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POLLOGEN is an accumulated radiofrequency technology; in this technology, fibroblast cells that produce collagens and elastin fibres are activated and the connective tissue supporting the skin is stimulated by RF in sessions without a pain sensation. After activating these elastin fibres sufficiently, the elasticity of the skin is improved for the period up to 1 year.


It is sufficient to apply this method twice a week. Depending on the severity of the person’s elasticity problem, it is applied as 6 to 12 sessions.

Pollogen applications:

  • Facial sagging, loosening, wrinkles
  • Abdominal loosening (due to birth or weight gain or loss)
  • Loosening and fluctuation of the knee area and inner leg
  • Correction of cellulites
  • Buttocks looseness and sagging
  • Wrinkles in the low neck area

Pollogen applications offer highly satisfying results at very affordable prices.

Author: Doç. Dr. Erdem Güven
We're writing about our patients.

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