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New Technology in Sagging Jowl Area J-Plasma

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It is one of the most visible parts of the face, which can be deformed in the early time due to new technology plasma, genetic factors of individuals, deterioration of skin elasticity, weight gain and loss, sun damage and similar reasons, sagging downwards and causing the person to appear at an older age than the person's age.

Loosening in the neck area can be seen as skin wrinkles, folds, lines appearing from top to bottom, fullness in the neck, and downward sagging, especially on the jowl area.

Therefore, jowl aesthetics are performed. In order to eliminate the laxity in the neck area, it is possible to surgically solve the rejuvenation here with a combination of face and neck lift surgery.

However, of course, it is very difficult for the person considering this surgery to decide on surgery. Because permanent scars may appear in front of and behind the ear.

In addition, images that may not be very natural may appear. In individuals who have such reservations and whose skin elasticity is not very impaired, a tightening of the skin that can satisfy people with j-plasma technology to be applied to the jowl area can occur.

The details of this process; In individuals with fat in the jowl area, firstly, an application is made with the Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction device, which reflects sound waves into this fat, with the appropriate duration and energy.

After this application, the area is entered through a two mm gap.

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An application is made with a plasma device to the subcutaneous tissue where the skin abundance that we feel as excess in the jowl area with our hand, shortening the elastic fibres here.

This application is performed as a single session. It is performed under operating theatre conditions. We can see and feel the tightening during the operation. After the plasma tightening in the neck area, you can return to daily life after a 1-week corset wearing period.

The postoperative period is a procedure that is quite easy to overcome and shows a rapid recovery compared to classical face and neck lifting. After the procedure, collagen production under the skin continues for a year and tightening gradually increases. The result is permanent for years. It continues normally with the aging process.

These articles are written for informative purposes. You should consult your doctor to determine whether the procedure is performed and the appropriate treatment for you.


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