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Mommy Makeover
Maternity Aesthetic Procedure

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The process we call Mommy Makeover; Although some of our women can return to their old body structures and forms after their pregnancies, deformations are observed in the bodies of most of the women who have undergone pregnancy.

Mommy makeover is the aesthetics performed to eliminate the deformations in the body and to make it look happy again.

A mother is an angel who not only gives birth to a creature that is too small to be seen by the eye and brings it to the world by growing it in her own body for months, but also brings it to life.

Without knowing what kind of person she will be in the future, who she will look like, motherhood is an example of sacrifice that protects, protects and feeds the baby in her belly at the expense of everything, trying to host the temporary guest in her body in the best way.

Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy
What are the Deformations Occurring in the Body?

The Maternity Aesthetics Procedure, also known as mommy makeover, aims to repair these deformations in the body due to pregnancy.

Thus, it becomes possible to eliminate the fears and concerns of expectant mothers.

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In Mommy Makeover Procedure
Which Surgeries Are Performed?

However, for breast aesthetics, the breastfeeding period should be over, and for abdominal aesthetics, the abdominal muscles and uterine tissue should be recovered. Your doctor will decide the most appropriate time for your surgery.

As a result, in this process called maternity make-up surgery, the body deformations that occur in our women after birth can be eliminated with a combined operation and return to the pre-motherhood period.

These articles are written for informative purposes. You should consult your doctor to determine whether the procedure is performed and the appropriate treatment for you.


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