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It acts as a cover for our skin and a barrier to protect the skin from any harmful effect, toxic effect and all kinds of trauma from the external environment. Due to its function as a barrier, it is partially permeable to creams that we apply for the care of our skin,
either it partially allows all kinds of substances that we think it is useful for our skin to pass through, or it never allows. For this reason, containing the active substances that we consider beneficial to the skin theoretically, creams are not beneficial to our skin that much.

To overcome the barrier function of the skin, mesolift is designed.

By mesolift, the barrier function of the skin is overcome with a small and thin needle, and active substance cocktails are injected to the necessary layers of the skin as often and much as desired in order to renew, repair the skin and increase its resistant to external factors.

Often, with a mesolift injection, we can provide the effect that dozens of well-formed creams cannot provide to the skin. Those who have realized its ineffectiveness and decide to undergone mesolift do not buy any expensive cream, but with several mesolift applications in a year, they can take much more advantages with less money.

There is no age limit to have mesolift, the skin can be damaged at all times and at any age. Mesolift is based on the principle that deformations are detected and combinations of suitable active substances are determined by the doctor in order to eliminate or reduce these deformations.

Mesolift is applied to people of all ages who have damaged skins in different severities. For the main damages caused by smoking, sunlight, hormonal fluctuation, irregular nutrition and weight gain or loss, dehydration of dry skin, excessive stress, a number of skin diseases, and of course by biological aging; mesolift is an application method that is mostly used by doctors in order to improve the skin and enhance its repair capacity, that leads to significant achievements.

Thanks to the mesolift application, damages begin to recover at once so that a younger, lively, shiny and vivid skin is achieved.

Mesolift has a very good healing effect especially on middle-aged people and older people, smokers, people having worn and uncared skin, people exposed to the harmful effects of the sun, and people who do not pay attention to their nutrition, and people suffering from drying and loosening. However like in the health and aesthetics, if mesolift is applied regularly before the skin begins to wear off and wrinkles and aging lines appear, it makes the skin look younger, more vivid and healthier.

What kind of method is followed?

In the first step of the treatment, after cleansing the skin professionally, local anaesthesia is applied with a cream put on the skin surface. In the second step, natural synthesis substances without any allergic effect are injected into the skin.

With the mesolift method, the colour of sunspots in the skins is whitened thanks to the peeling effect of the injected vitamin A.

In the mesolift treatment which reduces aging symptoms significantly especially of women and men at the age of 30 and older, 6 to 8 sessions on average are sufficient, and it is recommended to apply this procedure as a cure in the autumn months every year. Also, it is generally recommended to perform the procedure every ten days for the first four sessions and then once a month, thus the effect can be seen in a short time. In addition, after mesolift sessions, sunbathing should not be done in the first 24 hours, the applied areas should not be washed in the first 12 hours and any cream or agent should not be applied.

Author: Doç. Dr. Erdem Güven
We're writing about our patients.

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