Body Aesthetics

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Body Aesthetics

Body contouring surgery performed after excessive weight loss is called body aesthetics. Nowadays, we see that body aesthetics is one of the most frequently performed surgeries. When we classify body aesthetics as sub-headings, abdominoplasty surgery can be considered at the forefront.

In addition to arm lift for sagging under the arm and leg lift for the sagging in the inner leg, other lift surgeries may include buttocks lift or body lift by 360 degrees called as the 360-degree body lift especially applied after sleeve gastrectomy surgeries that are performed for excessive weight loss. Also, I will mention liposuction processes under the heading of the shaping of fat, fat sculpture, body contouring and processing of fat in the body, which we can say as combinations of liposuction systems in order to contour the body and achieve a more curved body structure.

By body aesthetic surgery, it is possible to correct the shape of subcutaneous tissues supporting skin and fat. Sagging fat and excess skin are removed. After weight loss surgeries or excessive weight loss, the skin and tissues cannot adapt to the new body shape and are loose-fitting to the body. As a result, the loosening skin cannot be supported and results in sagging. The upper arms may sag, the breasts may flatten, the abdomen may expand to the sides and back; as a consequence of these, sagging appear on the whole body. After performing this surgery, the body can gain a more natural and tighter appearance.

Author: Doç. Dr. Erdem Güven
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