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Having a depressing business career and an overly stressful life, and living in the buildings that do not get sunlight, women or men above the middle age realize suddenly how much they are exhausted when looking in the mirror some day, and then they get into a panic. They look older than their biological age. It is possible to rejuvenate this worn tissue and skin with miraculous and powerful applications of medicine as a fresh new young texture and skin.

We can achieve this rejuvenation by MEGALIFT. In this program that is planned to remove all problems such as worn tissues, sagging and elasticity losses in the skin, firstly the elasticity losses in tissues are reversed by the unique radiofrequency technology of THERMAGE, it can be applied in a single session without any scar, therefore the patient can return to daily work and social life. After 7-10 days following the THERMAGE application, ACUPULSE FRACTURE CO2 Laser enables deep wrinkles, collapses, coarsening in the skin and subcutaneous tissues to be completely removed, as a result, a miraculous skin and a young appearance like a appear.

If we want to formulate these two applications; we assume each application values 1 point, and the result of the coordinated and complementary implementation of both can be at least 4 and 5 times stronger. These two applications potentiate (strengthen) their effects.

Both applications are applied in a single session.

These applications, which give equal results to those of surgical intervention, are very favourable since they do not affect the social life of the patient.

It will be useful to talk to your doctor about this issue in detail and discuss your expectations from the results.

Author: Doç. Dr. Erdem Güven
We're writing about our patients.

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