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Does the Breast Made with Aesthetic Surgery Look Natural?

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Whether all or part of the breast is removed after breast cancer, our main goal in the repair surgeries to be performed is to create a symmetrical and natural breast appearance one-to-one with the other breast that is not removed.

Within the framework of this purpose, the most appropriate technique and method is selected for the patient. Repair in breast cancer treatment is performed in two basic ways.

One is early repair and one is late repair. Early repair is the procedure performed simultaneously with cancer surgery.

However, if the patient has a more advanced disease, this varies from patient to patient, it is not possible to generalize this.

It is Necessary to Evaluate on a Personal Basis

If repair is not appropriate in the early period, then the patient's breast is removed and the patient completes treatments, which may include radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

After the patient's treatments are finished, a permanent breast repair is performed again.

This is also called late repair. Our aim is to create a natural breast appearance for the patient.

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Whether we do it from the patient's own body or using a silicone from the outside, whether we use the balloon method, inflate the tissues, then replace that balloon with a silicone, as a result of all the repair procedures performed using different techniques, we are already trying to create a breast that can be used with a bikini that can look really natural to the patient, and that the patient can adopt in her daily life as if it were her own breast.

The important thing here is this. I really recommend entrusting ourselves to a doctor who is experienced in this business.

All of our Doctors Train Themselves at a Very Good Level

This work has increased a lot in the world and breast repair surgery can be performed at any age. In other words, it is not right to say that I will not have this work done now that I have reached an advanced age, we can apply this procedure very easily to patients of all ages.

These procedures can now be performed even after the age of 70. Therefore, there should be no doubt about its naturalness. Our patients can easily have this procedure.

These articles are written for informational purposes. You should consult your doctor to determine whether the procedure has been performed and the appropriate treatment for you.

Does the Breast Made with Aesthetic Surgery Look Natural?

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