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Labiaplasty surgery provides to remove sagging of labia minora in the genital area of women. Surgical removal of the sagging part enables the genital area to reach an aesthetic appearance. Sagging of labia minora, which is caused by a congenital factor or weight gain or loss and multiple pregnancies, makes the person feel uncomfortable with her genital area. The excessive sagging part can be removed by labiaplasty. Sagging of labia minora causes the person to have health problems and a lack of self-confidence.


Therefore, thanks to this surgery benefited by many women, the genital area can gain an aesthetic appearance. Since the excessive sagging of labia minora is noticeable over the clothing, it becomes a problem disturbs the person. The person achieves a permanent solution with this surgery and can gain genital aesthetics. Congenital sagging causes the person to feel discomfort every time. This problem in the genital area also causes excessive sweating of the genital area and hygienic problems. The person should benefit from labiaplasty operation in order to reach a healthy structure.

The reduction of the sagging of the labia in the genital area is performed by the operation and the person can get back to her social life in a short time. One of the advantages of the aesthetic operation is that the person can return to social life in a short time. In this way, the person can reconstruct her own genital area with an aesthetic appearance and thus she regains her self-confidence. In addition, labiaplasty surgery does not carry any sexual risk. The fact that the person does not experience any sexual problems is considered to be a risk-free operation.

Harms Of Labia Minora Sagging

  • Hygienic problems
  • Negative effects on sexual life
  • Unable to wear the desired clothes
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Feeling psychological discomfort
  • Facing the health problems of the genital area

Sagging of labia minora causes negative effects on both a person’s sexual life and her social life. In order to eliminate the negative effects, the person must have labiaplasty operation. Problems in the genital area from early an age to an old age bring along many problems. Negative effects on sexual life, excessive sweating of the genital area, occurrence of hygienic problems, being noticeable of sagging on the underwear are among the various problems.

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All these problems can be overcome by labiaplasty surgery. Thanks to the labiaplasty surgery, women get rid of such problems and have positive effects on their sexual life. Sagging of labia minora is one of the problems experienced by every woman and it is a problem that causes a lot of problems.

The asymmetrical or sagging labia minora is considered to be a congenital problem or a postpartum problem. Excessive sagging of labia minora prevents the person from wearing clothes comfortably. In particular, in the places such as the pool, the sea, and similar environments; feeling discomfort comes to the forefront. In order to get rid of all these problems, it is possible for the person to reduce the sagging parts with the labiaplasty surgery.

The hygienic risk of the genital area arises from sagging of labia minora. Also, it can cause irritation and itching. Irritation can lead to hygienic problems and persistent pain. Itching usually occurs due to hygienic problems caused by sagging of labia minora.

Being noticeable of labia minora sagging over the underwear is one of the other conditions that causes discomfort. Since women feel uncomfortable due to this appearance, they may face many psychological problems. Psychological problems of women also adversely affect their sexual lives. In addition, these cause them to have a lack of self-confidence.

All these problems can be overcome by labiaplasty surgery. Through labiaplasty operation, it will be possible to reduce the length of labia minora and get a more aesthetic appearance by the removal of the excess sagging part. In this way, the person will regain self-confidence without experiencing these kinds of problems and will be able to wear comfortably.Sagging of labia minora also causes the sexual life to be adversely affected.

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Preventing the patient from wearing the desired clothing causes a negative impact on social life. Therefore, women want to reconstruct their own genital area with an aesthetic appearance by undergoing labiaplasty surgery. That women with sagging labia minora cannot wear clothes such as tight trousers, skirts, and swimsuits and it causes psychological problems.

Sagging of labia minora, which prevents sexual pleasure, can also cause an orgasm difficulty. The problem causing such a negative effect on sexual life is regarded as a problem that needs to be overcome. It is possible to affect the sexual and social life positively through labiaplasty. Giving an aesthetic appearance to labia minora helps the person to regain her self-confidence.

