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What Is Liposuction?

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Vaser liposuction is the process of suctioning of fats. An increase is observed in the number of fat cells throughout the development period of people. When this process is completed, fat cell volumes increase with the weight gain while the number of fat cells remains constant. Thanks to liposuction, it is ensured that the stubborn fat cells remaining in certain parts of our body despite the exercise and diet are reduced and these fat cells are sucked out.


It is never used as a weight loss method in the treatment of obesity. It is a process that helps the body lines to reach the desired beauty with a regional contouring.

Vaser liposuction is a medical term referring to the removal procedure of regional fat depositions with various fine cannulae. It is composed of liposuction words. What called as ‘Lipo’ is the word derived from a lipid meaning a fat tissue, what called suction means aspiration, in other words, suctioning from the body.

Vaser liposuction is generally believed as a weight loss method colloquially. However, it is not a weight loss method but a body contouring method. In liposuction, our patients may have a normal weight or slightly above the normal weight. We observe that the regional fat deposits deform the shape and harmony in the body of our patients in having these weights.

Especially in women, these regions can be the hip, the waist, and the abdomen circumference.

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The localized depositions of fat in the hip region cause very large and wide view of the hips, leading the patients to appear overweight. Therefore, it is aimed to remove the regional fats of our patients and to reshape the body harmony as a sculptor by the liposuction procedure. Methods of  vaser liposuction vary widely. In classic liposuction, it is provided to remove the fat from the body by inserting thin cannulae.

However, these methods have been simplified with the methods we call vaser liposuction by using ultrasonic energy with advanced technologies, different lasers or different running liposuction devices.
As a result of liposuction, our patients can have a more attractive and more beautiful body structure by reshaping the body contours and body harmony.

How Is Liposuction Performed?

Upon the decision given mutually by the doctor and the patient, it is performed under local or general anaesthesia for people who do not have any risk of surgical treatment and anaesthesia in hospital conditions.
The operation time can be changed according to the size and the number of the region to be treated. Small incisions up to 3-5 mm are made. The fat suction procedure is performed with the help of thin cannulae inserted through these incisions.

What is Liposuction?

vaser liposuction operasyonu

How Are The Fat Deposits
Suctioned From The Body With Liposuction?

With vaser liposuction, the excess fat can be suctioned easily by technological methods. Particularly, regional excess fat areas are determined and a little bit serum is infused into these areas. It contains a painkiller, local anaesthetic substance and special medications to reduce bleeding.

Once these medicines are infused into the tissue, an ultrasonic energy device called vaser is applied to this area and the fats inside the tissue are dissolved. After that, we insert the long tubes called thin cannula through the 2mm incision and the fats that have been dissolved in these fat deposits are aspirated out, in other words, suctioned from the body; and like a vacuum cleaner, the fats in these areas are extracted. In this way, after the removal of the excess fat under the skin, we get our patients to wear various corsets.

The loose skin can be tightened over time and some post-operative oedema may occur. In order to disappear these oedemas more quickly, we show our patients the massage techniques and we see that they disappear in 6 to 8 weeks on average. In this way, the process of liposuction can be performed in a very simple and painless manner.

How To Remove Fat With Liposuction?

What Is
Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser liposuction is a different developed method of liposuction. In Vaser lipo, fat tissue is swollen by injecting some liquid inside the fat tissue. Then, via a special cannula that we apply from the outside, some kind of sound energy is given to this region. With the sound energy, there is an explosion in the swollen fats and the fats turn from solid to liquid. In this way, the superiority of this vaser technology compared to the normal standard liposuction provides these fats to dissolve homogeneously as well.

After this ultrasonic liposuction device provides a complete dissolution of the fats locally deposited under the skin, the special cannulae as the suction or the aspiration instrument are inserted and these melted fats are suctioned and taken out of the body. In this way, the fat tissue accumulated under the skin is removed homogeneously from that area. In addition, this ultrasonic energy technology we apply does not damage the vital vessels here.

The postoperative recovery is much faster. In addition, vaser technology applied to the body surface also provides slight tightening in the tissue. After the surgery, this enlarged skin tissue is tightened and it is enabled to fit that area. The loose skin takes the full contours of the body by tightening and in this way we can remove excess fat deposits of our patients and make the body contours notable.

What is Vaser Liposuction?

vaser liposuction uygulaması

Why Is Vaser Liposuction Preferred?

Vaser liposuction, namely, ultrasonic liposuction is one of the many different types of liposuction applied today. Recently approved by the pharmaceutical agency FDA in the United States of America, Vaser liposuction has moved ahead of other liposuction techniques.

