Breast Deformity (Asymmetry) Can it be fixed?

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Breast deformity, ie breast (breast) asymmetries, is one of the common problems of women today.

Since it provides repair with a natural structure in the later life of the patient, the patient can continue his/her life in a natural way.

When our patients who have visibly serious differences between the two breasts apply to us, we evaluate their wishes and demands and recommend treatment methods to them.

Especially in these diseases, it is easily possible to treat a permanent and good breast deformity.

The method to be chosen here depends on the patient's own wishes. It Goes in Coordinated

In large and small bilateral asymmetric breasts, we generally prefer methods that you can get better results.

In other words, if the short on the larger side looks good, then we prefer to reduce that side, and if it is too small on the other side, then we prefer to enlarge that side.

As I have said here, when we look at the disease in general, acting according to the needs of the patient is the gold standard and the main one.

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If there is a very small amount of smallness in one breast, if there is no deformation and deformity in the other breast, this breast asymmetry can be easily corrected by taking these fats with syringes that we call different cannulas to create a breast asymmetry in certain parts of the body, such as fat injections.

In addition, if the size difference is very obvious, then it is possible to obtain a beautiful appearance on the other side by placing silicones on the smaller side.

What is Breast Deformity (Tuberous Breast Disorder)? How to Fix?

Although tuberous breast disorders, which we call deformity in the breast, are rarer than other breast disorders, they are more difficult to repair, more difficult to correct and take a longer period of time. Especially the description of tuberous breast can be made as follows.

Like a waterfall flowing, the lower part of the breast does not develop during the breast development process and the breast grows outwards in a rounded manner in the upper part. Here, we observe that the nipple and the brown part of the breast grow very large and there is a swelling and swelling in this area.

memede şekil bozukluğu asimetri nedenleri

Stages of Tuberous Breast Disorders

Of course, there are stages in tuberous breast disorders. Although image differences and deformities are not very varicose in our patients in the early stages, especially in advanced patients, serious breast deformities, developmental disorders, very different changes and bad images may occur in the breast.

These patients can be operated on in a single session or divided into several sessions.

Breast Deformity
How Can the Lower Part Be Improved?

In order to redevelop the underdeveloped lower part, we recommend combined methods to these patients. Especially in these combinations, these changes can be corrected very successfully with different combinations of surgery such as tissue expanding balloons in the breast or breast implants, fat injections to these areas, completion of the tissues in the missing area with tissue transfers from outside, and completion of the deficiencies in the skin with the skin brought from the side areas.

Especially starting from adolescence, if these patients apply, we can surgically intervene in these disorders starting around the age of 17-18 and prevent the patients from being cut off from social life, and of course, this occurs in the form of shame in most of these young girls.

They cannot show their breasts to anyone. In this way, they can request their treatment by applying to specialised competent people and the treatment of these disorders is successfully possible with combined methods.

memede şekil bozukluğu nedir

Whether the Result is Permanent or Not Depends on the Method Preferred

Especially the methods we perform with the fat injections we take from the person's body give completely permanent and very natural results. In this way, long-term permanent and non-deformable results can be obtained in surgeries to be performed by mutual agreement with the patient.

Of course, some changes may occur with factors such as birth events and breastfeeding that our patients will experience. However, when these are considered in the long term, breast asymmetry can be easily corrected with minor interventions.

These articles are written for information purposes. You should consult your doctor to determine whether the procedure has been performed and the appropriate treatment for you.

Can the size difference between the breasts called breast asymmetry be corrected?


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