Kombine vucüt estetiği operasyonu

Combined Asthetics

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Combined aesthetics is the term given to multiple aesthetic procedures performed on the body. More than one liposuction or fat transfer process can be given as an example.

Thanks to the combined aesthetics, the person can reconstruct the disturbing areas on his/her body in a short time. In this way, people benefit from the advantage of a shorter healing time.


Since it is not possible to suffer from both regions at the same time, as a result of the rapid healing of one region, the other aesthetic region will be recovered in a slightly longer term.

The healing process varies depending on the operation performed.

Therefore, the combined aesthetics enables the healing process to be affected positively.

It is possible to correct the non-proportional parts in the body with aesthetic surgery.

In order to perform this procedure, after the patient should consult the physician, the examination should be performed.

After the examination, it is analyzed whether the patient has enough strength to withstand this operation. After the analyzes, it will be possible to start surgical procedures quickly.

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The fact that procedures can give results in a short time and that more than one aesthetic surgery have similar healing processes enables the person to adapt to his/her social life more quickly.

People who want to adapt to social life quickly should benefit from the combined aesthetic advantages. Performing each surgery at different times which is required a longer healing process has ended by combined aesthetics.

Requirements Of The Combined Aesthetics

  • The patient should be able to devote some time and be strong for the operation period.
  • In blood tests carried out before the surgery, the person should have sufficient blood values.
  • Individuals who are very old and have chronic diseases cannot undergo combined aesthetic surgery.
  • The order of procedures performed during combined aesthetics is decided by the doctor according to the body structure of the patient.
  • The surgery duration of the smoking people should not be longer.

Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction (Fat Removal)

Kombine estetik ameliyatı

The combined aesthetic requires a long surgery duration. Therefore, patients should be able to withstand the operation time. Because of the fluid intake and the transfusion in the body, the blood values of the person should be taken into consideration by the doctor.

Patients who do not have a sufficient value cannot undergo the combined aesthetic surgery. That is why transfusion is done to the body in the combined aesthetic operation. At the same time, the patient’s blood values must be durable to surgery and the patient should have the blood value required for the operation because of the fluid transfusion from the body.

Otherwise, the operation can fail and cause a risk. The order of aesthetic operations to be performed in the body will be determined by the doctor because each patient’s body structure and tissues can differ from each other. This decision is made by the doctor to complete the operation successfully and properly. Operating of people with chronic diseases may cause a risk. For this reason, chronic patients cannot have combined plastic surgery.

The Most Common
Combined Aesthetic Operations

  • Breast aesthetics and tummy tuck
  • Arm lift and breast aesthetics
  • Leg lift and abdominoplasty
  • Full facial aesthetics (eyelid aesthetics, eyebrow lifting, fat injection)
  • Correction of the chin and biting disorders, implant placement, rhinoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty and lip aesthetics
  • Abdominoplasty and genital area aesthetics
  • Abdominoplasty and buttocks lift
  • Plastic surgery alternatives in different parts of the body

The most common aesthetic operations are breast aesthetics and tummy tuck. Because of the closeness of the abdomen to the breast as well as the achievement of regional aesthetics, many patients prefer this type of operation.

The secondary popularity of arm lift and breast aesthetics is due to the fact that the arm and the breast are close to each other. Operation of arm lift and breast aesthetics provides the body to reach a more aesthetic appearance.

This combination makes it possible for people with a large arm and breast aesthetic disorder to have a shorter healing process. The closeness between the leg and the abdomen has led many people to undergo the combined aesthetic surgery.Performing abdominoplasty after leg lift surgery provides regional aesthetics. Depending on the person’s body structure, fat transfer may be required. As the doctor decides according to the body structure of the person, regional aesthetics will be achieved.

Kombine estetik fiyatları

It is possible to gain the aesthetic appearance on the parts disturbing the facial aesthetics by a single aesthetic surgery. In this way, people do not prolong their healing process by undergoing different operations at different times.