Vaser device; by using ultrasonic sound waves with advanced technology, it breaks down the regional fat layers with thin cannulae, and then it suctions this fat layer and removes from the body. It is an advanced liposuction method which mostly affects the fat tissue but does not damage the veins, nerves, muscles and connective tissue. In this way, it also absorbs the fat homogenously. For this reason, postoperative pits are not expected to occur. Since it will not damage the veins, nerves, muscles and connective tissues, both the healing process becomes quick and easy and excellent results can be achieved.

Vaser Liposuction Prices

Vaser Liposuction
Prices 2021

The main factors determining vaser liposuction costs are whether vaser liposuction device is the latest technological device and the hospital conditions in which we have applied this procedure. Vaser liposuction applied with the latest technology in a good hospital has a 50% higher price than normal liposuction.

Therefore, as a matter of the fact, when we consider the profit-loss balance and the post-operative results we expect to get the best, using this technology seems to be more advantageous. Therefore, for people who think vaser liposuction is too expensive, I can say that it is not as expensive as thought.

Is Application Of
Vaser Liposuction Harmful?

Vaser liposuction is a system working with ultrasonic energy. The system called vaser is based on the technology that is used to explode and melt the excess fat tissue in the adipose tissue by developing a method which was used as a stone breaker. Since this is a technology that has been used for many years in stone breaking, we do not have a side effect on the body.
In addition, it gets an edge over the standard liposuction as it provides tightening on the skin. In liposuction, no matter vaser lipo is used, some post-operative complications may occur all the time; but in vaser liposuction, these complications are less than standard liposuction.

Fat Removal Liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure that helps to shape the body by eliminating unwanted excess fats in certain parts of the body such as the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, knees, upper arms, chin, cheeks and neck.Liposuction known as lipoplasty or suction lipectomy over the last decade has benefited from many new recovery techniques. Nowadays, a number of new techniques such as the ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty (VASER), tumescent technique, and super-wet technique help selected patients to achieve more accurate results and faster recovery.Women can undergo liposuction in the regions of under the chin, hips, thighs, abdomen, armpit, and breast.
Common liposuction regions for men are under the chin and waist circumference. The liposuction method is also used to reduce large male breasts known as gynecomastia.

Healthy people having a normal weight, flexible skin and excess fat bags are good candidates for the surgery.Normal weight people with regional fat depositions such as excess fat deposits in the buttocks, hips, and thighs are the best candidates for vaser liposuction. The surgeon inserts a catheter inside the small incisions made on the skin. There is a vacuum pressure at the tip of the tube which suctions fats.

After the surgery, wearing clothes that cover the body helps to reduce swelling.
Although the liposuction method is not a substitute for a diet and exercises, it is possible to remove stubborn fat regions that do not respond to classic weight loss methods.

If you are thinking about liposuction, this article will inform you about a basic understanding of how this procedure is applied and how you will look and feel after the surgery. Since many situations vary according to personal conditions, you may not find answers to all your questions. Please ask your doctor what you want to learn.

vaser liposuction avantajları

What is Liposuction Surgery?

Especially the hospitalization of this procedure increases the patient’s comfort and minimizes the risk of problems to occur after the surgery. Vaser liposuction is the process of removing regional excess fats and contouring the body. It should not be considered as a weight loss method.
In particular, it is aimed to reduce the body weight up to 5% to 10% of the regional accumulated fat of our patients. For example, the removal of average 3.5 to 5-liter fat from a 70-kilogram person is to minimize the patient’s problems after the surgery. Such a body contouring offers more notable body proportions and body harmony.

Vaser Liposuction Damages

Liposuction methods can be considered as very simple surgeries that provide a quick return to daily life without more risks like a normal operation, provided that they are performed correctly with a proper technique and in appropriate hospitals.

vaser liposuction tedavisi

Best Candidates For Liposuction

To be a good candidate, you must have realistic expectations about what this process will bring you. Liposuction can improve your appearance and increase the self-confidence, but it does not change your appearance completely or cause people to behave differently for achieving your ideal appearance. It is important that you review your expectations and discuss them with your surgeon before giving your decision on liposuction.

The best candidates for liposuction are people with normal fat, tight and flexible skin, but having excess fat pockets in certain areas. You must be physically healthy, psychologically sound and realistic in your expectations. Your age is not an important factor; however, older patients have less skin flexibility and the results may not be the same compared to younger patients with tighter skin.
Liposuction carries a greater risk for people who have diabetes, significant heart or lung diseases, poor bloodstream or who have recently had surgery around the area to be shaped.

