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How to Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags?
Causes and Treatment

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Bags under the eyes; It is a cosmetic problem caused by dark circles under the eyes that become more prominent with age. It creates a bad appearance around the eyes.

It occurs mostly with insomnia and aging.

Under Eye Bags Causes

With ageing, the tissues around your eyes weaken, including some of the muscles that support your eyelids. The fat layer that supports the eyes enters the lower eyelid and causes the eyelids to look puffy.

In addition, stress and fatigue in daily life can cause bags under the eyes.
Smoking, drinking alcohol, heart and kidney diseases, irregular sleep and medications can cause bags under the eyes.

As age progresses, human skin becomes loose and wrinkles occur. Therefore, the muscles and tissues around the eyes may also weaken or become damaged. This weakening allows the fat surrounding the eye to come out, creating a bubble-like appearance.

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Bags Under Eyes What are the reasons?

Bags under the eyes are usually a cosmetic problem and rarely a sign of a serious underlying medical condition.

The causes of bags under the eyes are as follows;

  • High salt consumption: Eating too much salty food causes you to retain water.
  • Medical conditions: Some health problems, such as thyroid problems, can cause swelling of the bags under the eyes.
  • Genetics: Having these bags may be a physical feature that runs in your family.
  • Natural aging process: As we age, the skin and muscles lose firmness.
  • Crying: Crying for a long time swells your eyes and damages them in the long run.
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Bags Under EyesTreatment

It is a frequently performed procedure recently. In order to remove it, it is necessary to reduce the fat tissue there. Thus, the fat tissue there is removed and eye problems occur. Therefore, it should be done very important and detailed.

Under-eye bags treatment, fat cells are reduced with micro-needles. The effect becomes apparent 1 - 2 months after the treatment. The effect lasts between 3 and 5 years.

These articles are written for informative purposes. You should consult your doctor to determine whether the procedure is performed and the appropriate treatment for you.


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