Since the combined aesthetics offer positive effects on the healing process, most people prefer this plastic surgery. Performing more than one aesthetic operations in a single surgery also allows the person to return to his/her social life in a shorter time.

It is also possible for people with chin and biting disorders to undergo implant placement at the same time. In addition to the chin surgery, performing rhinoplasty in the same surgery offers positive effects on the healing process.

In this way, the person completes more than one aesthetic procedure with a single operation without prolonging his/her healing process.Performing rhinoplasty and lip aesthetics at the same time provide to correct facial aesthetic defects simultaneously.

Combined aesthetics allows performing more than one aesthetic surgery. Therefore, people can easily reach the aesthetic treatment. Abdominoplasty and buttocks lift operations are also among the most preferred combinations.

The closeness of both regions and the aesthetics of the leg area is made possible by combined aesthetics. In this way, people can reconstruct their body aesthetics in a single operation.

The fact that all these procedures take place in a single operation helps the person to return to his/her social life in a short time.

One of the advantages of surgery is to make a quick return to social life as a healed person.

What Are The Advantages Of
Combined Aesthetic Surgeries?

  • To provide positive effects on the healing process
  • Performing more than one aesthetic procedure with a single surgery
  • To minimize the costs
  • To have a more aesthetic appearance thanks to combined operations
  • To have the healing process of a single surgery and be able to return to social life more easily due to the fact that more than one surgeries are performed at the same time.
  • To reach easily the desired appearance with multiple operations in combination

Performing more than one aesthetic procedure in a single operation makes one feel to have a single healing process. The formation of this feeling causes the person to keep away from the patient syndrome. Therefore, the person does not feel uncomfortable with more than one area at the same time because of having more than one plastic surgery. Thanks to these advantages, the healing process will be positively affected.

The positively affected healing process also offer positively affects the social life of the person. In addition, performing of more than one combination in a single operation will cause the physician to operate more comfortably and to form the aesthetic appearance in a proportional manner.

Combined aesthetic surgery leads the person to reach the aesthetic appearance in a shorter time. In addition, the cost of aesthetic procedures is minimized through combined aesthetics and the individual’s budget is protected.

Kombine estetik ameliyatı nasıl yapılır

Combined aesthetic surgery allows the patient to feel as is he/she has undergone a single operation. The creation of such a feeling positively affects the social life of the person.

In this way, the person without feeling more than one pain and discomfort in his/her body at the same time enables his/her body to remain vigorous. Combined aesthetic surgery makes it possible to pay less. It is an excellent advantage that more than one aesthetic operations can give a quick result.

Thanks to the advantages that the person will have, combined aesthetic surgery will be considered more reasonable. In addition, people who have undergone surgery have positive effects on the healing process.

These positive effects will help to make the person’s life more vigorous. Performing of more than one aesthetic procedures in a single operation prevents the person from wasting time.In this way, the person will undergo more than one aesthetic procedures within a single operation.

Performing different surgeries on different dates causes a loss of time and prolongs the healing process. Therefore, it is recommended that people undergo multiple aesthetic operations under a combined aesthetic surgery. Having a shorter healing process and minimizing of healing process ensure the discomforts to be removed in a short time.

As the healing process of each surgery is different, people should comply with the doctor’s recommendations and not to leave the doctor’s recommendations.

The use of medicines is of utmost importance.

Things To Taken İnto Consideration After Combined Aesthetic Surgery

Patients Should Act According To The Healing Process
Of The Aesthetically Operated Regions

The healing process of each region having an aesthetic operation may be different. It is necessary to act according to the healing process of these regions and the directives given by the doctor must be followed. Otherwise, the person will experience various problems. In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to use the medicines given by the doctor and to meet the requirements in the healing process.

Acting according to the healing process and using the region where the aesthetic operation is performed after a certain period of time will prevent the person from facing other problems. It is necessary to communicate with the doctor throughout the healing process. It is very important to act according to the information received.

