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Forehead Lift Surgery

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Forehead lift surgery, at the first glance, the focal point on the face is always eyes and brows. A smooth and stretched provides a beautiful appearance and look. Along with the aging, the lines based on the muscular movements become visible on the forehead as in the other areas of the face. The forehead skin becomes loose and sagging along with the aging and deep lines are seen. Thus, the brows fall down and it causes a sad and tired look. The factors such as malnutrition, irregular lifestyle, stress, smoking, and gestures cause increasing of these lines on the forehead.


How Is Forehead Lift Surgery Performed?

There are a few methods for the forehead lifting. One of them is Botox. There are also laser methods which may be applied. These methods which do not require surgery are extremely comfortable. However, since the aging will continue, these methods are considered as temporary. And these methods should be repeated at certain intervals. These methods may not be sufficient for the advanced level of aging and sagging, so the surgical operations may be necessary. If sagging is seen on the forehead, endoscopic forehead lift techniques are used. A 2-cm incision is made on the scalp from the tail section of the brow for forehead lift surgery. Since the forehead surgery is performed along with the brow-lift, the incision is made on the tail section of the brow. The duration of the surgery is 1,5 hours on average. The incision made during the surgery leaves no mark. Local anaesthesia is applied for forehead lift surgery. A permanent result is obtained after this surgery.

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Before Forehead Lift Surgery

First of all, when forehead lift surgery is decided if you have any problem with vision, you should explain this to your doctor and get it treated. If you smoke before the surgery, you should quit or pause. And blood thinners should also be avoided.

After Forehead Lift Surgery

The postoperative period usually goes on smoothly. The patient may have swelling and bruising around the forehead and eye. In addition, psychological problems such as tension and stress may occur. These problems disappear automatically over a period of 2 weeks on average. Head dressing can also be applied to the forehead. Packing in the forehead area is left open from the 3rd or 4th day and the patient can be allowed to wash his/her hair. It is recommended to avoid overexertion for approximately 3 weeks postoperatively due to the possibility of oedema formation. Stitches can be removed 8-9 days after the surgery. The result of the surgery is permanent since it is a surgical intervention. Rarely, a revision for retouch may be performed after the surgery. It is necessary to protect the forehead area from the sun and external impacts postoperatively. After the surgery, tightness of the forehead area lasts a lifetime or for many years, depending on the structure.

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Give Importance To The Patient-Doctor Relationship.

For forehead lift surgery, it is primarily important, whether the patient has visual health problems. If there is a problem, the patient should inform the doctor and seek treatment methods. When patients decide on forehead lift, they enter into a long-term process with their doctor. In this process, everything is examined, from the psychological state of the patient to his/her decision. In the decision to undergo a forehead lift surgery, the desires of the patient and the opinions of the doctor are formed together. The surgery steps are determined along with a healthy communication of the patient and doctor. A surgery process is carried out in a way that is planned by the patient and the doctor. Forehead lift surgery, which is performed in communication with the patient and in a planned manner, provides very successful results. The doctor’s being in communication with his/her patient builds trust in the patient. Establishment of trust definitely contributes to the success of the surgery. It is important that the patient is in contact with his/her doctor for this surgery.

Who Are Good Candidates For This Surgery?

Forehead lift surgery is usually performed in male and female patients over the age of 40, who have no other health problems. Forehead lift surgery aims at minimizing wrinkles in the forehead.

Forehead lift surgery is a surgery, which is intertwined with eyebrow lift surgery. Generally, these two surgeries are performed together.

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