Shrinking Vagina

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Shrinking Vagina

Vaginal laxity can cause many problems for people who have given more than one birth. This is also considered as a genetic problem in some people. Considering as a genetic problem does not mean that it cannot be corrected by surgery. In such a case, women should undergo vaginoplasty, or vaginal tightening surgery.

With vaginal tightening surgery, the vagina can be further tightened. This problem, which is the most common one among people who have given birth more than one, should have this surgery because it affects sexual life negatively. Having this surgery is especially important for women who want to have a better sexual life. Although vaginal tightening exercises are performed, it is difficult to achieve a permanent solution.

Tightening surgery is a permanent solution. It is not possible for the woman to feel loosening until giving birth again. Frequent sexual intercourse is one of the factors that cause vagina laxity. Therefore, many women tend to different childbirth alternatives in order to prevent vaginal laxity. Alternative childbirth methods do not cause laxity because they are not vaginal delivery.

Due to vaginal laxity problems, women face many different problems. Urinary incontinence and hygiene problems due to vaginal laxity are among the possible problems. In order to prevent such problems, women should prefer to undergo vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening surgery. Vaginal tightening surgery affects sex life positively and eliminates hygiene problems of the person.

What is vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening) surgery?

Vaginoplasty is a surgery that tightens the vagina surgically. Obtaining a 100% successful result from the surgery has led many women to benefit from this surgery. In order to be affected positively in the hygienic issue and to have a better sexual life, women have undergone this surgery. Vaginal tightening surgery is also described as vaginoplasty.

People who have given more than one birth should undergo this surgery because of suffering from problems such as vaginal laxity. Otherwise, the person’s sexual life will be adversely affected and also many hygienic problems will occur. Loosening of the vagina causes vaginal sounds to be heard during sexual intercourse. These problems that women suffer from will be removed completely after vaginal tightening surgery.

Vaginal laxity is also considered a genetic problem. In order to remove this genetic problem, vaginal tightening surgery should be performed. Vaginoplasty surgery is performed by removing a piece of tissue from the vagina and stitching the back part. This kind of surgery will help the person to have a tighter vagina.

Stitches fall automatically. Since the woman will have a tighter structure, her sexual life and health will be positively affected. There are many women who want to undergo this surgery in terms of health.

Women’s hygienic problems especially after childbirth and the need to constantly use a tampon are factors that are caused by vagina laxity. The vaginal laxity also causes a continuous discharge.

Although the vagina can be tightened with some exercises, it is not possible to reach a satisfying result. In case women try to reach this structure with Kegel exercises and fail to obtain a positive feedback, they should have vaginal tightening surgery. Completion of surgery also protects one’s sexual health. Protection of sexual health also prevents possible sexual diseases from occurring.

Formation of a tighter structure with vaginal tightening surgery prevents the person from encountering continuous discharge problems. It is possible to increase the sexual pleasure through vaginal tightening surgery.

The one advantage of the vaginal tightening surgery is to enhance the sexual pleasure of the person. Offering various advantages and having qualities are among the factors that lead the surgery to be preferred.

It is a surgery performed for tightening vagina by removing a few parts of the tissue from the vagina and stitching the back wall of the vagina. Vaginoplasty surgery is completed in this way. The patient can return to her social life in a short time. It is one of the advantages offered by the surgery.

The fact that people who do not want to lose time and undergo this surgery provides a protection for their sexual life as well as improvement of their sexual health at the highest level. It is necessary to underline that people who have problems like vaginal laxity are more vulnerable in their sexual health. A high level of sensitivity and a sensitive sexual health structure cause various problems.

The fact that people reach a more rigid structure after vaginal tightening surgery prevents the person from encountering continuous flow problems. It is possible to increase the sexual pleasure to the upper level by narrowing.

The vaginal tightening operation also has the qualities to enhance the sexual pleasure of a person. Having these qualities and offering advantages in various subjects is one of the factors that cause surgery.

A few parts of the vagina can be removed and the back wall of the vagina is sutured. In this way, vaginoplasty surgery is performed. One can return to social life in a short time. One of the advantages of surgery is that the person can return to social life in a short time.

People who do not want to lose time, this operation, the person’s sexual life, as well as taking a person’s sexual health to the highest level is taking.

It is necessary to state that people who have problems like vaginal enlargement are weaker in terms of sexual health. High level of sensitivity, sexual health to reach a sensitive structure leads to a variety of problems.

Negative effects of vaginal laxity on the sexual life

  • Failure in sexual pleasure
  • Carrying risk of infection
  • The negative effect on the sexual life of the spouses
  • Sexual life that affects women’s psychology negatively

Vaginal laxity is such a bothering situation that it minimizes sexual pleasure. It leads to various problems to occur between spouses. The fact that both spouses cannot feel pleasure during sexual intercourse and cannot satisfy with sexual intercourse is one of the possible problems. The severity of possible problems leads many women to have vaginal tightening surgery.

After vaginal tightening surgery, it is possible for people to return to their sexual life and have a better sexual life. In this way, spouses can satisfy with their sexual intercourse. In addition to these, people can experience more sexual pleasure.

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