What is Breast Cancer? Is Breast Repair and Breast Augmentation Possible After Cancer?

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Breast cancer is an uncontrolled cell proliferation that can occur in all parts of the breast. The breast is a very important organ for women. In addition to being an indicator of women's visuality, it is an aesthetic structure that strengthens the bond between a mother and the baby she brings into the world and feeds her baby.

Each breast consists of approximately 15-20 lobes and each lobe consists of lobules.

There are also milk-producing vesicles in the lobules. These structures are connected to each other by ducts.

Thus, the milk produced can be delivered to the nipple through the ducts. Uncontrolled cell proliferation in all these parts is called breast cancer.

Women may react differently to masses and changes in breast tissue.

While some consult a doctor quickly, others neglect to knock on the doctor's door because of their fears. However, not every mass or change in the breast is cancer. Only a doctor can give clear information about this.

Today, some of our radiology specialists, pathology specialists, general surgery specialists, plastic and reconstructive surgery specialists have more knowledge and experience due to their interest in the breast.

If breast cancer is diagnosed for a mass or change in the breast, breast cancer treatment is determined according to the stage of the cancer, that is, as a result of classification according to the degree of cancer spread in the body.

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Is Breast Repair and Breast Augmentation Possible After Breast Cancer?

Some breast cancer patients are treated with mastectomy (removal of breast tissue).

What is seen is that while the patient struggles to get rid of breast cancer in the short term, in the long term, she begins to struggle with the negativity that the absence of the removed and irreplaceable breast tissue creates in her own psyche.

Nowadays, breast reconstruction after breast cancer (breast reconstruction) is very important both with the guidance of general surgeons and as a result of our patients' own research.

Depending on the stage of breast cancer and the subsequent treatments, the methods of breast reconstruction may differ.

For example, breast reconstruction can be performed simultaneously with the removal of the breast with breast silicone or breast reconstruction with its own tissues.

Or, in patients who need radiation therapy after surgery, tissue expander silicone balloons (expander) can be placed simultaneously with breast cancer surgery so that the patient can have a temporary breast until the treatments are completed.

This tissue expander is then replaced with a permanent breast implant (breast implant). Thus, breast augmentation (breast enlargement) is achieved by repairing the removed breast.

In conclusion, although breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, it is a disease with the best results with treatment. However, it is not enough to get rid of cancer and breast repair is the most important part of this treatment to ensure body integrity and aesthetics for the rest of life.

These articles are written for informational purposes. You should consult your doctor to determine whether the procedure has been performed and the appropriate treatment for you.


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