We pay attention that people who are candidates for liposuction should not be overweight. These people need to have regional fat deposits. Especially in females, fat depositions around the waist, hip, and abdominal regions are our major liposuction regions.

There is a slightly different distribution in males. In some men, the abdominal region and excessive fat in the breast region that causes breast augmentation called gynecomastia are the regions that we aim for in liposuction. People who can undergo liposuction appear as healthy individuals.

Vaser liposuction is more carefully performed especially in people with hypertension, diabetes and a chronic disease associated them. We rarely perform liposuction in individuals with especially chronic rheumatic diseases, heart disease, systemic disease, and brain diseases.

Body mass index of people who will undergo liposuction should be in normal conditions, and their ratio of weight for height as a standard may be above the upper limit of normal conditions. In these people, we observed that the appearance of the person is enhanced by contouring the body, providing a body harmony and removing the regional accumulated fat from the person. In this way, I would like to underline again that vaser liposuction is not a way to lose weight.

Liposuction Procedure

Planning of the Surgery

In your first examination, after checking your health, your surgeon will determine where the fat layers are deposited and assess the condition of your skin. He/she will explain the most suitable body contouring methods for you. For example, if you believe that you need vaser liposuction in the abdomen, you may find out that tummy tuck is more effective in meeting your goals, or the combination of traditional liposuction and ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty (VASER) may be the best option for you.

Please explain your expectations to your surgeon clearly. He/she should be clear to you, explain the process in detail and underline the risks and limitations.

Getting The Answers You Need

Your surgeon will give you some special instructions for eating, drinking, smoking, vitamins, iron tablets and certain medicines that should be taken or avoided. If you have a cold or any infection, especially a skin infection, your surgeon may have to postpone liposuction surgery.

In rare cases, your doctor may recommend that there should be blood on hand in case you need it during the operation.
In addition, while making your preparations, you should find someone to take you home after the surgery and to help you for 1 to 2 days in case of need.

Preparation For Surgery

Your surgeon will give you some special instructions for eating, drinking, smoking, vitamins, iron tablets and certain medicines that should be taken or avoided. If you have a cold or any infection, especially a skin infection, your surgeon may have to postpone liposuction surgery.
In rare cases, your doctor may recommend that there should be blood on hand in case you need it during the operation.
In addition, while making your preparations, you should find someone to take you home after the surgery and to help you for 1 to 2 days in case of need.

Location Where Surgery Is Performed

Vaser liposuction is performed in the hospital. Smaller volume liposuction is usually performed as an outpatient treatment due to cost and convenience. However, if a large amount of fat is removed or liposuction is performed in combination with other procedures, overnight hospitalization may be required.

Anaesthesia in Liposuction

Various anaesthesia can be used for liposuction treatment. You can decide the safest and most effective type of anaesthesia together with your surgery.
If there is a small amount of fat and a limited number of body regions, liposuction can be performed under local anaesthesia which only anaesthetizes the application area. However, local anaesthesia can be used with intravenous sedation to make you feel more comfortable during the surgery.
However, some patients prefer general anaesthesia, especially if a large amount of fat is removed.


The time required to perform liposuction can vary significantly depending on the size of the application area, the amount of fat to be taken, the type of anaesthesia and the technique used.

There are several liposuction techniques that can be used to facilitate the process and to achieve better results.
Vaser liposuction is the process of removing regional excessive fat layers to shape one or more regions. In order to get rid of the deep fats under the skin, a small incision is made and a small tube or cannula is inserted to vacuum the layers.

The cannula is pushed and then pulled along the fat layer, fat cells are separated and sucked out. The suction is provided by a vacuum pump or a large syringe depending on the surgeon’s decision. Whichever area of treatment is applied, your surgeon will treat the next area while trying to make the incisions invisible as much as possible.

The liquid disappears with the fat and it is very important to change this liquid during the process to prevent shock. Therefore, patients should be carefully monitored and should receive liquids from the vein during and immediately after the surgery.

Technical Diversity

As described above, the basic technique of liposuction is used in all patients undergoing this surgery. However, the procedure is being developed and it offers us different varieties.

Liquid injection is a technique that is injected with a medicated solution into fat areas before the removal of fat and is now widely used by plastic surgeons. A liquid mixture of intravenous salt solution, lidocaine (local anaesthetic) and epinephrine (a medication that narrows blood vessels) helps to remove fat more easily, reduces blood loss and provides anaesthesia effect during and after the surgery. Liquid injection helps to reduce the amount of bruising after the surgery. The amount of injected liquid varies depending on the surgeon’s preference.