In Which Cases Can
Labiaplasty Surgery Be Performed?

Hypertrophy of Labia Minora

It is possible to reduce hypertrophy of labia minora and achieve a small appearance with labiaplasty surgery. The ability to fully provide a genital esthetics for labia minora is among the benefits and features of the surgery. Hypertrophy of labia minora and disproportion of labia minora and labia majora require labiaplasty surgery. If the person is not able to wear the desired clothes and experience various problems, she must eliminate this problem with labiaplasty surgery.

Due to the fact that the hypertrophy of labia minora cause various diseases, it is time to undergo surgery for these women. This surgery helps women to have a more aesthetic genital area. Genital aesthetics that a woman gain reflects positively on her sexual and social life.

Reduction of the length of labia minora is achieved by labiaplasty surgery. In this way, the person allows her own genital area to have an aesthetic appearance. The fact that the surgery can give results in a short time allows the woman to get back to her life in a short time. Hypertrophy of labia minora and an uncomfortable appearance can be corrected by surgery.

Sagging of Labia Minora

Excessive sagging of labia minora occurs as a result of congenital problems or problems occurring later. The women who have experienced such problems congenitally are able to get rid of this problem with labiaplasty surgery. Aesthetic problems such as sagging of labia minora faced by the women who have given many births bring along a lot of problems.

For the abovementioned reason, these women should have labiaplasty surgery in order to achieve genital aesthetics. Labiaplasty is a procedure that prevents the labia minora from sagging. Regaining of genital aesthetics has a positive effect on sexual life and prevents a psychology that the woman may feel uncomfortable with her the genital area.

The offering of all these advantages is an indication that the surgery will result in a risk-free and successful outcome.

It is possible for the women who lose or gain excessive weight to have labia minora sagging. Especially, this kind of problems experienced by the women because of giving more than one births also adversely affect their sexual life.

In order to avoid such problems, these women should undergo labiaplasty operation. It is possible to achieve an aesthetic genital appearance through labiaplasty surgery.

In addition to all these, the result of an accidental sagging of the genital area makes the person feel more uncomfortable. These problems of many people bring along other various problems.

Having health problems in the genital area increases the severity of the person’s discomfort. To be able to provide hygiene, to prevent irritation and itching, women must undergo labiaplasty surgery.

Disproportion or Size Difference Between Labia Minora

The disproportion between the labia of the vulva is one of the factors that cause discomfort. Since it prevents the genital area from appearing aesthetically, even if it is not equal; many women opt for undergoing labiaplasty operation in this case. Women prevent the occurrence of hygienic problems thanks to this surgery.

Prevention of hygienic problems avoids irritation and itching in the genital area. In this way, while the person gains genital aesthetics, she also has a healthier body structure by preventing the health problems. The size difference between labia minora causes the women to think that their genital area is not aesthetic. The only thing that is recommended in these cases is to remove this kind of problems through labiaplasty surgery.

It is possible to prevent irritation and itching through labiaplasty surgery. The aesthetic problems experienced by the person are resolved within thirty minutes and the person returns to her social life in a short time. Labiaplasty surgery eliminates the disproportion between labia minora, and thus the person begins to enjoy her new genital appearance.

Thanks to these advantages offered by the surgery, it becomes possible to achieve a more aesthetic appearance and to avoid hygienic problems. If the labia minora is too noticed over the underwear, labiaplasty will prevent the occurrence of this appearance. Labiaplasty is a procedure that can make the size of labia equal. Lasting of the operation only for thirty minutes completely prevents the social life of the person to be adversely affected; increases the focus on social life.

Labioplasti ameliyatı nasıl yapılır

Who Faces Hypertrophy
And Sagging Of Labia Minora?

  • Since it is a congenital condition, some people can have it congenitally. It is not possible for it to recover by itself.
  • People who lose or gain too much weight can experience hypertrophy and sagging of labia minora.
  • It is a common disorder in people who are thin.
  • People who suffer from excessive birth trauma may experience this problem.

