who do not have a medical disorder that could impair healing during the postoperative recovery period or that would pose a risk to the surgery. People should have a positive view of body aesthetics before undergoing this surgery. People, who are determined to live a healthy life and have a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and exercises, can have this surgery without hesitation.

Relationship Between
The Patient And The Doctor

The patient should be ready to talk to his/her doctor before having body aesthetic surgery. Firstly, it is important for the patient to specify his/her reason to undergo surgery and his/her expectations from this surgery. It is also necessary to know which alternative treatment is available for body contouring. It is important for the patient to talk to his/her doctor about his/her health condition, allergic medications, and surgery and treatments that have already been performed. Any previously used medication, any other medical and herbal medications, alcohol consumption, and smoking should be specified by the patient to the doctor.

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Patient’s trust in the surgeon is very important in such surgeries. Therefore, the doctor should know every detail about the patient. The patient’s all concerns about the surgery are eliminated by making a specific plan and program together with the doctor, talking about the surgical options in detail and determining how to minimize the risks.

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Stages Of
Body Contouring Surgery

Body contouring surgery is performed depending on the size and number of treatment areas. A complete lower body lift surgery allows the waist, buttocks, and belly to be corrected at the same time. The incision is also made, depending on the patient’s condition. Another area where body contouring surgery is performed is the breast area. Sagging of the body, which is caused by excess weight loss, also affects the breast area significantly. Therefore, an incision is made around the areola to remove excess skin from the breast, if necessary, it is lifted with an implant. Another area of body aesthetics is sagging area of the arm.

Excessive sagging of the upper arm is removed by making an incision extending from the armpit along the inner arm or to the back of the upper arm. The treatment area and the number of incisions vary according to the patient’s condition. One of the body aesthetic contouring areas is the thigh. The reshaping of the thighs is performed with the incisions to be made from the groin area to the knee. In order to reshape the outer thigh, an incision is made from the groin area to the lower back. Postoperatively, the patient can have tighter, well-proportioned and smooth thighs.

General anaesthesia is applied in body contouring surgery. During the surgical intervention, the necessary medications are used for the patient’s comfort such as general anaesthesia applied with an intravenous tranquillizer. The most appropriate medications for the patient are determined and then applied. Another stage of body aesthetic surgery is the process of making an incision in the treatment area. In order to remove the excess skin or fat from the body, it is necessary to make the incisions in certain areas. The number and size of the incisions depend on the patient’s condition.

By making incisions in the strategic areas determined by the doctor and the patient, any problem such as scars is prevented. These problems are minimized by advanced surgical techniques. Body aesthetic contouring surgery is performed in stages. It is not possible to perform a surgery and obtain a result at once. Body contouring surgery is a procedure that the patient and the doctor complete together step by step. Each procedure is performed thoroughly with the decision made by the patient and the doctor.

What Should Be Taken Into
Consideration After The Surgery?

The patient must act by following the doctor’s postoperative instructions for the treatment area. It must be taken into consideration that the surgical incisions are not exposed to excessive strain, abrasion or rubbing until they are fully recovered.

After the surgery, the new shape of the body aesthetic becomes prominent perceptibly. However, maintenance of this new shape is very important. For this, doing the necessary exercises and obtaining healthy nutrition help you to maintain the new shape of the body.


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