Sometimes liquid, which has a large volume three times more than the amount of fat to be removed, is injected according to the technique. Often, tumescent liposuction applied to the patients who need local anaesthesia lasts longer than conventional liposuction (sometimes about 4 to 5 hours). However, additional anaesthesia may not be necessary since the amount of injected liquid contains sufficient anaesthesia. This technique takes its name from its tumescent state when its fatty tissues are swollen, hard or filled with a solution.
The super-wet technique is similar to the technique of swelling (tumescent), but a smaller amount of liquid is used. Generally, the amount of liquid injected is equal to the amount of fat to be removed. This technique usually requires IV sedation or general anaesthesia and the surgery usually takes 1 to 2 hours.

Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty (UAL)

This technique requires the use of a special catheter that generates ultrasonic energy. As it passes through the fatty areas, it explodes the walls of the energy fat cells and liquefies the fats. The fat is then removed by the conventional liposuction technique.

UAL technique is used in fibrous regions of the body such as the upper back area or augmented breast.
Vaser liposuction is normally safe if patients are carefully selected, the surgery room is properly equipped and the doctor has adequate training.

Your doctor must have advanced surgical skills to perform procedures involving the removal of large amounts of fat (more than 5 litres or 5,000 ccs); please consult your doctor about patients who have undergone similar procedures and their results. In addition, more extensive liposuction operations require meticulous care. Get information about the plan of your surgeon to closely monitor your situation after the procedure.

However, a well-trained surgeon and a state-of-the-art technology hospital can increase your chances of getting a good result. Rarely, complications may occur. Removing large amounts of fat and liquid may require a longer operation duration than smaller surgeries.
In the Tumescent and Super-wet techniques, the injected anaesthetic liquid may cause lidocaine toxicity (if the solution has a high lidocaine content) or fluid retention in the lung (too much fluid is injected).

vaser lipo nedir

Postoperative Process

After the operation, some fluid can discharge from the incisions. A small drain tube may be inserted under the skin for several days to prevent fluid retention. It may be good to wear comfortable and flexible clothing for a few weeks for the application area to help skin to adapt to the new shape better and control the swelling. Your surgeon can also give antibiotics to prevent infection.

Do not expect to look or feel great after the operation. Although new techniques may reduce some postoperative disorders, you may still experience some pain, burning, swelling, bleeding, and temporary numbness. The pain can be controlled by the medication given by your surgeon, but you may still feel stiff for a few days and you may experience pain.
It is normal to feel a little anxious or depressed in the following days or weeks after vaser liposuction. However, this feeling is reduced when you start to look and feel better.

Recovery Process

Recovery is a gradual process. Your surgeon will tell you to start walking around as soon as possible to reduce swelling and prevent blood clots from occurring on your legs. You will feel better after about a week or two and you will be back at work in the next few days. Stitches are removed within the first week or within 10 days, or they dissolve on their own.

As your body continues to heal, tiresome activities should be avoided for about a month. Bruises and swellings usually disappear within three weeks, but some swelling may remain for six months or more.

Your surgeon will ask you to come to check your condition and to see if additional procedures are required.

Call your doctor if you have any unusual symptoms, such as severe bleeding or sudden pain, or if you have questions about what you can and cannot do.

vaser liposuction kimlere yapılır

Your New Appearance

You will see a noticeable change in your body immediately after the surgery. However, the recovery will become more visible after approximately four to six weeks when the most swelling decreases. Approximately three months later, the stubborn mild swelling usually disappears and the final shape appears.

If your expectations are realistic, you are probably very happy with the results of your surgery. You can feel comfortable with a wide range of clothes and feel better about your body. You can also help to maintain your new shape with a healthy diet and regular exercises.

Liposuction is a procedure that is not very dangerous if it is not performed properly under hospital conditions and to lose weight. However, this liposuction is required to be done under the appropriate conditions as I said.

The patient to undergo liposuction should not be overweight. In patients who receive a large amount of fat, serious problems arise after surgery and they can go to life-threatening risks. It can occur in the liposuction which is not done properly.

By means of proper means, special drugs were introduced into the area where fat would be taken and thinner vessels passing through this area were made thinner. What we call fat enbolis is the fact that small fat tissues enter the vessel and cause obstruction to the brain, brain and heart, and there is a danger to life.

In order to avoid these, especially in the surgery, this specially-treated serum is injected into the tissue, this process can be performed successfully so that there is no more risk than normal surgery.

Liposuction is certainly not a weight-loss process. The reason for this is that the body cannot be shaped with a high amount of weight by liposuction. Because the irregularity of the surface can be seen very often in patients with severe fat, postoperative complications are more frequent and serious weight loss is required in our patients.