It is possible for people who have problems with congenital hypertrophy and sagging of labia minora to remove these problems by undergoing labiaplasty surgery. Labiaplasty is a type of surgery that can prevent the enlarged and saggy appearance. The advantages of the surgery include the completion of the operation within thirty minutes and the successful results. People who lose excess weight may experience sagging problems. Excessive sagging of the labia minora causes hygienic problems such as irritation and itching.

Since the hypertrophy and sagging of the labia minora can be seen over the underwear, swimwear, and tight clothing; it is normal for women to feel uncomfortable. In order to overcome this situation, labiaplasty surgery should be performed. Thanks to labiaplasty, many women have gained an aesthetic genital appearance and health problems in the genital area are prevented. Irritation, itching and various problems are not possible after the surgery. The women who undergo surgery put an end to such problems, so they can have a positive effect on their social life as well as their sexual life. 

Therefore, women can be operated easily. People who experience such problems may face various problems in their sexual life. Problems such as difficulty in orgasm, adversely affecting sexual life, hygienic problems, malodor, sweating, and irritation have a negative effect on the sexual life of women. Those who want to get rid of all these problems apply for labiaplasty surgery.
Thanks to Labiaplasty surgery, people can bring an aesthetic appearance to their genital area and prevent the health problems that may arise. The fact that all these problems can be resolved with surgery is among the factors allowing women to opt for surgery. After the surgery, the person can only continue her life the way she wants but she should only wait for the recovery process to end. During the recovery process, some issues should be taken into consideration and the person should act in consideration of these issues.

People who suffer from problems such as sagging and hypertrophy of labia minora experience also a lack self-confidence. A lack of self-confidence and the inability to wear the desired clothes are among the possible problems. The person can overcome all these problems by labiaplasty and it can also affect positively her sexuality as well as her social life.

People will get an aesthetic genital appearance comfortably and their sexual and social life will be affected positively. Labiaplasty operation is an effective operation that can provide the whole genital aesthetics. Due to the fact that the operation has these positive aspects and offers advantages shows that people trust the surgery and the surgery will provide a risk-free and successful result.

How Is Labiaplasty Surgery Performed?

Under local anaesthesia, it lasts for thirty minutes in total. If the person is too sensitive, general anaesthesia is preferred. The physician makes this decision according to the person’s strength and durability. If the person is operated in the morning, she may recover until the evening and needs to be hospitalized until the evening. This situation leads the recovery process to be more positive.

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In the period when the surgery will be performed, the person must not be in the menstrual period, and if possible, she must be operated after the menstrual period. Otherwise, hygienic problems will occur and the person will experience health problems. Since being operated of the person who is in the menstrual period has a great risk, surgery is performed out of menstrual periods.

Even if local or general anaesthesia is applied, the person does not stay in the hospital overnight. It only needs to be kept under control from the morning to the evening. The person can return and adapt to her social life on the same day.
The stitches put during the operation may fall after ten days. Until the stitches fall and the healing process ends, the person should pay attention to her toilet hygiene. Being extra hygienic will lead to the elimination of risks.
The person should not take a shower for several days. Even if taking a shower after a few days, the person should not stay in the water for a long time. Staying in the bathtub, in the pool or sea for a long time will cause the operated region to swell and cause aesthetic problems. The deterioration of the recovery process becomes possible by staying in the water for a long time.

Excessively moist, infectious environments should be avoided. It is very important to change underwear at certain intervals. If the person does not pay attention to hygienic issues, many problems will come out. Cleaning of the underwear and the genital area is extremely significant. Because of being sensitive of the area, the genital area should be cared carefully. Things that are at risk of infection should be avoided.