Ultimate Attention Should Be Paid İn Which Cases The Regions Need To Be Used Since Each Region Has a Different Healing Process

The fact that more than one region undergoes aesthetic surgery does not mean that they will recover at the same time. Although the processes are close to each other, the person should return to his/her social life by paying attention to these issues. Some regions may heal faster than other regions. Therefore, the person should use the operated regions after a certain time.Since it is a great risk to use the region before the recovery process is completed, the person should return to his/her life by paying attention to these issues. In which cases and how the operated regions should not be used should be learned by the patient and to be acted accordingly.

The Patient Needs To Return To His/Her Social Life Quickly Without Feeling The Patient Psychology

Since sinking into the patient psychology prolongs the healing process, the patient needs to get rid of the patient psychology in a short period of time.

Otherwise, the healing process will be adversely affected and the person will have different problems. It is important to take action by following the directives given by doctors.

Getting back to normal life in a short time will accelerate the healing process and enable the patient to adapt his/her social life more quickly. In this way, it will be possible to return to the social life in less time with the exercises that the person will do daily.

After the healing process, the person will be able to move more comfortably.

Attention Should Be Paid To The Nutrients Used And You Should Avoid Foods Harmful To Aesthetic Operation Regions

Some nutrients may cause adverse effects on the operated regions. Nutrients not recommended by the doctor should not be used in order not to adversely affect. Otherwise, an allergy may occur and the operation area may be affected negatively. Therefore, people need to pay attention to the nutrients they consume, and it is necessary to investigate whether the nutrients they consume have a negative impact on the operated region.

It is very important that a person takes care of these issues and pays attention to many foods before consuming them. In the process of healing, it is extremely important for the person to be in constant communication with the doctor and to get information about what will be harmful.

2021 yılı göğüs estetiği yani meme estetiği fiyatları nelerdir

Is the Combined Aesthetic Surgery
Suitable for Every Age Range?

It is highly risky for people who are very young and very old to have aesthetic surgery. Therefore, individuals at middle age, not older, should have combined aesthetic surgery. Since older people’s blood values and body functions cannot handle the operation, doctors can consider this process as risky for them.

It must be said that it does not suitable for any age range. If the person also has such an aesthetic problem that cannot be removed and if the person is too old, it needs to be underlined that there is nothing to be done about it. For this reason, doctors do not recommend elderly people to have combined aesthetic surgery.

Since the body resistance of the elderly people and the body functions do not withstand the surgery, doctors consider this process as risky. It is not possible for patients who are at risk to have this operation. Otherwise, many problems may come to light.

Since performing aesthetic surgery of elderly patients causes too much risk and they have low body strength, the physicians do not consider the combined aesthetic surgery in advanced patients as healthy.

Because the factors seeming as unhealthy are very important issues, no physician wants to take this risk and it is not correct to perform such procedures to elderly patients. These kinds of situations in the medical world show that doctors should be respected.

Who Can not Undergo
Combined Aesthetic Surgery?

Elderly patients, those with chronic diseases, smokers and too weak people to withstand operation time, patients with a disease preventing the operation cannot have combined aesthetic surgery. Since it is a risk that people with chronic diseases face various problems during the surgery, doctors do not recommend these people to undergo surgery and not consider as the right decision.

Therefore, it is not the right decision for people with chronic diseases to undergo combined aesthetic surgery. Since people who smoke and are too weak for the duration of the operation face a variety of problems during the operation, this operation is a very wrong decision. Since this situation poses a risk, doctors do not operate people who are considered risky.The combined aesthetic surgery lasts longer than the other operations, so the person should be able to withstand the operation time.

Otherwise, the operation is not completed successfully and the person faces many problems. It is a risk to operate the patients who have a disease preventing the operation. In addition, having surgery of people who are not suitable for surgery due to low blood values is not considered right.

Necessary blood tests are performed before the combined aesthetic surgery. Blood tests decide whether the person is going to be operated. If it is found appropriate by doctors, the person will then be able to enter the operation. Otherwise, it is not correct that the person can undergo surgery and the doctor will consider this situation as risky.


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