Turkey does not have a specific center or hospital for the job. As normal liposuction is done, people are sent to the home just after the surgery and after the surgery, the body is expected to adapt to it. This is certainly not possible.

Therefore, the weight of fat to be taken from our body should only be 5% and maximum 10% of our weight. 70 pounds of a patient in a maximum 7 pounds of liposuction can be made without a risk-free way of making.

In addition, the weight of 100 kg in a patient 15 – 20 pounds of liposuction contains a serious risk. Post-operatively, the patient’s life risks may arise. Therefore, liposuction is not a method of body weight loss.

The liposuction method can often be combined with other operations. Liposuction can also be performed on its own. Women, especially in people who have accumulated regional fat, waist, abdomen; Fat deposits in the abdomen, waist and chest area in men can be taken in a single session with liposuction.

Besides, it is frequently combined with abdomen stretching in women who have given birth in women and who have sagging in the abdomen. In addition to this, breast prosthesis, nasal surgeries that we call aesthetic rhinoplasty, suture ear surgeries, gynecomastia in men, in combination with surgeries, genital area aesthetics and other parts of the body can be combined with aesthetic surgery.

The liposuction method can often be combined with other operations. Liposuction can also be performed on its own. Women, especially in people who have accumulated regional fat, waist, abdomen; Fat deposits in the abdomen, waist and chest area in men can be taken in a single session with liposuction.

Besides, it is frequently combined with abdomen stretching in women who have given birth in women and who have sagging in the abdomen. In addition to this, breast prosthesis, nasal surgeries that we call aesthetic rhinoplasty, suture ear surgeries, gynecomastia in men, in combination with surgeries, genital area aesthetics and other parts of the body can be combined with aesthetic surgery.

Lipsuction in the area of ​​fat, especially in females basin, waist and abdomen. With the removal of the removed fat from that area, we are asking our patients to keep your weight in plus or minus 5% range.

Even if overweight is gained, weight gain is observed in other parts of the body and the body gets weight proportionally. Therefore, if liposuction is performed in patients with localized fat accumulation, it is impossible to have fat accumulation in their former form.

If our patients are overweight, which means that over 20% of the body weight is 70 pounds in the weight of an individual to gain 15 pounds when it comes to 85 pounds of liposuction in the areas of course there is a certain amount of fat accumulation. However, it is not possible to restore these regions before the surgery.

For approximately two weeks there may be significant swelling and bruising. Swelling may continue for several weeks or even months after surgery. We recommend wearing a special outfit that is tight for 2-6 weeks after the operation. This outfit should be removed twice a day for 30 minutes of rest time.

Your first follow-up is usually done within 3 days. Then, we will follow your healing process once a week for a few more weeks.

Birkaç gün içinde işe dönebilirsiniz. Tekrar belirtmek gerekir ki bu liposakşının kapsamına göre değişiklik gösterebilir. Bazı hastalar iyileşmek için işten tüm hafta izin alır.

When you stop using drug painkillers, you can do this when you feel that your mind is clear enough and you will physically drive.

Many patients can go home after surgery. You will need someone to take you home and stay with you at night.

When you feel comfortable enough, you can have an affair.

There will be small incisions about one centimeter long around the areas of liposuction. Your doctor will show you the locations of these incisions by marking them on your body before surgery. In order not to be noticed, the incisions are made in the skin bends and these areas can usually be covered with clothing.

You can take a shower the day after surgery.

The nurse will tell you what kind of clothes you need and where to order. We suggest you buy two clothes. According to the scope of liposuction, we recommend that you wear these clothing for 2 to 6 weeks to reduce swelling and support new lines. Remove the clothing twice a day to rest for 30 minutes.

The bruises disappear within 1 to 2 weeks. Bloating can last as long as 8-10 weeks. You start seeing changes during healing, but it may take three months to see the final result.

Drug painkillers can cause constipation. In this case, we recommend taking Colace. This drug is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. You should start taking the medicine when you return home, and you should continue as long as you use drug pain incisions. In addition, increasing food intake, consuming fruits and vegetables and obtaining a large amount of fluid will help you. If constipation becomes a serious problem, we recommend drinking Dulcolax suppository or magnesium milk.

After anesthesia, some patients suffer from urination. If you cannot urinate within six hours when you go home, you may need to be catheterized. In this case, go to an emergency room near your home. Patients usually urinate the drug after exiting the body.

If you have a problem and the office is closed, you can contact the plastic surgery specialist or the chief assistant doctor. Their call numbers will be given to you.

Your doctor usually uses soluble sutures. They are invisible to the eye and are absorbed by the body.

You can travel within a few days as long as you feel comfortable. We would like to see you in the next few days to see the recovery.


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