Blood can unlikely be seen during labiaplasty surgery. If a person has a special disease, she should speak with the doctor about this issue. In the preoperative controls, persons without normal blood value and body structure cannot undergo surgery. Operations of patients who are at risk are not considered and qualified as correct procedures.

Things To Be Taken Into
Consideration After Labiaplasty Surgery

People who have undergone labiaplasty surgery should pay attention to the cleanliness of the genital area and toilet. Changing the underwear every day prevents the risks of infection. It is not possible for the patients who carry out personal cleaning regularly do not face infection risks. Therefore, it is the utmost importance that people take care of the genital area. Being excessive sensitive of the operated area requires care.

The formation of a structure so sensitive that it can easily be infected is an indication that the person should be careful. In addition to all these, it is forbidden to stay in the pool, water, and sea for a long time. The healing process of those who stay in such environments for a long time will be prolonged and the patient will also face infection problems.

The person should not have sexual intercourse for up to three weeks. Sexual intercourse for up to three weeks is prohibited by the doctor. The person must stay away from sexual intercourse until the stitches fall. Because the genital area is extremely sensitive during this period, it will be more appropriate for the person to act by taking this issue into consideration.

After three weeks and following the fall of the stitches, people may have sexual intercourse. It is better to consult the doctor and communicate with the doctor at all times. The nutrients used should not cause any allergy and vaginal discharge in the genital area. The fact that the genital area causes blood flow and a different discharge creates a hygienic problem.

Does a Loss Of Sensation
Occur After Labiaplasty Surgery?

Labiaplasty surgery does not lead to the prevention of sexual pleasure and does not cause a loss of sensation. Since non-occurrence of a loss of sensation affects the sexual life of the person positively and no problem occurs. Labiaplasty surgery has a positive effect on the genital aesthetics of the individual but also affects the sexual life positively.

It is not possible to damage the sexual pleasure area called clitoris and to damage the labia minora. Doctors are very careful about this issue. Because doctors are trying to complete the operation by avoiding the risky procedures that will prevent sexual pleasure.

No procedure causing a loss of sensation has been experienced in labiaplasty surgery. The reduction of excess tissue in labia minora is only provided. People who have problems such as sagging and hypertrophy of labia minora, do not have their sexual pleasure get damaged. Unlike the loss of sensation, the sense will become stronger.

People who have sexual problems due to the abovementioned problems protect their genital aesthetics through labiaplasty surgery. Also, sexual life is affected positively and women find themselves attractive. Achievement of genital aesthetics of the person as her desired genital appearance is possible thanks to labiaplasty surgery. People who have undergone surgery can recover in a short period of time and return to their sexual life, do not have a problem in social life.

What Are The
Advantages Of Labiaplasty Surgery?

  • Achievement of genital aesthetics,
  • Correction of labia minora hypertrophy,
  • Removal of Hygienic problems,
  • Avoiding problems such as irritation and itching,
  • Positive effects on sexual life,
  • Getting rid of psychological problems,
  • Ability to wear the desired clothes are among the advantages of labiaplasty surgery.

The women who have undergone labiaplasty surgery can achieve genital aesthetics. Due to such problems, negative effects on sexual life are removed by labiaplasty. Since it is possible to get rid of all these problems, it is possible to be satisfied after the surgery. In addition, the person can wear the clothes she wants and she permanently gets rid of problems such as sagging.

The fact that surgery offers a permanent solution helps to get rid of temporary solutions. Congenital or postpartum sagging and hypertrophy of the labia minora are corrected through labiaplasty surgery. In a short period of time, the desired genital aesthetic is formed and the patient has a positive effect on her social life. People with problems such as sagging and hypertrophy of the labia minora also have hygienic problems.

Irritation, itching and various hygienic problems can lead to many diseases. People who want to get rid of such situations undergo labiaplasty surgery. In addition to reducing the excess tissue and achieving aesthetic appearance, the person contributes a positive effect on her sexual life. The more the labia structure is symmetrical, the more the sexual sense organ is affected positively.


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