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Breast Aesthetics After
Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in women today. Breast cancer has caused many women to lose their breasts or breasts.

However, with technological developments, there are many developments in aesthetics. A new one can be easily made instead of the breast removed due to cancer.

The new breast may have approximately the same appearance as the old one.

Is Breast Aesthetics Harmful?

Having breast aesthetics is not harmful. On the contrary, it is beneficial. Patients who have breast aesthetics will be completely renewed after a difficult process such as cancer and will start to get out of that bad psychology.

Since the patient will be satisfied with his/her own body and realize that he/she is healthy, the patient who has a bad disease such as cancer will have left this bad process behind.

Patients with breast aesthetics usually do not need to use prosthesis. Of course, prosthesis can also be used upon request. Thus, the patient will have the chance to have a real breast organ, that is, a breast that is almost indistinguishable from the old one.

Patients who are still undergoing radiotherapy after breast cancer should consult with their physician and set a suitable date. The patient should not be undergoing radiotherapy treatment for breast aesthetics.

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Because radiotherapy will slow down postoperative recovery and it will take too much time for the patient to recover. This is a situation that neither the patient nor the physicians want.

Breast Cancer

In addition to radiotherapy, another condition for breast aesthetics after breast cancer is the condition of the breast after cancer.

After the cancer, it is determined by the doctor how much arrow the breast has lost, whether it has been completely removed or not, and the amount of tissue needed is started to be investigated accordingly.

In addition to the use of prosthesis for breast cancer aesthetics, fat tissues can be obtained from the necessary areas in the body and these fat tissues can be put into the new breast to be created.

Which Methods Are Used in Breast Aesthetics After Breast Cancer?

In order to reconstruct the nipple, the tissues required for the nipple are taken from the patient's own body, just like fat tissue.

Nipple aesthetics will be a more appropriate and correct decision for the patient when it is performed after a certain period of time after the breast aesthetic operation. It is important that the breast heals after breast aesthetic surgery.

After the breast heals, a repeat operation for nipple aesthetics will ensure that the breast is fully formed.

These articles are written for informational purposes. You should consult your doctor to determine whether the procedure is performed and the appropriate treatment for you.


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