Mole Removal Surgery
What is it?

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Some of the moles are congenital and some of them appear over the years. Mole removal operation surgery is painless.

We usually do not care about moles, but when moles are in the face area, they can cause problems in terms of aesthetics or according to the size of the moles.

People are especially disturbed by moles on the face. The number of moles on a person's body determines the genetic structure.

The risk of "skin cancer" is quite high in skin with more than 100 moles. And the development of moles that will form on a skin exposed to the sun is affected.

Because of the Sun
Moles Formed

Moles caused by the sun have a tendency to appear in the future. Therefore, it is important to use sunscreen before sun exposure.

If the moles disturb the person or pose a threat to health, a doctor can be consulted and mole removal can be performed.

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Moles can be removed by surgical incision or laser depending on their structure. More than one session may be required for laser. The mole removal process takes 5-10 minutes and can be removed at once with a surgical incision. Firstly, the character of the mole should be determined in consultation with the doctor.

According to the character of the mole, the operation is decided by determining which method to remove it and what problems it will cause if it is not removed. And it is decided with which technique the mole should be removed.

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Do Moles Carry a Risk of Skin Cancer?

Moles should be removed if they carry a risk of skin cancer.

The fact that the features of the moles on the skin are not symmetrical, their borders are not clear, their colour darkens in a short time, their diameter is larger than 0.5 cm and they are constantly growing and they are swollen and raised are factors for the removal of moles.

When these features are noticed on the moles, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor. Local anaesthesia is applied during mole removal and no pain is felt.

In laser-assisted operations, anaesthetic cream is applied to the area where the mole is located.

After mole removal operations, scarring varies according to the technique used and the depth of the mole.

If the depth of the mole is too deep, a slight scar may remain. When removing moles with more depth, it can be applied in 2-3 sessions instead of one time to avoid scars.

In the operation performed with surgical incision, aesthetic sutures are applied to prevent scarring. Mole removal is painless, fast, safe and easy thanks to new and advanced techniques.

There are no risky complications after and during the operation.

These articles are written for information purposes. You should consult your doctor to determine whether the procedure has been performed and the appropriate treatment for you.


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